What does a kiss mean to a man?

what does a kiss mean to a man
what does a kiss mean to a man

We believed that men easily express their feelings most through action. Few men express their own feeling by words of mouth, but the best way of a man to express feelings is by actions which kissing is one of it. We will be writing on a topic that says “what does a kiss mean to a man”.

What does a kiss mean to a man?

When a man kisses you on the lips, it means that he loves you. That he is passionate about your relationship, and he is thinking about you.
If your man loves to kiss you on the lips in public, it means he is familiar with you, and he values your love. If he’s in private, it means he is used to you.
An open kiss on the mouth means that the man is strongly attracted to you and he would like a chance to be with you. And if a chance is given, it will create a room for a romantic relationship.

Closed Mouth Kiss.

Kiss, especially a closed mouth kiss in a new relationship means that the man is attracted to you and he is trying to test the boundaries. He is respectful and cautious of his actions, but not comfortable to disclose anything personal about himself.

• A kiss on top of the head.

It means that, he is saying that he will protect you at all cost. It’s a signs that he loves you and want you to know that he will always be there for you. It can also be a parental kiss.

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“What does a kiss mean to a man?”

• A kiss on the breast.

This means that he want you to enjoy his emotional feelings. He cannot tell you that he wants to kiss you on the breast, instead he will go straight and do the action. If you get this kiss from your man, do not brush him off, instead you should enjoy it.

• A kiss on the stomach.

It shows that he loves you and want to make family with you, it shows that he is comfortable with you and want you to be comfortable with him too. So when your man gives you that kiss, enjoy it, start a family with him too.


• A Kiss on the Cheek.

This is the worst kiss of kisses, when you are in love. If a person you love kisses you on the cheek, he is just saying that he is not into you and neither is he interested in any romantic endeavors with you. It’s not an encouraging kiss for those that are in love. It is worse than a handshake.


• A Hand Kiss.

This type of kiss is just a casual kiss, it has no meaning of love towards you for that man. It just a show off kiss. It shows that the man is not interested in any relationship with you.


• A kiss on the wrist.

This kiss tells a woman that the man knows what he is doing; he wants to get intimate with you, and he is willing to wait for you for as long as he can. When you get such a kiss, it is a way of him flirting with you.

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“What does a kiss mean to a man?”

• A Neck Kiss.

It shows how a man is romantically interested in you and how he wants you . If it starts increasing, know that your man want you and you should comply.


• A Tongue Kiss.

It is also called a French kiss. If your man gives you a such kiss, he is showing you how much he is into you. It shows that he is attracted to your personality, and he wants more from you. When a man does that to you, it shows that he loves you, and would like to start a relationship with you.

These are what kisses mean to a man. Drop your comments if you have any.

“What does a kiss mean to a man?”

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