Signs he is a player

If your man is playing or you are confused about your man and want to know if he is cheating on you, then relax because I will show you ways and signs that will tell if he is a player. So without wasting much of your time, use the signs below to know: 

Signs he is a player.

  1. He doesn’t care to satisfy you.

If you are with a guy who doesn’t love you or care about you, the way you make love will quickly tell you. If he loves you, there is something you will notice when he is making love with. You will see that he care about your feelings at that moment and always try his best to satisfy you and know that you are okay. But if he never cares, all he will need is just to meet himself without caring about you or if you are also satisfied.

  1. He is never open about his past.

One thing guys who toil with girl’s feelings have in common is this. They will never tell you the truth about there past. Is either they tell you sweet things about there past to make you fall for them quickly. Or he will tell you something that will melt your emotions and not their actual life experience. The easiest way to catch them is to understand and listen to them carefully and ask the questions later or anytime you think there mind might have forgotten the exact thing they tell you. When you ask at that time, you will inevitably hear a different story. Or it may not be precisely the things he said before because he has forgotten some or even all.

  1. He will hide his phone from you.

This is another thing that you can quickly notice from a cheat. He will always hold his phone or hide it so that you can’t easily see it or touch it. At times you will notice that he will even have a password to luck his phone without telling you the password. All these are just to deprive you of his cellphone to avoid seeing his chat with other girls.

  1. He always complains

A man that loves you will not care about the way you look, dress, and the way you smell. He loves you for who you are And not the kind of makeup you may wear for him. But if he is always complaining about all that each and making you go through hell, hurting your feelings still, that shows he doesn’t love you. Especially if he is always comparing you with other girls, that means he is a player.

  1. He has more female friends.

I don’t say it is terrible for a guy to have female friends. But all am saying is this, most guys who have lots of female friends are players, and you will know such guys by looking at the following things. By the way, he calls them and how frequently he calls each of them because what could make a guy be calling a girl daily. Think about it because if he doesn’t have anything to do with them, why will he call them every day. He will always be comparing you with one or all of them. That is the way you will quickly identify a cheat.

  1. Your emotions Don’t matter.

If a man sincerely loves you, he takes the utmost care of your emotions. He makes sure you’re usually smiling and never try to do anything that hurts you. If you have any misunderstanding between the two of you, he will come back and makes it up to you. But if the guy you’re with that guy who doesn’t care about You being sad, doesn’t care when you’re down, doesn’t ask if you’re okay or and he doesn’t care about you and is playing you for a foo. That guy is a player.

  1. He gives a lot of excuses and reasons.

I don’t say that your man will not miss appointments or give you a reason to avoid some plans and arrangements. But if you give excuses and purpose have become his routine, my dear, he is cheating and not for real as you think. If he loves you with his heart without having anything else in his mind, he will always be on appointment on time before you. He will value every minute spend with you without having to miss any of the opportunities he has to pay with you. Or be in a rush to go whenever he visits you.

8. He will let you know all about his life.

When you are with the guy who loves you, there is nothing about himself that he will hide from you. He will be plain and open to you about his life activities and places that he goes to and the things that he is doing. The truth here is this. There will not be anything about the guy that looks suspecting and if there is anything you don’t understand about him. He will freely and happily explain it all to you.

  1. He rarely Calls You

This one thing that guys who are a player have in common. He will not be calling you regularly, or he will be calling at any particular time. But if you are with any guy that loves you, he will call you frequently to check on you and even text you just to make sure he hears from you. A guy who loves you will not stay without bothering to listen to your voice, and he will miss you each time you are not around or close to him. Due to that, he will surely try to call you to hear your voice.

  1. He will introduce you to his friends and family.

If you are dating a guy and he has never for once introduce you to his close friends and family. He is not real because a guy who loves you will let you know his friends and family without having to hide them from you. So please don’t be deceived by him, if he gives you reasons and excuses and deprives you of seeing his loved ones, for such a person is not real.