Your Wife Is Your Companion So Love And Listen To Her

Your Wife Is Your Companion So Love And Listen To Her

What is your Wife to you, is she your companion, if your answer is yes then listen to her, There is something I want men to understand about a woman or their wives. The reason why a man marries a woman is not just to give him a child but to have a companion, a helper and an adviser.  Many men today always think that the reason of marriage is to have or bear children, but that is very bad and never good to think of, I don’t say that to have or bear children is not good or important, but is not good to have that in mind as the first and most important thing in marriage, for such thinking causes divorce.

Many broken marriages today are caused due to the wife or the woman have not given or bear a child or because she don’t born a male child. This is very wrong for any man who do so don’t know what marriage means, if you quarrel with your wife or hate her because she don’t bear a child for you that means you don’t know what marriage is all about, your wife or your woman is your companion, she can also direct and advice you, for you two are one now. According to marriage, because is the agreement between a man and a woman to become husband and wife and live as one, so why won’t you then as a man listen to her, and that make your wife your companion, helper and adviser, and not a baby factory.

Some men marry another woman because their wife don’t born a male child, and due to that they think that they can marry another woman who will give them a male child, especially in African men, who value male child more than their wife, yes some men value their male child more than their wife who born the child for them, making the woman to be in pains, some may even be calling them and treating their wife anyhow, because they feel, she has given them the child he want.

Such men don’t understand what marriage means and the importance of their woman. There is a quote that says behind every successful man there is a woman. Majority of men who listen to their wife advice or a man who reason or share advice together with her wife, you will see that such man is always happy and succeed more in all he do, than a man who never do so.

Why can’t you as a man bend down or understand and accept a woman or your wife in your life, as your companion and helper, don’t just treat her as the mother of your children. A child is always a child, weather is a male child or a female child, so I don’t see reason for you as a man to blame or divorce your wife, for not giving you a child or male child, because she is not the God that give child, so please don’t hate her because of that, because you hurt her always by doing so.

Try to always and forever love your wife and defend her no matter what happen , make her your real and true companion, listen and share advice with her, and you must surely enjoy the strength and sweetness of a woman!

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