Some characters and words most girls do perform or say at time get me angry, but till today am still asking myself why they behave o, and please if you know the reason why they do please tell me, because I still can’t figure it out, why a girl will date a man, and the man will be spending all he have on her  and even tell her he want to marry her the girl won’t say a word, but after so much spending you will start saying you don’t love him, you will start uploading and updating post on social media for solution that you don’t love him, why then did you accept him as your boyfriend in the first time, or does it mean that the man is a charity organization or a cheerful giver.

Why are most girls so wicked like this, if you as a girl know that you don’t love a guy, please is better not to date the man at all than accepting and leaving him after he must have spend all he have on you, some of this act is what turn most men to players because all they think is that girls need nothing else than their money or wealth and due to that most of them think that once they a woman money and sleep with her that, they have pay her or do to them what they want, without knowing that not all women want money from them, and these are among the things that causes most girls heartbreak, and not just that most girls are heartbroken is my problem but just that most of the innocent once who want nothing but true love are the mostly the victim.

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There is a girl I know, who was dating a guy for about four (4) years or let me say between four(4) to six (6) years, the ma train the girl for three (3) years in school till her final year level, and they both agree to get marry after she finished school, but to my greatest surprise the girl call him for break up after he might have spend all his money training her and even paying for her final year school fee and she still have the mind, to call for break up, when I asked her why she want to hurt the heart of the innocent boy, she can’t even give me a good reason but when I try to talk sense into her brain, her friends interrupted me saying, there is nothing wrong on that, they even told me that , they recently break up with there partner who also trained them in school, it was then I realize that  they see such act as nothing and for me trying to talk to them is a waste of time.

But there is something I want to make clear to you as a girl. Who think that she will play such act and still see it as nothing, what if the man you meet tomorrow ended up breaking your own heart? Or what if the man you hurt kill you or do something that you will forever regret, what then will be your faith?, think twice on every action you do, I have know a lady who left the man who trained her in school and marry another man but ended up not giving birth to a child, due to the man cast a spell on her not to born a child for any man unless she marry him, so you see doing such act will also put you in trouble, so try not to involve in such act.

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Although that serves most men right, how can you train a girl who is not your wife, most men even find it very hard to help their fellow men, when their fellow men asked them of something they will say they don’t have, but when if they see a lady, all those money they don’t have will fall from sky and full their pocket. So for most men who is stingy to their fellow guys and spend all those money in training a woman, who will end up not been your wife but another man’s wife, try to think before you act and if you must train a girl in school or spend much on her, and you don’t want to do it as a charity work, I advise you to first marry her before doing any spending on her, for you not to get heartbreak.

I can remember one word a man told me said one day, is better to use his money and play a bet than to use it and train a girl in school who may end up breaking my heart, whenever I remember these words I laugh, well is good to me in the girl is not your wife , so try to train only that lady you marry and please ladies don’t date a man who you don’t love just because you want to gain something from him.

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