Why Do Guys Like Feeling Breasts

Why Do Guys Like Feeling Breasts

It is very natural and normal for the question why do guys like feeling breasts? The reason is that breasts is one of the beautiful creature that differentiate a man from a woman due to the curved and pointed nipples that brings out the full beauty.

For you to know the exact reason why guys like feeling breasts, you have to read this article so we’ll and try to making a great meaning out of the points we are going to give you.

This article is designed to give you a detailed reasons why guys like feeling breasts, incase if you are interested to know more.


Why Do Guys Like Feeling Breasts

1) For full excitement

Sometimes, guys like feeling a woman’s breasts for excitement. It is so because, both of you have accepted each other and as well ready to share things in common. So, for an excitement to be fully enjoyed by both of you, he may want to feel your breasts so that he can keep the mood glowing and wanting.

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2) It is very effective in terms of turning a woman on.

Among all the other parts of a woman’s body, breasts is one of the part that is very effective when trying to get your woman in the mood. A guy may not be able to express or say what he wanted directly from you, instead he will like to feel your breasts so that it will make it easier for him to arouse your attention emotionally towards you as well as turning you on.

Why Do Guys Like Feeling Breasts

3) It also turns a man on when he see and feels it.

Seeing your breasts so attractive alone turns a man on, and it also increases when he starts feeling a woman’s breasts with his hands. Not only that it turns a woman on, but it also turns a man on and strengthen his erection. So, this is one of the reasons why guys like feeling breasts.

As breasts takes effect on a woman so it is in a man too. The reason it turns a man on is because, the fact that you know that your feeling of her breast can turn her on, and your brain will automatically imagine the way she might be feeling as at that moment, it will signal an electric current inside your nerves and your urge will automatically rise. So that will turn you on immediately. It works in connection with the brain.


4) Feeling of Breasts makes foreplay a lovely one.

During foreplay, feeling of breasts is included. It makes the foreplay a lovely one. The reason is that you cannot just jump into foreplay without making use of your hands to stimulate her sensitive parts of the body including her breasts. So it helps the foreplay to be more enjoyable and also last more longer.

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5) To know how sensitive their woman can be when stimulating her breasts.

Some women are not sexually aroused when their breasts is feeled or touched. So a guy may want to feel your breasts inorder to know how you will react, so that it can enable him to figure out what exactly is capable of turning you on. Guys may feels breasts to understand their women’s sensitive parts so that it can help then during sexual activities.

Why Do Guys Like Feeling Breasts

Other reasons why guys feel breasts

• It shows that a woman is ready for breastfeeding.

Some guys believe that every woman that has breasts is much ready to breastfeed a child, but those that don’t have may not be able to breastfeed a child. So with this reason, some will like to feel your breasts so that he will be convinced that you have it. Breasts is what is assumed as an tool for breastfeeding a child. So, it can be the reason why your guy like to feel your breasts.

• It is what defines a woman from a man.

Breasts is what differenciate a woman from a man. Guys like to feel breasts because, it’s one of the things that a woman has which he doesn’t have. Not that a man don’t have breasts but his own is not as huge and beautiful as that of a woman. So he may like to feel it to know how it feels like.

• It’s naturally beautiful and attractive.

Guys like to feel breasts due to its natural looks and attractiveness. He got attracted to it and may like to feel it. Normally, breasts is beautiful and attractive especially when it is well packaged.

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• The soft nature of breast.

It may be because of the softness of the breast. Some guys may like to feel your breasts because of how soft a breast can be when touched.



Breasts is one of the beautiful creativity made by God in a woman’s body. Guys likes to feel it due to the sensitive and effectiveness it contribute during sexual intimacy and also for the looks and the things listed above.
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“Why Do Guys Like Feeling Breasts”

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