Why Condom don’t guarantee 100% Protection

Why Condom don’t guarantee 100% Protection.

So don’t think that you are fully protected on sexual intercouse because you have condom

There is something I want you as man or woman to understand today, and the thing I want you to understand is the truth weather you believe it all not is the truth. Condom don’t guarantee you the 100% protection, and I meant, I will also explain it to you in way that you will understand it well.

Do you know that when you are having sex with anyone, that your body is expose to any disease both spiritual and physical one. Now condom will only protect you from all the physical sexually transmitted diseases. Now if I may ask what about the spiritual aspect of it, because condom will only protect you from the physical or external sexual transmitted diseases. Or do you think that there is nothing like spiritual problems or effects of sex.

Let me tell you something my dear friend. Stop deceiving yourself because there are spiritual sexual transmitted own. Let me explain that to you well in a way that you will understand. Do you know that if you have sex with someone there is an exchange of spirits, well I guess you may not know, so count the number of men or women that you have slept with and you will know the number of spirits you hae exchange with people, of which your condom will not protect you from it. Have you ever wonder why most men are killed either during sex or after sex.

Have you also ask yourself why most priest, pastors, head of churches and owner of churches, are been tempted with girls to come and seduce them or have sex with them. do you think is because they are men of God? The answer is No, and the truth is because only through seduction and sexual intercourse will a man destiny be taken or delayed.

So I advise you to think about it well and if you still insist to continue having sex then try to look for the spiritual condom too, because only through that way will you be 100% secure from sexual transmitted diseases

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