Where Do Babies Come From

Babies are a natural gift from God. They are lovely, good-hearted, funny, playful, inquisitive, curious, easily forgiving, companion, house warmer, and fast learners in nature. In fact, they are a wonderful heritage given to man by God. Sometimes, our children ask us some unexpected, strange and funny questions like “mum, how do you know you are pregnant?”, Where did I come from?. “Where Do Babies Come From”

How did you give birth to me? Did I cry when I came out? Where does a baby come out from? What part of the body of the baby comes out first? How do you know you are carrying a baby? How does a woman become pregnant? Why is it that you are the only one who becomes pregnant? Why can’t dad be pregnant like you use to, since you have stomach and he has stomach as well? And many of them.

My niece once asked her mum when she was pregnant” mum, why is your stomach so big? Is it because you ate too much? Then the mother answered her with a smile ” my stomach is not big because of food, but because am carrying a baby and the baby is in the womb not in the stomach, my niece laughed and said it’s a lie, then the mum told her to touch her belly and when she touched it, she screamed and said “mum, somebody is moving in your stomach, yes it’s true, you are carrying a baby. “Where Do Babies Come From”

Most of the time, we wave these questions and laugh it away thinking they are okay with it. Children are inquisitive in nature since you don’t want to answer them, they will go to another person without your knowledge and ask the same questions to them and if the person being a corrupted or irresponsible adult, he or she will feed them with the wrong information and they will end up growing with the wrong mindset.

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. You do the talking and answering, it’s your duty, no one else does it better than you do. If your child asks you where do babies come from, this is what you should do:

  • Don’t overreact; don’t start shouting at them, they see you as their parents and someone they can rely on for good reply. Shouting at them scares them away from you and makes them hide more confidential matters from you.
  • If you can’t answer the question, try buying some books that have answers to the questions and teach them with it. It’s your duty to clear their confusion.
  • It is also important to find out their reasons for asking such questions. It might be as a reason to confirm the information they already have at hand whether it’s true or false.
  • Answer their questions based on their age and be honest with them. Please don’t use slangs, use the appropriate words for it.


Here, we come to the question at hand, if your child asks you where do babies come from, this is your answer for him or her.

Where Do Babies Come From?

Where Do Babies Come From

  • The woman’s ovaries produce eggs that ovulate with the man’s sperm that comes from his testis and when the egg and the sperm meets during sex, it moves into the woman’s uterus and attaches to the lining of the uterus. It then begins to form a baby, the baby stays there for nine months (which is the due time for delivery).
  • When the baby is due for delivery, the baby begins to move from the uterus or the womb into the vagina which has folds called the rugae. As the woman pushes, the rugae unfold and the baby passes through the vagina (the private part of a woman which she uses to urinate) and then comes out.
  • Let them know that this is for normal delivery, that some babies do not come out from the vagina but the pregnant woman has to undergo surgery or operation when the baby refuses to come out through the vagina. The womb is cut open and the surgeon brings out the baby and sews the womb back.