What You Should Avoid In Marriage?

In marriage, we have thousands of things that are very important to avoid marriage. But it happens that so many are yet to understand it, and that is causing so much misunderstanding on our marriage today. Read carefully as we are about to write on the things that are necessary to avoid in marriage today.


What You Should Avoid In Marriage?


  1. In marriage, you should avoid the third party, or you can call it a middle person.

What am I saying? A third person in a marriage is someone that you allowed to be ruining your marriage, but you may not know. For instance, if anything happens in your marriage, let it be between you and your spouse, made no other person know about that, because once they hear it, they will give you any advice that can collapse your marriage, and they will laugh at you.

It would help if you didn’t let your problems be discussed from outside. Be yourself and work together with your spouse, for he or she is the only family you have apart from your parents. Some friends are not to be trusted, some can be jealous of you, and you may not know.



  1. Avoid letting your anger last for a long time.

This is very important. Yes, as a couple, you are bound to get angry or quarrel, but never you let your anger pass that day. Make sure to settle that dispute in less than 30mins so that great misfortune won’t fall on your relationship.

So many people are agents that are there to be spoiling marriage, so if you allow your marriage to be ruined by them, know that you caused it. It is vital to keep your anger at minimal, instead be the wrong person and apologize to the other, for two wrong does not make a right.



  1. Be a good listener

In this aspect, it is crucial to be a good listener even though you may not contribute financially, but the fact that you have an ear to his or her problems will help to solve the issues. Because the problem shared is half shared. Give ear to whatever he or she has to say, do not be too fast to condemn his or her words. Hear him or her first and judge him or her later.


  1. For the fact that there is love in that family, let it be at equilibrium.

Your love for your wife or husband should not leak at any cost, just for the sake of the children. You shouldn’t love one particular child and, at the same time, making it clears for everyone to understand it.



  1. Avoid gossip

This is common but very important, and, unfortunately, most people ignore that. It would be best if you weren’t among those women that gossip a lot on the street or those men that gossip too. Be at your apartment and mind your business and family also. Not Every time there was a gossip in your area, people will be calling your name.

It is always a shameful act and a disgrace to your spouse to observe that you are a gossip. A lot of things gossip brings to so many marriages; a lot of problems that can even lead to divorce are many. It would help if you did not gossip or listen to gossips. Gossips damage a well-nurtured relationship in a blink of an eye.


These most common things are the things you should avoid in your marriage so that your marriage will be at best shaped. Drop your comments on the comments box if you have any.