What Makes A Good Family Relationship?

Good family relationship is very important in a family, because it helps to build a family tight and there are many things that make up a good family relationship. Those things are what we are going to discuss now, listen and understand. “What Makes A Good Family Relationship”


Below are the things that make up a good family relationship.


  1. Effective communication.

Communication is very good in the family, but the most important one is an effective communication.

An effective communication is a communication that involves sender and receiver. Every members in the family will be ready to attend to every communication, because communication is said to be effective when the people involved are responding very well, when there is feedback. Feedback is the major thing that makes up an effective communication.

Effective communication includes, telling, asking, observation, understanding, listening.

In a family, there is need that every member of that family must be willing to give ear to the things that your spouse or your children have to tell you. That one is “Telling”. It is when he or she tells you, it will be easier for you to know the things that are bordering him or her and by then you will be able to settle things within yourselves.

Again is understanding, every member of the family must have the spirit of understanding, you should understand each other and from there things will be easier for you to do in the family, for the growing of your family.

All the things that are involved in an effective communication must be carried out so that the family will maintain a good relationship.


  1. Attention.

You should understand that your family needs your attention no matter what. You should always learn how to be submissive to your family. A woman loves to be given an attention, likewise a man and even your children.

Attention is one of the major things needed for a family to be in a good relationship. The attention you rendered to your family will make them never to forget their family no matter what happens.

It will make you realized that there are some certain things lacking in your family that needs to be amended, because through the attention you will be able to grab what the problem is and be able to  fixed it. Even without money, attention will always make the family United forever. “What Makes A Good Family Relationship”


  1. Care.

Your family is supposed to be your number one priority. So you should take note of that. The caring you render to your children will always be with them everywhere they go, and that will strengthened their love for the family.

Caring is not all about money, not gifts, not even expensive cars, but caring is all about, your time, your advice, your concern, your commitment. Even without money you can still care for your family. You should always remember that before anything, your family should come first.

The level of care you render to your family will determine the level of love that will reign in your family. So you must give your care to your family as much as you can.


  1. Trustworthy.

Always make sure that your family never loses trust on you. Maintain your good character towards your family so that they can defend you at any level.

When there is trust in a family there is always unity in every aspect.

You as a man of the family, you should try to build your trust for the family, so that your wife will ever defend you In case of any conspiracy. Likewise you as a woman and you as a child. Play a trustworthy life so that your parents shall always be willing to defend you at any level.


  1. Commitment.

For a family to have a good family relationship there must be an adequate commitment among every members of the family. No one shall behave as if the things that are happening do not concern them. Let there be absolute commitment for it will make the family to work together as one in every level of life.


I believed that you are able to understand the things that make a good family relationship. Drop your comments if you have any.


“What Makes A Good Family Relationship”

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