What is the hardest year of marriage?

The most challenging year of marriage is the first and second year of marriage because, in that year, you two have to know everything about yourselves, and every hidden character of your partner will show by that time. That was the time you would see if he was pretending to be cute or not. You will say there is no going back because you are married. 

Many women and men hide their character while dating, thinking they may lose the person if they show their real selves. Not knowing that in marriage, everything must surely show. It is hard because it may not be how you used to know him or her before; you will need to change hands to live together. If not, a lot of problems may start to arise.

 What is the hardest year of marriage?

  • Again in the second year, when you get pregnant and start bearing children, your partner may find it hard to cope with you because you may begin to demand too much, requesting unusual things that you are not used to.
  • Again problems from children may arise, and such an issue may need some adjustment between you. And if you are the type that hates adjustment, you can now see that it will be hard for you. Then it will be as if marriage is hard.
  • After those two years, you will find out that you are used to any of his or her character and also the children, it may now be an issue again. You will continue to enjoy your marriage.

What are the most difficult years in a marriage?

  • The most difficult years in marriage are the first, second, and seventh.
  • Because in the first year, couples do find it difficult to understand themselves, and that period is like learning time.
  • Especially those who never date each other. While in the second year comes the experience of pregnancy and childbearing.
  • Because it is their first experience, it will be hard for them.
  • While the seventh year is like judgment time for both couples.
  • According to reports, many marriages divorce after the seventh year.

What year of marriage is divorce most common?

  • Divorce is common in the seventh and eighth years of marriage.
  • I call it trial and judgment year for couples because, after this period, you will know the stand of your marriage.

What is the happiest year of marriage?

  • The third year is the happiest year of marriage because of the baby’s presence.
  • A sign of happiness and joy for an unborn or newborn baby.

Why is the 7th year of marriage the hardest?

  • The 7th year of marriage is the hardest because the two of you are now used to each.
  • And things will look boring between the two of you since you feel you already know each other.
  • The only way to fix and avoid it is by trying out new things and bringing fresh and new games that will add fun to your marriage.

I believe you have understood the year in which marriage can be hard and why it is like that. If there is anything else, feel free to add them for others to learn.