What Is The Hardest Year Of Marriage?

What Is The Hardest Year Of Marriage?
What Is The Hardest Year Of Marriage?

What Is The Hardest Year Of Marriage?

The hardest year of marriage is the first to second year of marriage.


The hardest year of marriage is the first year and the second year of marriage, because in that year you two have known everything about your selves, every hidden character of your partner will show by that time. That was the time you will know if he is pretending to be nice or not. Both of you will say that, there is no going back because you are married.

A lot of women and men hide their character while dating, thinking that if they show their real self they may lose the person. Not knowing that in marriage everything must surely show. The reason why it is hard is because, it may not be how you use to know him or her before, you will need to change hands so as to live together. If not, a lot of problems may start to arouse.

Again at second year when you get pregnant and start bearing children, your partner may find it hard to cope with you due to, you may start demanding too much, requesting for unusual things that you are not use to.

Again problem from children may arise and such issue may need some adjustment between both of you. And if you are the type that hates adjustment, you can now see that it will be hard for you. Then it will be as if marriage is hard.

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After those two years, you will find out that you are used to any of his or her character and also the children, it may now be an issue again. You will continue to enjoy your marriage.


I believed you have understood the year in which marriage can be hard, and the reason why it is like that. If there is any other thing to add, feel free to add them for others to learn.


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