What Is The First Sign Of Breast Cancer

What Is The First Sign Of Breast Cancer

Although there’s no specific sign but there are indeed changes you shall notice on your breasts, which will tell you that something is definitely wrong with them. All you need to do is to be very observant, so that you can be able to notice any unusual signs in your breasts. Breast cancer signs vary from person to person and it depends on the type of breasts.


Below are the changes and signs you may experience on your breasts which will be considered to be a problem to you and needs an examination from a doctor.


What Is The First Sign Of Breast Cancer


  • Change in size of breasts or sudden increase of breasts.

It is true that one part of a woman’s breast is large than the other, so you shouldn’t be confused by that. If you noticed that your breasts is changing in shape or size and you are sure of what you saw, kindly meet your doctor, because it might be the sign of breast cancer. Observation is always important in life, so you need to be observant especially when it comes to your health.

What Is The First Sign Of Breast Cancer

  • The appearance of the nipples will change.

Do not neglect the changes in your nipples when it occurs, because sometimes it might not be a good one. Nipple changing might not be a good sign, instead it may be a sign of breast cancer.

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  • Sudden discharge from the nipple.

If you observed that your nipple is discharging some fluids from it, while you aren’t a nursing mother, kindly meet you doctor for there’s definitely something that is not right on your system.


  • Pain in or on the other part of breasts.

Unusual pain in or on the other parts of breast is one of the signs of breast cancer. Anytime you notice such pain, do not hesitate to go for medical check up.

Sometimes, one can feel pain but this unusual pain in or other parts of your breasts is something else.


  • Presence of lump on the breast.

This is also one of the signs of breast cancer. You notice that there’s is something like ball in your breast or stone. You feel so hard and in pain when you press or touch the place. So, do not neglect this sign for it’s very important.


  • Redness and swelling of some part of the breast.

Redness and swelling off is also a sign of cancer. Swelling of due to inflammation is not a good sign especially when you find it on any parts of your breasts. Kindly visit a health care provider so as to know the necessary solution to it.

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