What Is Green Banana Flour, Benefits & How To Use It

What’s green banana flour? Please read this blog to learn more about the nutritious ingredient and its uses in paleo, gluten-free, and grain-free cooking.

You can get a lot of new ingredients by switching to a gluten-free or grain-free diet. It was for me, at least! These unusual foods are something that I am curious about, so I highlight them on my blog to encourage people to try them.

This article will be about green banana flour.

You might wonder, “How many different things can you possibly make flour from?” There are many things you can make flour from. Because of their structure, most starchy vegetables and fruits can be dried and ground into flour,,, similar to wheat flour.

There are many flour substitutes available for people who avoid grains. It allows you to create many different recipes and is very nutritious. I want to share with you today one of the most nutritious foods available.

What is Green Banana Flour?

Green banana flour isn’t a staple in many households. However, this is not true in areas where banana plants are indigenous. Banana flour is used more often than wheat flour in Jamaica, Africa, and the Caribbean.

The yield from green, under-ripe bananas is the result. It’s not onlyunderripe; it must be green to reap the benefits. These aren’t great snacks, but they’re nutritious for many reasons. They can also be dried up to make a great flour substitute.

Even better, you can make your own using a few green bananas, some sunshine, and a mortar & pestle.

It’s not only a great flour substitute for gluten-free people but can also be used to supplement resistant starch (a type of gut-friendly fiber).

Raw banana flour may have a subtle taste, but baked banana flour is milder, milder, and more earthy. This flour can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Are you a fan of pancakes? This is where my mind starts to go first!

What Is Green Banana Flour

Green Banana Flour’s Sustainability

Let’s begin with the big picture. There is a lot of debate about sustainable food. We must look at the health and well-being of our planet as we make healthy food choices.

Good news! Green banana flour is a sustainable option because the “waste” green bananas can be turned into whole foods with a long shelf-life and growing demand – particularly in western countries, where this food trend is still a little fad.

Millions of bananas, and tons of other products, go to waste in the transportation and processing of food. They get damaged and don’t look as pretty. Some producers were able to turn the less attractive bananas into flour or other products. These sustainable products are a way to support producers and keep the demand/supply chain moving forward.

Green banana flour can be found in local grocery stores, online at Amazon, and directly from suppliers. You can do a Google search for your country to find what interests you.

Nutritional Benefits of Green Banana Flour

The resistant starch is the key. Resistant starch, a type of fiber, is a great source of prebiotics. Probiotics provide a healthy environment for good bacteria. However, prebiotics is what fuel the good bacteria and keep them happy.

Prebiotics can be found in many fibrous foods, including fruits and vegetables. But, they are especially useful in resistant starch, which is found in white potatoes and bananas (especially green bananas), as well as white rice and white legumes.

Three types of fiber are available

42-52.8g of resistant starch per cup. Green banana flour is the food with the highest content of resistant starch!

Resistant starch is a fermentable fiber that passes through the intestines undigested. This fermentation produces short-chain fatty acid that our bodies love, namely butyrate (a.k.a. Why I love grass-fed butter. Resistant starch can also reduce the glycaemic loads of foods, making it easier to control your blood sugar.

Many foods that contain resistant starch lose some of it during cooking or don’t contain enough. It’s the best and most potent way of getting your daily dose of resistant starch.

Resistance starch effectively treats obesity and type 2 diabetes and reduces the chance of colon cancer.

Green banana flour also contains inulin, insoluble fiber, and prebiotics. This combination of fibers can have a mild laxative effect, which depends on your needs.

It contains 5HTP

Although 5HTP, or 5-hydroxytryptophan, isn’t often found in food, it can be an effective supplement. Like many antidepressants, it helps increase brain serotonin levels.

5HTP is not associated with long-term side effects, as opposed to SSRIs. Green banana flour is a great supplement for those suffering from depression, mood, anxiety, and headaches.

A Mineral-Rich Superfood

The essential minerals in green banana flour are a big hit for your body. You can add other superfoods to your smoothie to get the micronutrients in. Maybe add some green banana flour next time. A healthy amount of manganese, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorous can be expected.

  • Zinc plays an essential role in a healthy immune system and healing, brain function, skin/hair/nail, and is particularly important for children young enough to develop.
  • Magnesium can relieve sore muscles and promote sleep, recovery, and pH balance.
  • Phosphorous assists the body in its natural detoxification processes, helps cells heal, and keeps our hearts beating normally.
  • Manganese has a positive effect on our metabolism, leading to easier weight loss and management, as well as increased calcium absorption.

And that’s not all. Mineral balance, a huge indicator of overall health, is the key to understanding many problems.

Green Banana Flour

I consider any “miracle” powder with substantial nutrition to be a winner. Green banana flour is one such product.

Naturally gluten-free & grain-free

Bananas are generally not allergenic. It is suitable for people on paleo diets, those following healing diets such as the autoimmune protocol, vegans and vegetarians, and anyone without an allergy to bananas.

It’s an excellent choice regarding gluten-free or grain-free flour options. It’s free of the anti-nutrients, gut irritants, and gluten in wheat flour.

Banana Flour Is Great For Weight Loss

Green banana flour, which is high in fiber, can be a nutritional supplement to your diet. It is great to have an easy way to supplement your nutrition while still adhering to a weight loss plan.

Fibromyths are a great choice because they slow down digestion and make you feel fuller for longer. You will also experience fewer cravings if your blood sugar is stable.

Is green banana flour good for you?

One of the few foods with high resistance starch type 2 is green banana flour. It is also high in fiber, potassium and magnesium as well as high in vitamin content . It is also very nutritious because it has low fat.

What does green banana flour taste like?

Banana flour is a result of the use of green bananas. It has a mild banana flavor when raw and a slightly bitter taste when cooked.

What’s green banana flour good for?

Prebiotic effects are also possible with green banana flour. It encourages the growth and development of beneficial bacteria like Ruminococcus bromii, Akkermansia and Bifidobacteria.

What Is Green Banana Flour

How do I substitute green banana flour?

You can also substitute AP flour with banana flour. Gawthorne states that it is versatile and can be used for many different purposes, including baking. She suggests using 3/4 cup banana flour to make a simple substitution. This is because of the higher starch content.

Handy! High starch content comes in handy..

Some people, like those on the keto diet, may quickly avoid starch. However, there are times when more is better. Green bananas have a high starch content, so that you can use 25%-30% more banana flour than wheat.

This will help you stretch your dollars and equate to lower energy intake. Another convincing argument for green banana flour for weight loss.

How To Use Green Banana Flour In Paleo Cooking

You should now be able to use green banana flour as a substitute for flour in recipes that require it or as an addition. Another interesting study is using green banana flour to increase the digestible carbohydrates in pasta.

Is resistant starch the secret to carbs that have fewer calories and a lower glycaemic load? Perhaps! Perhaps the “enriched” pasta had a higher antioxidant potential, so maybe green banana flour will be a better choice for carbs. That is something I believe we all could appreciaSomesome other uses for green banana flour that you can try if you are not interested in science experiments in the kitchen.

Green Banana Flour as a Supplement

The texture of green banana flour is similar to coconut flour or cassava flour. It also has a mild, neutral flavor. It can be used raw or cooked.

Add 1-2 tablespoons of banana flour to your smoothie, yogurt,¬†or any other raw food that can handle extra “superpowers.”

These green banana flour recipes are worth a try!