What Is A French Kiss?

You are looking for what is a french kiss. Or how to french kiss. Then relax for you have visited the right place to learn about it all and what happens when you french kiss.

What Is A French Kiss?

A French kiss is a kiss that two partners make with their tongues touching each other’s so profoundly.

  • It’s deep, emotional, and also can be seen as an erotic kiss that is made with passion and attraction. For instance, for someone to kiss you so deeply in a manner that warrants the saliva of both of you to mix much that you can even swallow each other’s saliva. Such a thing is common during an erotic or deep kiss like a French kiss.
  • You can see the stage a relationship has reached through the level of the kiss in that relationship. A French kiss is capable of realizing and stimulating endorphins and reducing acute stress.


What happens when you french kiss

When you french kiss, some things are bound to occur during the period, you may notice or may not see it. Those things are-

  • Sharing of liquid
  • It’s possible to inhale your partner’s last meal.
  • Transfer of breath
  • Increase in sex drive
  • Brain connection


Sharing of liquid.

During kissing especially French kiss, which involves the deep connection of the tongues, it is sure that there must be a sharing of liquid, that is, sharing of saliva. Your saliva is bound to be mixed with your partner’s. That is the reason why it is called a passionate kiss. Both of you must have come to a level in a relationship that may give room for such a kiss. It’s a kiss that concerns with total commitment and deep emotions.

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It’s possible to inhale your partner’s last meal.

That is why it is essential to freshen up and brush very well before kissing. Because it is possible to get the little smell from your partner’s last meal, sometimes, you may even brush your teeth and freshen up, and you may have the aggressive Snell from his or her mouth, but this time it will be quick and fast. So be prepared for it has to do with deep emotions and love. To control the feeling.


Transfer of breath

This is a sure thing to encounter when you french kiss because both of you must come closer to each other with your tongues in each other’s mouth. When you are emotionally kissing your partner in a French manner, your heart will start beating higher, and your nerves will also move faster, and those movements will increase your breathing, which will be shared between both of you.


Increase in sex drive

It is possible to increase your sex drive through a french kiss. The reason is that, as the movement is going through your nerves, your emotions will increase so as blood moves around the sensitive nerves, triggering the urge for sexual intimacy in both of you. It is so because all attention is focused, and all mind is fixed on the activity. So french kiss is much capable of increasing your sex drive.


Brain connection.

It connects the brain and memory of both of you. Your mind will be working together, and you will be following your body language more than speech. So french kiss is emotional and a suitable means of connecting with the brain.

How to french kiss

  1. Soften your lips
  2. Brush your teeth and tongue
  3. Wear a nice perfume
  4. Be focused
  5. Select a comfortable place
  6. Be creative
  7. Get relaxed


Soften your lips

It is useful to moisture your lips in a way it will be softer than leaving it dry. A dry lips can off the mood, but soft lips can keep the mood going.


Brush your teeth and tongue

This is another important one to avoid getting off the mood. At least it will be hard to inhale your last meal during the kiss. So, brushing and freshening up is very important for a lasting kiss.


Wear a nice perfume

A sweet perfume can go a long way during a French kiss because it will keep the mood on and steady. No matter how little it is, a small spray of perfume can do magic in this area.


Select a comfortable place

It would help if you stayed in a place that no one can distract you so as not to lose the already built mood. Selecting a better place for excitement is a good option while having a French kiss.


Be creative

Do not just put your mouth and cup the whole thing, suffocating your partner with your tongue. Instead, be creative. Change partners make it look fun and enjoyable.


Be relaxed.

Do not rush it. You can close your eyes and take it gradually and romantically to reach the maximum amount of feeling that is needed for better satisfaction.