What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Pretty?

If a man says that you are pretty, it is usually a compliment.

We can’t help but wonder if he is using the word pretty to get his way.

There are many meanings of “pretty”. You can’t always be certain which one is right.

This article will help you understand why he may have called you beautiful. This post will help you understand why other men might call you beautiful in the future.

What does it mean for guys to say that you are pretty? Continue reading to learn more about what it means to be called “pretty”.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Pretty?

What does it mean when a guy calls you pretty?

Different meanings of words can be applied to different people. It serves the same purpose as gifting compliments: it is a human way to build connections.

It is important to understand what type of relationship he desires with you.

These are the most common reasons he calls you pretty. You will notice that every reason a guy calls a girl “pretty” comes with clues in his body language.

He believes you are girlfriend material

He may like you a lot. He may even want to begin dating you. A girl pretty often means a woman men want to date. Sweet compliments include words like “pretty”, “cute” and “smiling”.

They are as much about your personality as your looks. They don’t refer to how much a man loves you.

These terms are used to describe you by men. Pretty girls are happy and make others happy. He might also want to find the right woman for him in his life.

He doesn’t want too forward-looking

One reason men find cute girls attractive is that they think they are pretty. They don’t want it to be too sexual or perverted.

A subtle way to express a compliment is to use the words “cute” and “pretty”. He doesn’t want to see you banish him to the friend zone if he gets too strong. Instead of calling him “hot” or “sexy”, he offers you sweet compliments such as “pretty”.

He loves spending time with you

The most obvious sign that a guy loves you is his desire to spend quality time together. If a guy compliments you it could be a sign that he wants that extra time.

When you are together, your body language will tell the rest. If he calls you cute, it will indicate if he wants to sleep with you.

Are there other activities that show he is interested in you beyond your physical appearance? Is he making an effort to call me during the day? Is he being consistent? These are signs that he is interested in you.

You’re pretty

People think that you are a pretty girl. Applaud yourself. You are one of the most beautiful women on the planet. If a man says that a girl looks beautiful, it’s usually true.

You might be his reason for wanting to talk to you. Does he only think “you’re beautiful” is his best compliment? Yep. Yep.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Pretty?

A friendly smile is your best friend

Guys love girls with beautiful smiles. A guy might tell you that you are beautiful because he has noticed your smile. Sweet smiles make guys feel at ease and are a great way to engage them.

Consider it a compliment if he thinks you are beautiful because of your warm smile. This is a sign that he values you.

He believes you are unique

A guy who says you are beautiful could mean he thinks you are unique.

Men pay attention to how you look, but “pretty” can also refer to the way you think or feel. You might be considered beautiful by him because you are different from the rest of his friends.

He believes you are creative

Most people admire a creative soul. He enjoys watching your creative side emerge. He enjoys seeing your creativity come to life and creating new things.

Are you a creative person who enjoys writing poetry or creating artistic drawings? Are you a skilled rock climber, capable of scaling any cliff? Do you have a knack for cooking? He is so drawn to your artistic process, he has no interest in other girls.

He wants to profit from you

Sometimes a man calls you cute because he has an ulterior motive. He knows that you enjoy receiving compliments. He wants to be on your side, get you to trust him and get something in return. This is classic narcissism.

Ask yourself this question: Do your friends regard you as a kind person or are they judging you? If so, he might think you are gullible or trying to get in your pants.

He will feel more confident.

It’s wonderful when the guy you have been talking to takes you to his friends and shows you off. He may have other reasons to take you around.

He might sense your feelings for him, and may be using you to increase his ego. To seduce you, he uses the term “cute” but not his genuine love.

It’s actually what Geneva Nito calls “ego love” and is about control and power. It is also about receiving something in return for giving.

He would like to compliment you

Sometimes a man may want to compliment a girl if he calls her pretty. Sometimes he may want to show his admiration for her beautiful looks. If a man calls you beautiful, it means he sees that you are attractive and sweet.

It’s the most humbling compliment a man can offer a woman. This means they believe the woman is beautiful inside and out.

It’s positive to get called cute. So, enjoy the compliment. It’s fine if you like the guy back.

You were called cute by a man, but you aren’t interested in him. You can tell him that you appreciate his compliments and then move on.

He loves more than your face

Sometimes, cute girls can spell havoc on men and leave them in awe. It’s one thing being called beautiful, but it’s quite another to charm a man with your beauty.

Sometimes, though, a man calls you cute because he likes your personality. He believes that your characteristics are more special than those of other girls.

He will like the fact that you are straightforward. While other girls may try to get his attention, they might use excessive makeup and engage in crazy antics that are hard to see by men. You don’t seem to mind. He will be drawn to those aspects of you.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Pretty?

What does it mean if a guy calls you beautiful instead of pretty?

Some men don’t like the word “pretty” because it can hurt their egos or cause them to be less attractive to the women they are dating. There are many reasons, but this is how one man summarized it for Prime Women.

Beautiful women are not beautiful. Beautiful women know that they are beautiful and hear it every day. Because so many people tell them, it doesn’t matter to them.

Average-looking women know that they aren’t beautiful.

Women believe that someone is looking for something if they compliment their appearance. It is best to not tell women that they are beautiful, pretty or sexy.

However, not all men agree with this philosophy. It can still be difficult to discern what a man means by calling you beautiful instead of pretty.

It is not a secret that the meanings of “pretty”, and “beautiful”, are different. Thought Catalog blogger Chyra Tali asked the most important question to men. These are some of the responses she received:

  • Pretty is almost as attractive as it gets. It is something that grabs your attention at a particular point. It’s beautiful and interesting. Beautiful engagement leads to stronger and more active engagement. It grabs your attention for longer periods and makes you wonder about the world around it.
  • Beautiful: Someone with a beautiful face. Beautiful: Someone who is sexy.
  • Pretty: tender, nice, simple. Beautiful: strong, complicated, sexy.
  • My dog is beautiful. My dog and I have a wonderful relationship.

Why He Says “Pretty”, Not “Beautiful”

A man who calls you beautiful is a man who finds you attractive and sweet. He’s not just telling you that you are cute but that he thinks you’re very special.

A man may call you beautiful if he admires your appearance. It is not just about your clothes. It includes your smile, movement, and communication.

“Pretty” doesn’t just refer to one part of you. It’s about YOU as a whole. Your lover thinks you’re beautiful as a person. He loves your kindness as a human being and how you voice your opinions.

If he calls your pretty, it is a sign that he loves you. He loves and appreciates your personality. He is attracted to your personality and wants to let you know. Also, thank him for the compliment.

Beautiful Girls are Cute, Pretty Girls are Beautiful

Both adjectives can be used to describe women. Both adjectives refer to how these women look. There is however a subtle distinction. Because it encompasses all compliments, “Beautiful” is superior to any other.

Merriam-Webster defines “pretty” as “having accepted elements of beauty.” We can also use the words ” cute” and “pretty”, to describe a pretty girl. It’s not as flattering as “beautiful.”

To describe something good, you can use the words “cute,” “pretty,” or “beautiful”. The dictionary definition of “cute” is “attractive, pretty or endearing in an endearing manner.”

Let’s take a moment to talk about “sexy.” This word means “sexually attractive.” Do you think you are a girl? If so, men will use that word (or one of its synonyms, “hot”) to describe you.

When you are around them, be alert. You know what “boyfriend” means if you are a man, so you don’t have to use it for every woman you meet!

Beautiful: Who Does This Deserve a Compliment?

“Beautiful,” is more than just a beautiful, endearing appearance. Let’s return to Oxford. It’s described as “pleasing your senses or mind visually.”

Merriam-Webster defines beauty as “having beautiful qualities: an exciting aesthetic pleasure.”

If a man calls you beautiful, it’s not just about your physical appearance. To take an example, “beautiful”, can be used to describe personality, character and spirit or the mind.

It’s easy to fall in love with pretty girls just because they look good. A woman who is beautiful from the inside will shine.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Pretty?

But what about the word “Cute”?

On the other hand, you might hear men say that they don’t like being around beautiful women. Hot women are adored by men, but they also dislike them. Although it is not common for men to admit they love cute girls, it is true.

A guy is more likely to view a cute girl as girlfriend Material. Although he enjoys being with a goddess, he prefers to be with cute girls.

Don’t be offended by his compliments, it is only a sign that he appreciates your efforts. Because they are fun, cute girls who make great company. Cute girls are happy and live life to the fullest. She is also a joy to share her joie de vivre with others.

The charming nature of many pretty girls is attractive to men. If he calls you “cute”, it means that he enjoys your company and that you make him smile.

Your personality can also be called “cute”. If you are relaxed and easygoing, your love interest may call you cute. It’s a compliment to call you cute. This is because it shows that you are easy-going, calm, and don’t have any drama. Because they are laid-back and don’t cause problems, men find cute girls easy to approach.

Beautiful girls are also more likely to be cheerful, which makes them a great choice for the company. When you are happy, you make everyone around you feel comfortable and happy.

This guy will be attracted to your pleasant personality because he likes you. Men don’t like moody girls. He thinks you are cute because of your positive outlook.

All languages have subtleties. A guy might call you “cute” if he is in a tight spot. This refers to your physical appearance. If a guy calls you “cutest” or can’t contain his admiration for how adorable you are, that’s a sign he is into you.

A Word About Beauty Standards

One friend might be someone that men find beautiful. They may not even know you are beautiful. We have provided the definitions.

However, labels can still be used to mean different things to different people. It can be hard to understand the subtle messages he is sending through his words.

It’s important to understand that beauty can be subjective in life. Although “cute” may sound fun, it is often a negative description of beauty.

It’s possible to feel undervalued if a man calls you cute. Take it all in its entirety: “Cut” is a sweet description of you that conveys a sense of fun and is nice to hear.

No matter how beautiful they may be, beautiful girls often have trouble being at ease with themselves. These girls don’t feel good enough simply because they are beautiful.

The goalposts keep changing. Brazilian butt lifts were popular among women to make them feel more attractive. However, this standard has changed significantly since the Kardashians began to reverse their BBLs.

The End is…

However, should labels define you? Do you believe your friend is more beautiful than you? Keep in mind that even though she might be more attractive to men than you, she still has the same or more, insecurities and fears as you.

It can still be comforting to know you are going through the same things. Try to show sympathy for your friend when she complains about the way men see her.

What do you say to a guy who calls you pretty?

A guy is flirting with but you want to keep the friendship zone. Answer in a way that conveys this message. It doesn’t mean you have to be rude or upset the man. These are some suggestions for things you could say.

“That’s a lovely thing to say to a friend. I’m flattered.”

“Thanks for being so kind.”

“Thanks, you’re cute too.”

“Not as cute and adorable as you think!”

“You look like my brother. But I’ll accept that compliment.”

“Stop making me blush. You are such a great friend.

“Thanks, but the guys I like never say that to you,”

“Is there an underlying punchline?” Or are you flirting?

“Aww. “Aww.

“You are an amazing friend. It’s very sweet of you to say that.

“And that’s the reason we’ll always remain friends.” Thanks, though.”

It’s possible to be badass and reply, “I know.” However, it suggests that you don’t take the compliment seriously. This is the kind of response you would give to a man with whom you don’t want to be in a relationship. This means that you are telling him what you think.

What to say if he calls you pretty in text or online

It is much easier to reply to a guy calling you online or in-text than it is if he calls you face-to-face. Online people are braver and more open-minded than they are in person. There’s less pressure to respond. You can take your time, think through your answer and not rush.

If It’s Your Favorite

So he knows that you appreciate what he said, send him a smile emoticon. You can also wink to show your appreciation for the compliment. A great way to flirt back with him is to tell them he’s more beautiful than you. Another way to respond is to send him a flirty message or a risky photo.

Unwanted to you

Block him.

Take into consideration your relationship with him

Do you still struggle to understand why he called you pretty? It is helpful to think about your relationship with him.

He may call you beautiful if he is your friend. This is because he wants to make you feel good about yourself. It could also be that he is looking for more than friendship.

However, it is important to appreciate those who can see us as we are in this life. If a guy compliments you on your beauty, why not thank him? Appreciating his appreciation will make you happier inside.

When a guy calls your pretty, you can call him “handsome.” He will be more impressed by you being such a kind, gentle soul.