What does it mean to be in a relationship?

To be in a relationship means that you will experience a lot of things which we will be writing on today. Being in a relationship especially romantic relationship is the best thing and best feeling someone could have in his or her life. Read carefully as we are about to throw more light on what it means to be in a relationship.


What does it mean to be in a relationship?


You will have faith in that person and freedom.

If you are in a relationship, you will have the freedom of making your own choice, you will know who makes you happy and who you will spend your time with. You will also have faith that your partner will not disappoint you. You will have the feelings of friendship in you all the time. Feelings of passion will always envelope you whenever you have the thought of that person you are in love with, or you want to date. Your thinking will change and your smiles will always have meaning.


Desires and achievement

In this case, it is vice-versa, women always desires to have a man who will love and cherish them for whom they really are, while men desires to have a woman who will show them the reason to love. A woman that will teach them what it means to be loved and cherished. And once that is achieved from both, the feelings of happiness will emerge in that relationship.


Having Patience

It takes time to know everything about someone so you have to be patient. Accepting your partner with his/her imperfections needs patience. There are so many things about him or her which you don’t like, but if you are in a haste to correct those imperfections you may make mistakes, but if you accept your partner’s imperfections there will be a great chance that you will control those habits together with your partner. Everything in life needs time to correct.


Sharing of feelings

Being in a relationship will enable you to be sharing feelings, thought and emotions with your partner. You will always feel complete whenever you remember that he or she is okay anywhere she may be. You will always seek for his or her advice, and you will be emotionally complete each time you are together, you won’t even know when you are repeating all the things that you have told her or him before, due to you will be happy speaking and sharing thoughts with him or her.


Gives you strength

There is always a time when you will feel as if you are tired in life, a time that you may feel that you have nothing, but the moment your partner is with you, or the moment you heard his or her voice, you will automatically feel at home and have the reason to be strong again. The feeling of being in a relationship strengthens you and shape you in a manner that will always makes you happy. To be stronger, you have to work as a team with your partner.


Being in love

Being in relationship means being in love. And being in love means acceptance, praise the good, accept the flaws and provide the inspiration to change. Love is neither a moment nor a feeling, it is the existence of togetherness. Love gives you room to endure and control some characters which may affect the growth of your relationship.


Being positive

Most of the successful people owe their success to the daily inspirations provided to them by their partners. So you need to be positive with yourself. Everyone is different and being in a relation allows you to celebrate the mutual difference.

Do not displeased yourself just to please anyone, as your partner have accepted you the way you are, do not add additional character that will cause problem, instead you should amend the ones that is not good in you and be positive in your actions.


Being connected

Being in a relationship means that your heart will always be connected to each other, you will allow yourself to be missed by the other. It means that both of you will always want to be together and a moment without the other will bring the feeling of missing each other. It gives your Heart room to miss the other partner.



You can now see that it takes much feelings to be in a relationship, relationship is not something that you can just enter and regret, instead it will always makes you happy, unless you make the mistake of getting the wrong  person. You are free to drop your comments in the comments box if you have any.