What Are The Water Signs | Cancer Pisces And Scorpio Element Sign

Water Signs are among the four elements of the zodiac. Certain characteristics connect the signs which fall under this element. What does being a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces mean?

You can certainly identify your sun sign, but are you aware of what the component of your zodiac sign represents? Each zodiac sign is associated with an element that is associated with it. There are earth signs, air indications, signs of fire as well, and water signs. Three zodiac signs within their grouping represent each element and have similar traits.

Knowing more about the components of your astrology birth chart will aid in understanding your strengths, personality, and weaknesses deeper. Let’s dive into the unpredictable waters of the water signs. This article will provide everything you need to know about the three water signs of the zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.


Water Signs of the Zodiac

  • Cancer Zodiac Dates: June 21 – July 22
  • Scorpio Zodiac Dates: October 23 – November 21
  • Pisces Zodiac Dates: February 19 – March 20

Water signs have an ethereal dimension to them. They aren’t lying to the water sign. People with high water positions within their birth chart are said to be sensitive, profoundly emotional, and clairvoyant.

If you’ve got several planets in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces or Pisces, you’ve got an incredibly water-rich birth chart! Having several planets within the water can make for a caring and compassionate person.

Water is powerful. It can be a tundra, a massive wave, or even a soft tide. It’s always evolving and shifting. The sensitivity of water signs can cause them to take things to heart. They’re fiercely secure of their loved ones. Their family and friends are of paramount importance.

Their emotional life can sometimes seem overwhelming due to their psychic connection to other people. They absorb energy quickly, and it can be a challenge to determine the boundaries of their personal and the things that belong to others.

Water sign traits

Water signs can take care of your needs. They can sense your emotions and feel the emotions of your loved ones. The zodiac’s element is a caring and compassionate person. Cancer can pick up your feelings, and Scorpio will be honest and clear about your feelings. Pisces can feel these feelings with you, shedding tears and all.

The water signs want to establish bonds with others. They are drawn to deep and emotional connections. They aren’t zodiac signs that will keep relationships if they are only on a surface connection. They’re looking for you to be courageous enough to let out a bit of your heart.

These emotional beings can feel intensely and are prone to fall rapidly! It’s no wonder they are often in a relationship or constantly searching for partners. They’re warm, generous, and bighearted. A water sign in your life can allow you to connect with your intuition and be in touch with your emotions.

Water Sign Compatibility

The signs of water are typically associated with the earth sign. While astrological compatibility can be much more extensive than the elements of your birth chart, the flowing energy flow between the elements can be helpful. Consider how water helps to nourish the soil of the earth. Earth provides water with a reason to exist. The natural harmony among these two elements.

These two types of people are more cautious and reserved. They are also, in general, people who are comfortable in their homes. Water and earth signs aren’t afraid to spend their evenings at home, cooking dinner, and spending time with their loved ones.

The major difference between both signs is that earth signs tend to be more grounded and practical, while water signs tend to be emotionally and in touch. Despite their differences, the two elements can learn from each other, creating an incredibly aligned mix of energies.

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What is the meaning of being a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces refer to?

What Are The Water Signs | Cancer Element Sign


Cancer is considered a cardinal symbol, which is why it likes to start and begins its own season, the summer season. Cancer is a sign often linked to family and home. In good or bad ways, the family and ancestry of a person have affected Cancer significantly.

They are a guardian like no other and are the most reliable friend you can call in the middle of the night when you need venting.

The Moon controls the water sign of Aquarius. It is believed that the Moon has the highest degree of relaxation when it is in Cancer and naturally reminds others and itself that it is important to provide caring. Cancers are compassionate and generous but are equally concerned with security.

They must feel an underlying sense of security and security around those they cherish. The water sign may be lost in the haze of nostalgia. If you spot an illness in your life glaring off into the distance, they’re strolling through the past.

In the astrology field, the Moon has been associated with our memories. Cancers will not forget if they’ve done them a favor but will not forget if they’ve committed a mistake. Like the moon calendar’s waxing and waning cycles, Cancer may get a reputation as temperamental. If your zodiac planet changes the zodiac sign at least every 2.5 days, you will likely experience some emotional troughs and valleys!

What Are The Water Signs | Scorpio Element Sign


Perhaps one of the zodiac signs is most misunderstood. Significations, Scorpio is renowned for its mystery and depth. Mars rules the Scorpions as the planet of action and war; Scorpio knows how to apply a strategy unlike any other.

Scorpions are Olympic athletes, influencing others to share information about themselves and giving away very little personal information about themselves. They are a class apart from others.

Scorpios are skeptical. This water sign needs evidence before they plunge in head first and place confidence in the people around them. Control is a major problem for Scorpio energy. They understand how important information can be, and when their personal information is in the wrong hands, it could be used against them. The Scorpio is slow to reveal themselves. You must demonstrate your worth. Are you reliable? Are you looking for the long term?

As a fixed sign, Scorpios are quite stubborn. They are aware of what they want and can be uncompromising in their pursuit of it. This is also a benefit. They possess the motivation, determination, and experience to not just pursue their desires but also make them come true and bring them into reality.

The water sign of Scorpio is very committed, but be sure to remember its painful side. If you happen to cross Scorpio, it is a good idea to try winning the same one.

What Are The Water Signs | Pisces Element Sign


As the zodiac sign with one of the most heart-shaped hearts, it’s not surprising that Jupiter, the god of growth, controls Pisces. The water sign of Pisces is caring, sensitive, open-minded, compassionate, and generous. Pisces is seeking to connect their souls. They are looking to explore the subconscious and other people’s worlds.

Pisces is also a highly creative sign. The water sign is most effective when it has some kind of outlet for creativity. It is a great outlet for this water sign since it idolizes people and events.

It is easy to get caught up in their minds, imagining possibilities for someone’s future or what might be. The ability to channel this energy through art can aid in helping Pisces keep their feet on the ground and avoid ignoring any possible dangers.

Water signs are considered to be one of the most psychic signs. They’re emotional sponges who absorb energy from others effortlessly. It isn’t easy for Pisces to define boundaries and also to express the emotions they’re experiencing.

They are so overwhelmed that they may not be able to tell whether they’re having a personal response to something happening in their lives or something they saw at the grocery store. Pisces is a sign that can be mutable. Therefore they require a lot of flexibility. They are extremely welcoming and open-minded. They love to learn new things.


What is the element of Pisces?

The Element of Pisces is “WATER“. So if you are confuse I hope that this answers your question

Is scorpio a water sign?

Yes Scorpio is a “WATER SIGN” same with Pisces and Cancer.

What are the water signs?

The water signs are “Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces“.

Is Cancer a water sign?

Yes Cancer is one of the water signs.