Triphala Churna Ke Fayde In Hindi | Benefits, Uses And Disadvantages Of Triphala Churna

Triphala churna can be used in Ayurveda as a herbal. It is used to treat many types of diseases; Triphala churna can be used to treat constipation regardless of age. Triphala churna is a great way to keep your body healthy.

Triphala: What is it?

Triphala is an Ayurvedic formula. It is composed of three fruits. These are: Amla (Emblicaofficinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), and Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica). The name Triphala means “three fruits.” Tri = three and phala= fruit. Triphala is a remedy for maintaining physical and mental health, as well as for treating diseases.

Triphala churna can be made from the following herbs:

  1. Bahera (Terminalia bellirica) – The Bahera plant can be found all over the Indian subcontinent. Bahera fruits are rich in organic compounds such as gallic acid and glucoside. Triphala Churna is used in Ayurveda to treat respiratory problems, antioxidants, and hepatoprotective (good news for the liver).                                                         
  2. Amla (Emblica Officinalis) – It can be found all over India. Amla is mostly used in Indian cuisine; Amla is a treasure trove of minerals, high in minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. It’s a good source of Vitamin C.                     
  3. Harad (Terminalia Chebula) – This is the main herb in Ayurveda. They are rich in anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. It helps to maintain the health of your stomach, liver, and heart in Ayurveda.

Triphala Churna Ke Fayde: The Benefits

  • For the eyes

Triphala is a natural eye-saver with many benefits. It can reduce the symptoms of cataract disease and glaucoma; Triphala is a better option for poor vision. It sharpens vision and improves weak vision. Triphala Ghrita, an Ayurvedic medicine, is one of the most effective eye remedies.

  • Treat skin conditions

Triphala churna has many benefits for skin conditions. Triphala is extremely effective. It is recommended to consume 6-8 grams of Triphala powder for scabies, itching, and ringworm relief.

  • Mouth problem

Take a teaspoonful of Triphala and soak it in water for two hours. Then, take one swig of the water in your mouth and swirl it around for a while. This will eliminate any problems in your mouth.

  • To relieve constipation

Healthy intestines are vital for a healthy body. It can block your intestinal tract if digestion is poor. Constipation can also cause constipation over a prolonged period. This causes toxins to accumulate in the body.

Regular Triphala consumption can help reduce flatulence, constipation, and abdominal pain.

  • Increase immunity

It acts as an immune booster. If the body is weak, you can consume it. However, the body will need to continue to use it for many years before it can reap the benefits.

  • As an antimicrobial

It is antimicrobial as well as antibacterial. Triphala ethanolic extracts are effective against HIV-related bacteria, according to a study.

  • For dental health

Triphala’s anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antimicrobial properties reduce the need for dental care. Healthy teeth are a sign of a healthy body. Triphala is very effective at curing inflammation and slowing down plaque buildup.

  • As an anti-arthritic

It is both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory drug. These properties can reduce symptoms of arthritis.

  • Blood pressure

Triphala can be consumed to reduce inflammation. This is because blood vessels that come in contact with salt tend to constrict. This causes blood to flow faster. Triphala is a natural remedy that reduces swelling and maintains normal pressure.

  • In gastric cancer

Gastric ulcers are caused by acid reflux. Triphala contains 3 enzymes. He rectifies it; Triphala relieves gastric ulcers and strengthens the mucous membranes.

  1. Anticancer Properties

Triphala can reduce the symptoms of many kinds of cancer. It prevents the growth and elimination of colon cancer cells. Triphala doesn’t affect normal cells and kills cancer cells. Studies on prostate cancer proved Triphala’s anti-cancer activity.

  • Preventing urinary tract infections

It is impossible to eradicate bacteria from the body with medicine. This makes it more likely that a person will become sick. Bacteria can cause a variety of infections in the urinary tract. Bacteria can also cause inflammation in the bladder. Triphala can cause such bacteria to die if you consume it.

  • Headache

A headache can be eliminated by using it to prepare a mixture. Mix absinthe with turmeric, neem bark, and Triphala to make the mixture. Cook it for half an hour in kilo water. Once it is 250g, add the remaining water. This mixture can be filtered and used in the morning or evening. It can be mixed with sugar or jaggery and kept for several days.

  • Periodontitis

Triphala’s antimicrobial properties make it an effective treatment for periodontitis. It reduces plaque buildup when combined with chlorhexidine and improves oral health.

  • As Antioxidant

Triphala is rich in vitamin C, polyphenols, and antioxidant properties. Free radicals are the damage to your body. It is possible to combat it.

During normal bodily functions, free radicals can be created in the body. Free radicals are created over time. However, the number of free radicals increases rapidly due to our unbalanced lifestyle, smoking, pollution, and excessive junk food intake. Antioxidants are effective in fighting free radicals.

  • Improve skin quality

Triphala improves skin quality. It can also be used on the skin. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can be used to treat skin conditions. It protects the skin cells. Triphala paste can also be used on the skin. It can be applied to the skin to increase collagen production and retain moisture. It aids in the quick healing of wounds.

Triphala Hair Benefits

Triphala can make hair strong and beautiful. Learn more about Triphala.

Triphala is rich in antioxidant properties. This is great for hair health; It protects hair from pollution and other harmful elements. This product is good for removing premature gray hair. White hair can also turn black from the presence of gooseberry. Bahera helps to strengthen hair roots and prevent hair fall.

It increases blood flow to the scalp, which aids in the absorption of nutrients and minerals. Triphala oil and Triphala paste can be applied to the scalp to reap its benefits.

Triphala for Weight Loss

Triphala can also help you lose weight. We will show you how to use Triphala to lose weight.

Triphala is a great way to lose weight. Triphala is recommended for those who are looking to lose weight. According to human-based research, Triphala’s benefits for weight loss were tested on two groups of obese adults aged 16-60.

For 12 weeks, one group received 5 grams of Triphala twice daily. The placebo was given to the other group. It was discovered that the Triphala group reduced body weight. Triphala is a great way to lose weight.

Triphala for Diabetes

Triphala is an effective hypoglycemic agent that lowers blood sugar levels. Triphala acts as an anti-insulin drug and inhibits two important enzymes, alpha-amylase (sugar lowering) and alpha-glucosidase (insulin).

This enzyme is responsible for the conversion of large sugar compounds to glucose. These enzymes can be inhibited to prevent the formation and release of glucose into the blood. This will help to control blood sugar levels. Triphala is a great way to lower blood sugar.

Triphala Churna Side Effects

If you take it regularly, it is safe. Triphala churna is safe if you are healthy. However, in certain cases, it can cause side effects. Keep these things in mind before you add Triphala to your diet. What are the drawbacks to Triphala powder?

Before you start taking any medication, consult your Ayurveda physician.

It acts as a natural laxative. Triphala overdose can lead to diarrhea and dysentery. The benefits of Triphala are limited.

Triphala should not be given to children.

Triphala is not recommended for people who feel tired.

Triphala is not safe for pregnant or lactating women, according to scientific evidence. Triphala should be avoided in any form by pregnant women.

Triphala Churna Dosage

Triphala can either be taken empty stomach or after eating. A half teaspoon of Triphala Churna can be taken daily. Triphala churna may be used with honey or ghee twice daily.

Triphala dosage depends on your age, gender, and body type. It varies depending on these factors; Ayurvedic doctors advise that adults limit their intake to 2 teaspoons daily.

It would be best to determine the right dosage of Triphala tablets, syrup, and capsules. Consult an Ayurvedic physician to help you determine the right dosage.

Triphala Churna: Nighttime Tips

Take half a teaspoon of Triphala powder and place it in your mouth. Then, drink lukewarm tap water. This remedy should be done at night before you go to bed.


This ancient herb is so beneficial in treating many diseases. It is important to consume it regularly to prevent diseases. Triphala churna is recommended for anyone suffering from constipation.