Tips To Boost Collagen In The Face

While a youthful look is highly appreciated, beauty is not just deep skin. There’s no way of reversing the symptoms of ageing absolutely. But, protecting the skin when it is intact is much better than trying to fix it later in life. Naturally, enhancing collagen enhances not just our look, but the rest of our wellbeing. If you’re looking for immediate results, consulting a professional is the best way to go. Consult your doctor to see what the easiest and safest cure is if your self-esteem is impaired by your saggy skin. Ultherapy, which effectively treats saggy skin problems, is one of the options that professionals highly suggest. Learn more about Ultherapy in this fantastic read.


First, let’s learn what collagen is and why it is so important, especially in improving our appearance when we age.

What Exactly Is Collagen?

Known to be the most abundant protein found in the body. It’s present in, among other areas, tendons, fat, and ligaments. It helps to fit together the parts of our bodies and is vital to the strength of our bone structure. Cells that contain collagen take on a solid and youthful look when collagen levels are safe.


Another type of protein in the body is elastin. Elastin is found in places, such as arteries and lungs, that contract in the body. This is due to the excellent feature of elastin: the ability to snap back into position and retain its original form. Collagen and elastin are both essential proteins that are present in the skin. They work together to add structure and form to the skin. The skin is not only more youthful with healthy amounts of both collagen and elastin; it’s better.


Continue reading to find out amazing ways you can naturally promote the development of collagen in your body.

Consume Vitamin C-rich Foods

To speed up healing and improve sore joints, hyaluronic acid has been very helpful. Your body can not benefit fully from food containing hyaluronic acid without sufficient amounts of vitamin C. One study indicates that hyaluronic acid can help to improve the production of collagen in the human body. Of course, hyaluronic acid is present in the body but reduces as we get older. Consuming vitamin C and amino acid foods, both of which are essential for the skin, could improve the hyaluronic acid and collagen levels in the body. Vitamin C-rich foods include bananas, red peppers, cabbage, sprout, broccoli and strawberries. You can also buy vitamin C in drugstores.

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel is used for healing and calming lesions. The reason it works to treat wounds and burns is that, when applied topically or even orally, the aloe vera plant increases the production of collagen. This stimulating cell-growth property will help increase the development of collagen in your skin. Aloe may be applied directly and gently to the skin, either in its pure form or in the form of the several items on the market containing it.

Take Algae Oral Supplements

As part of beautiful routines, marine plant ingredients become increasingly popular. This is because most skin damage is caused by “oxidation,” which can damage cell growth and the sensitivity of your skin to elements such as pollution. Algae can resist oxidation by the elasticity and collagen of your skin. Algae are sold as oral supplements in most natural food stores.

Take Ginseng Supplements or Tea

Ginseng is brought into the skin without causing any harmful reactions to the skin caused by many chemicals as it helps to preserve its original form. The development of collagen has also been found when consuming ginseng products. Ginseng has been proven to protect skin from sun damage caused by UV rays. When taking a ginseng supplement, or drinking tea containing the said ingredient, antioxidants that are released into your bloodstream will protect healthy cells and help glow the skin.

Add Cilantro To Your Diet

Cilantro contains vitamin C, related to increases in the development of collagen. Cilantro is a linolenic acid tested for your skin to be a potent anti-ageing factor. Linolenic acid has antioxidants that kill free radicals that break down healthy skin cells in your bloodstream. Cilantro extract can be bought as a detoxifying agent and taken orally.

What You Should Avoid To Do

Don’t ever overexpose your skin to the sun if you want to keep your skin healthy. Also, tanning beds won’t do you any good either. Smoking will prematurely age your skin as well. One way to preserve a healthy glow is to have time outdoors with the protection of sunscreen.


Side effects do occur with certain collagen supplements. Calcium overproduction, allergic reactions, and joint pain are the most common ones. Be very vigilant when taking some sort of collagen supplement if you have allergic reactions to seafood or meat products.