Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

If you are here because you want to learn about the topics or things to discuss with your girlfriend, then know that you are in the right place for that because today and going to show you the Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend. 

It’s an exciting topic to talk about with a girl so that you will have the confidence and be sure of the things you want to say each time you are with her, so without wasting much of your time, let me explain them to you.

Things to talk about with your girlfriend

  1. 1. Talk About The Things That You Have In Common. For the fact that you two were drawn together, then what it means is that there are things you have in common. And these things are likely what made you feel connected to each other in the beginning, and these things will keep making you feel connected no matter how long you have been together. The thing that is interesting about this is that researchers found that if you have something in common with someone else, you will tend to think of them as the same kind, which will help make you be with the person. So what that means is that when you talk about how you two are similar to each other, your differences will be put aside, and you will feel like you are on the same page with each other.
  2. 2. Try To Tell Her What You Like About Her. You know that everyone likes hearing positive things about themselves from someone. So if you want to talk about things where she feels good, then know that you will talk about what you like about her. Find ways how you can connect with her. There are things to do in Nashville for couples that you can look into to keep the bond for both of you. Talk about the things you liked when you first met her, and talk about what you like about her now. You will make her feel good about herself when you talk about the things you like about her, and by doing so, those feelings will transfer to how she feels about you. In fact, by raising this conversation, she will feel as if you are on her side and a supporter of her, and all these things will help her feel closer to you.
  3. 3. Ask Her About What She Feels Grateful For. By focusing on gratitude, you will feel better. You will see that you will feel happier and more alive and ready to take on the world. So if you want to talk to her about what she feels grateful for, then know that you will be helping her feel better, happier, alive, and ready to take on the world. It is just a very simple way to help her feel better about herself, you, and everything that is going on around her. Try to ask a specific question: What does she feel most grateful for in her life, or what does she feel most grateful for about her family and friends? But if it is just a random conversation, then know that you must pick any topic around gratitude. And if you see that she is feeling down about something, then know that asking her to focus on what she is grateful for in that area will help her to start feeling better, and when she feels better, she will associate more with you due to that increased mood.
  4. 4. Naughty conversations. The big part of every relationship is sexual chemistry and naughty conversations. So talk dirty to her or ask her a few naughty questions while you are texting each other or talking late into the night. She may blush or act coy, but the truth is that she loves the sexual excitement that you are building in the conversation.
  5. 5. Around the world. Try to be aware of the world around you, either by watching the news or reading the papers, and talk to your girlfriend about things that seem interesting in any of them. Because you will always have new things to discuss every day, and at the same time, you will also be able to discuss a lot of fun things that will help both of you better understand the world around each other. But always remember to keep it light and easy and avoid anything that will get heated up, like politics or religion.
  6. 6. Talk About Your life for the day. The truth is that the girls talk more about their day while the guys just listen. Because guys never usually go into details unless they are comfortable with their girlfriend or have something to nag about. But trust me, the more you go into the little details about what you were up to that day, the more options you will have to build new conversations and hear her views and words about it.
  7. 7. Talking About Your Fears. Remember that Girls love a guy who can open up and discuss his fears. By talking about your life’s dreams and the thing that fears you most, you will make her feel closer to you because you are revealing your vulnerable side to her. If something is bothering you or has upset you, be it your friend or something at work, just talk about it with your girlfriend. She will be interested in it and would love to help you.
  8. 8. Talk About The Embarrassing Moment. Remember that this is not something you would talk about with a stranger or somebody you don’t feel comfortable with. It is only reserved for people with that you have an intimate connection that won’t judge you. Doing this may feel awkward at first, but it is also a way to show vulnerability, which is very good for building a closer connection, and doing so will give her more insight into you. The truth about this is that we all have embarrassing moments. And talking about it in a conversation will give you two a little secret that other people will never have with you or your girlfriend.
  9. 9. Try To Talk About Her Favorite Vacation Destination. Everyone loves and feels excellent talking about vacations. And you know that everyone has a favorite place to go. While some of us like to go to warm places, others want to go by the ocean, while others like to be in the mountains. Talking on our favorite sites is a great way to lift the mood of anybody. That is because we visualize ourselves on vacation whenever we think about our favorite destination. We will feel the atmosphere, hear Its noises, and feel as good as we would feel when we were in the area. We are visualizing. It is like having a mini vacation without driving or flying to get there because you are visualizing it. Whenever you talk about your favorite vacation destinations, you will get a bunch of insight into each other, like, where you feel relaxed, what activities you love to do, and the things that make you feel alive.
  10. 10. Discuss Childhood Memory. Sometimes your childhood is a huge part of who you are today because it is what taught you many lessons about how to act and react to the world. It also teaches you who you want to be and don’t want to be; it is full of embarrassing and life-changing moments. It is also an intimate part of you, and your girlfriend’s childhood is also an intimate part of her. We all have standout memories from childhood that we still reflect on today, no matter what. So ask your girl to share one of her own with you. Because by doing so, you may gain insight into why she believes what she does or acts as she does from one simple childhood memory that affected her character in a big way.

What can I discuss with my girlfriend?

  • 11. Ask Her About Who She Looks Up To. If you want to know more about who your girlfriend wants to become, then know that you will ask her who she looks up to and why she looks up to that person. We all have who we look up to or want to be more like, so her answer will give you a lot of insight into her goals and dreams about what she may become or want in the future.
  • 12. Try To Talk About Your Future Together. You may not want to have a conversation about kids or marriage yet, but the truth is that talking about your future can help you feel more connected to each other. Just know that even if it is just you talking about next week and what you will be doing together, it will help you feel connected, and part of something bigger than yourself, and all these talks also create a memory in her. And as you know, if you feel committed to each other, there is no law or anything that says you can’t talk about kids, marriage, The kind of house you want to live in, where you want to live, And where you want to spend your retirement or anything else that you would share in the future, because It will boost your connection.
  • 13. Ask Her About Her Old Hobbies. Hobbies are also an important part of her past, just as your hobbies are also an important part of your past. Because they are the things that she did because she loved to do them, and they are near and dear to her heart, even though they are in her past. Talking about past hobbies is a great way to gain insight into who she was or still is, and you might even inspire her to rekindle an old hobby that she has loved to do again. If she hasn’t been doing what she loves to do, then know that is a lot of credit for that inspiration because she will be grateful that you can make her remind her life is more than just work and stress. “Things To talk About With Your Girlfriend And interesting topics to talk about with a girl.”
  •  14. Talk About The Goals She Has Outside Of The Relationship. Although It is important to remember that you are two people who happen to be in a relationship together, it is equally important to take some time to talk about the goals you both have outside the relationship. But these should be health goals, career goals, or any kind of personal goals that you both have in mind. Because yours is likely to be completely different from hers, it will also give insight into how you are different and remind you of the girl you became attracted to as an individual instead of the girl who is simply your girlfriend.
  • 15. Talk About The Favorite Movies Or TV Shows You Both Love The truth is that we all have favorite movies or TV shows and enjoy talking about them. So you see, this may seem superficial, but talking about your favorite movies and TV shows together can give you a lot of views into each other plans and what you like or don’t like. Moreover, if you like the same show or movie, it can help you feel more connected. Let’s say, for instance, if you both like a particular movie like The Johnson’s, then know that not only will you want to talk about the show, but you will be able to be making references to daily activities of life from the show. All these references will always remind you of your unique connection and make you feel good.
  • 16. Ask Her Who She Doesn’t Want To Be Like. As you have already asked her who she looks up to, now ask her who she does not want to be like. When it comes to talking about your girlfriend, this is one of those things that will give you a lot of insight into who she is and what she is struggling with currently in her life. As you know, we tend to only think about who we don’t want to become when we think about things affecting us personally. For instance, nobody would say that they don’t want to become a murderer because they are not struggling with the thought of murdering someone, so it is not an issue that they feel intensely about. However, suppose someone is struggling with their weight. In that case, they may talk about how they don’t want to become like someone who is overweight because that is not what they want, or if someone is struggling with their judgments towards other people, they may talk about how they don’t want to become judgmental like so-and-so. But by asking all these questions, you will get an inside peek into her deepest thoughts that she may not like to share with anyone, and you will learn and also know where her moral compass and desires are pointed towards.
  • 17. Ask Her About Times She Feels Happiest. This question will give you insight into your girlfriend and help her gain more insight into herself. Asking her when she feels happiest will force her to reflect on what she enjoys and why she enjoys doing it most. And if she is currently not doing what makes her happiest, then know that the chances that she will shift some things around so that she can be happier is very good and add more credit to you. However, this simple question will give you some insight into her and could help her feel better about herself and her life, which will help her feel better about you and make her love staying with you more.
  • 18. Talk about her views on life. As you know, we all have individual views about life, yet we don’t share them with everyone in the world. But by learning more about her views on life, you will understand her better, and this will also make you know more about what she wants to do in the future and what her real goals are.
  • 19. Gossip. By gossip, I mean daily gossip because this is something that will always be more interesting, and she will be able to talk about this for a long time, especially about things that are happening in her own life. So ask her about her work, colleagues, and everything else happening during her hours. Not only that but Talking about movies and shows on television can be great gossip too. Because If both of you like the same movies or shows, you will have a lot of opinions and things to talk about for hours, and all these draw you closer to her.
  • 20. Talking about your secrets. The truth about this is that everyone loves a good secret. So do you have a few secrets you don’t generally discuss with everyone you meet? Then try to share that secret with her. Because it will flatter her and make her see that you trust her enough to share your deep secrets with her as your girlfriend, and before you know it, she will start sharing her secrets with you and become much more intimate with you than you can ever think of.
  • 21. Compliments and romance. It is good to compliment your girlfriend about her dress or something special she did for you. Just know that every girl feels appreciated and loved when she hears a genuine compliment from the guy she likes. So try to talk to her about how beautiful she looked on the last date or how sweet her voice sounds over the phone. Just know that saying good compliments to her will always lead to better romance and more romantic conversations; always remember to make your girlfriend feel loved and appreciated, and let her know just how special she is and how important she is in your life because it is what girls love most and which to hear from their man.
  • 22. Her passions. So talk about everyday things that interest her, like shopping, cooking, gardening, blogging, or anything else. Because your girlfriend will feel wonderful to see that you are interested in talking about things close to her heart, try to always remember to be genuinely interested in her passions, or you will end up hurting her feelings.


things to talk about with your girlfriend

How do I keep a conversation going with my girlfriend?

  • Talk about Her passions.
  • Know if you have things in common.
  • Talk about the most interesting things that have ever happened to her.
  • Discuss her biggest goals.
  • Ask her if she has enjoyed hobbies in the past.
  • Know if she is interested in trying new hobbies.
  • Ash about her daily routines and habits.


What are 21 questions to ask a girl?

1. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

2. If you could travel to any year in a time machine, what year would you choose and why?

3. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

4. What’s one of the most fun childhood memories you have?

5. If you could have dinner with a famous person (living or dead), who would you choose?

6. What’s your favorite movie to watch over and over again?

7. What’s your favorite season of the year?

8. Who is your celebrity crush?

9. What’s your biggest fear?

10. What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?

11. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

12. What’s a bad habit you had that you’ve been able to overcome?

13. What’s your dream road trip destination?

14. What’s your favorite food of all time?

15. What are three items on your bucket list?

16. What’s your biggest regret?

17. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

18. What’s the weirdest thing in your closet?

19. What would you say if you had to guess what people appreciate you the most?

20. What’s your dream job?

21. If you could be a part of a family on any TV show, which family would you choose?

22. Of all the personal questions I could ask you, what would you not want to answer?

23. What’s your biggest pet peeve regarding social media?

24. Who’s your favorite character from literature?

25. What activity do you not find fun at all?

26. What’s your favorite color to wear?

27. What’s your favorite type of dessert?

28. What’s the worst lie you ever told as a kid?

29. Who in your family are you closest to?

30. What’s your favorite sport to play and why?

31. If we were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, who would you want on your team?

32. If you were an ice cream flavor, what would it be?

33. What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?

34. What’s one thing your mom or dad doesn’t understand about you?

35. If you had a kid, what would you name it?


How can I talk romantically with my GF?

Ask open-ended, non-committal questions. This is just like any conversation. Asking questions that are not quickly answered by a “yes” or “no” will encourage your partner to respond more. This will keep the conversation going. You can also ask questions that will help you both to keep the conversation going.

    • “What would your ideal day look like?”
    • “What are three common things you believe we share?”
    • “Does your dream have a reality you have yet to realize?” What is your dream?

Tell your partner something sweet. This will encourage you to have a more intimate conversation. This is a great way to confess to your partner something that reveals your feelings. This is a subtle way of saying something romantic but not overwhelming. Be sure to keep the “confessing” light and romantic. Take this example:

    • “I must admit something. Since we met, I have wanted to hold your hands like this.
    • “I’ve always wondered where that scar on your knee came from.”
    • “I want to tell you that I love the perfume you wear.”

Keep the conversation light-hearted. Talking about money, work, and any other issues in your relationship can ruin your romantic mood. Talking about money, work, or any other issues in your relationship will ruin your romantic mood.

    • Ask your partner to tell you about your dreams and goals.
    • Focus on your positive traits and personality traits during the conversation. Are you outgoing? Accepting? Honest? Hard-working? No matter what your positive traits may be, find some opportunities to show them.

Share stories. Stories can connect people. Telling stories about yourself is a good way to connect with someone.

Interrupt your partner to agree or endorse the words he or she has just said. You can briefly interrupt your partner to accept something he or she has said.

    • If your partner mentions a favorite band, it’s okay to interrupt with something like, “Oh yeah!” That band is also my favorite. Next, you can be quiet and let your partner finish what they are saying.

Thank your partner for their experiences and opinions. This can help to increase the romance in a conversation. 

    • If your partner mentions something they like to do or mentions an accomplishment recently, you can say, “That’s amazing!” Or “I think that’s so cool!”

Show sympathy. Your partner may mention something negative or even share something they have struggled with. 

    • If your partner has a similar challenge or struggle, you might say, “That sounds like it must be hard,” or “It’s terrible you had to deal.”

Be confident. Starting a romantic conversation in person takes confidence in you and your partner. Let your partner know what you think and give them the chance to tell you. Feeling secure and open when you begin a romantic conversation is crucial. Being open and secure when you begin a romantic conversation is important.

    • Avoid using aggressive body language such as crossed arms or hand gestures.
    • Keep your body language open and friendly by extending your arms to your partner and your hands at your sides.
    • Smile at your partner and tell them you’re having a great time.

Give 100% attention to your partner while being romantic with them. Make sure your body language, as well as your words, convey the message.

    • Ensure that you give your partner your full attention throughout the conversation. Do not look around or fidget, as this can make you appear uninterested or uncomfortable.

Keep eye contact. Eye contact is one of the best ways to increase intimacy with your partner and communicate without saying a word. 

Listen to soft music. Here are some good options:

    • Classical music
    • smooth jazz
    • New age music
    • nature sounds

Give your partner chocolate. It is a great way to increase your romantic feelings. Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, can cause feelings of euphoria. Keep a small package of high-quality chocolates close to your partner during conversations.