Sure Ways To Help You Get Over Your Ex

Sure Ways To Help You Get Over Your Ex

A relationship can sometimes feel like the best thing in the world to be in. Until one day that relationship comes to an end, and it feels like the worst possible thing ever. After you and your partner call it quits – for whatever reason – there are a few things that you can do to help you get over your ex. Things, like cutting off contact and keeping busy, are necessary to start the healing process and help ease the pain if you ever want to be able to move forward. If you’ve found yourself in the midst of a breakup, continue reading to learn ten sure ways to help you get over your ex. “Sure Ways To Help You Get Over Your Ex”

Cut Off All Contact

The best thing you can do to start the healing process after a breakup – so that you can try to get over your ex – is to cut off all contact. Unless you and your ex have a child together, there is no need to keep in touch. It’ll just end up hurting you more in the end.

Cutting off contact also includes blocking your ex on social media. It’ll keep you from messaging them on social media as well as from stalking their profile.

Get Rid Of Reminders

When we are in relationships, we usually accumulate little things here and there that have some real potential to remind us of our partner, especially if the relationship were to ever go sour. After a breakup, it is best to get rid of everything that reminds you of your ex, or at least as much as possible. For some people, parting with these things are easy, while for others it can prove to be quite challenging. Personally, I burned everything from photos to gifts on the grill after my one breakup. It was very therapeutic.

“Sure Ways To Help You Get Over Your Ex”

Don’t Try To Be Their Friend

If your goal is to get over your ex after a breakup, trying to be their friend – at least for the time being – is one of the worst possible things you could do. Even when a breakup is mutual, some time apart is beneficial. It’s easier to take a step forward and go from friends to lovers than it is to go backward from lovers to friends.

Let Go Of The What If’s And Should Have’s

Letting go of things can be very difficult at times but after a breakup, it is best to try to let go of all the what if’s, should have’s, would have, and could have’s. If a relationship is over, it’s over. It is now in the past, and that is where it should remain. You will only drive yourself mad if you keep thinking about what you could have done or said differently since there is no way to change what has already been done. If your ex broke up with you, you can’t force another person to love you or be with unless they truly want to.

“Sure Ways To Help You Get Over Your Ex”

Let Yourself Enjoy Your New Freedom

For many people, they have spent much more time being in relationships than being solo. So, if you are newly single, soak up some new freedoms that you most likely didn’t have while in a committed relationship. Enjoy not having to explain yourself to someone else right now. Relish in the fact that you no longer have to give someone else a play-by-play while out doing certain things.

You don’t have to worry about meeting someone halfway or compromising on something that you really want or want to do. Try to reconnect with people that you have lost touch with.

Remind Yourself Of Their Faults

Often, when we are are going through a breakup, we tend to forget that our ex even had any faults at all. We may even try to make ourselves out to be the sole bad person when that usually isn’t the case. Try to keep in mind that most of the time, ex’s aren’t always 100 percent innocent. So, firstly, don’t take all the blame on to yourself, and secondly, remind yourself of the things that they have done wrong or about all the times that they caused you unjust pain and heartache. When you start to forget their faults, it can make it harder to get over your ex and move on.

“Sure Ways To Help You Get Over Your Ex”

Try To Stay Active & Busy

After a breakup, cry, get it out in a healthy manner, and then get right back up. Trying to stay active can sometimes be much easier said than done, but it is possible. Wallowing and isolating will only make things harder.

Find things that you like to do, try finding a new hobby, or even put in a few extra hours at work. Create a schedule for yourself. No matter what you do or how you feel, try staying active and busy.

Hit Up The Girls Or The Guys

Look toward your loved ones and cherished friends for support after a breakup. Don’t try to go through it alone. Vent about what a jerk your ex is to your friends. Hit them up for a girl’s or a guy’s night. Perhaps try letting loose, or doing something with your friend’s that would normally be fun. Watch a good comedy – but avoid romcoms – or horror movie with your besties. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and in the cases of trying to get over an ex, it really can be.

“Sure Ways To Help You Get Over Your Ex”

Work On Improving Yourself

After a relationship comes to an end, one of the best things you could do for yourself is to work on improving yourself for the better. Work on your relationship with you, as cheesy as that may sound, it not only helps build confidence and self-esteem but it can also help you heal from a breakup tremendously as well as help you get over your ex.