Spirituality 101: 12 Signs You’re A Mystic

Some people possess special talents and abilities that are considered otherworldly or supernatural. Their enchantment is beyond one’s imagination—and they always have the transcendent hunger for knowledge and mystery. This puts them on a rewarding and sacred path. These people were born to be mystics.

But, what is a mystic person? What makes a person mystic?

Basically, a mystic is a person who believes and claims to have the ability to attain insights into the mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge. To qualify as a mystic, one should have a series of mystical experiences or at the very least, already had a mystical experience.

A mystic is also defined as somebody who has an experience of union with The One, God, or perhaps Mother Earth. This experience is rare and if you’re confused whether or not you’re a mystic, below are the signs for you to be considered as one:

Spirituality 101: 12 Signs You're A Mystic

  • You Value Experiences

Oftentimes, mystics steer clear of the strict principles and doctrines. Due to mystics’ innate intuition, they trust their inner self and own morality. While they often connect with reality, they feel it should be on a deeply personal level that may only be achieved through experiences. However, like any normal human being, mystics rely on others for opinions and perspectives. But these won’t be their primary or only source of truth.

  • You Think That Love Is The Source Of Life

Mystics often believe that there are many things you can do for love because it’s the most powerful element in the universe. The experiences and the people you love are just a reflection of a bigger and all-encompassing love. Also, love isn’t something that originates within you. Instead, it’s something that flows through you and other human beings.

  • You Always Ask Questions

Mystics, by nature, are iconoclasts or nonconformists. They often ask questions that most people avoid asking. They also wonder about the nature of existence and humanity. Due to this, mystics are uncomfortable with systems of authority, particularly the religious ones. Mystics are also the ones who challenge the status quo and hierarchy. Also, they’re not attached to the old paradigms.

  • You Are Uncomfortable With The Concept Of Religion

Mystics often have a flat view of the universe. They believe that anybody can experience divinity at some point, to some extent. This isn’t limited to those who join religious orders, take vows, or spend lots of years studying scriptures. In short, they don’t believe in religions and its hierarchies. 

  • You Feel Connected With Nature

One of the telltale signs you’re a mystic is that whenever you’re away from worldly distractions, it’s normal for you to feel connected with nature. Not only because of the isolation but also due to the wonders of nature manifested before you. This happens typically when you go on an excursion away from the hustle and bustle of cities. 

  • You Always Seek For The Truth

In some instances, seeking the truth for mystics doesn’t always do justice. They have a deeper demand for truth, and they always aim to achieve the truth their way. For mystics, the truth isn’t always about analyzing the facts of the situation, hearing what people have to say, and agreeing with what you see on the surface. 

They seek the truth through a bird’s eye view—they want to see everything that’s happening not just in front of them, but everywhere. The truth manifests itself in the surroundings and it’s always beyond morality and intellect, since you have to search within your soul for it. 

Moreover, the truth is beyond one’s capacity to fully grasp. Once you realize and accept that, you’ll find the unknown to be your source of comfort. At times, this belief makes you an unlikeable person because you’re not willing to hold the certainties of the people that surround you. But, you’re aware that even if it’s inexplicable, the truth will always prevail and only your soul can get a glimpse of it.

  • You Are Comfortable With Uncertainty

More often than not, mystics understand that there’s a reason behind everything. So, they trust that all actions have a purpose, even when they don’t know what the future would bring. Also, mystics trust in themselves as well as their connection to the universe. While they’re curious, mystics don’t have the driving desire to force what they want for their future.

  • You Understand The Significance Of Kindness, Letting Go, And Forgiveness

It isn’t easy for many people to let go, forgive, and cater to other people’s needs before themselves. However, in the case of mystics, it isn’t difficult to understand the essence of forgiving, letting go, and imparting kindness to everyone they meet in life. As a mystic, you believe that good karma paves way for the soul’s journey.

  • You Value Internal Growth

For mystics, traditions and rituals are meant to trigger internal insights and transformations, not to appease higher power. This is why mystics feel uncomfortable with structured religions.

Typically, mystics feel that personal growth toward the ultimate plan of the universe should come from within. It can’t be ordered or dictated. Mystics feel a strong sense of responsibility to help others find their way. But they don’t feel the need to teach them what’s wrong and right—that’s for them to figure out.

  • You Have The Ability To See Through People

You may be hanging out with new friends who seem charming, but your intuition is always accurate that you can see through their fake smiles. Although everyone deserves a chance, being with them will only make you uncomfortable because you think they’re pretending to be someone they’re not.

  • You Are Not Materialistic

Mystics don’t usually drive luxury vehicles to work, and they don’t feel the need to spend money on branded clothes. Also, they don’t fancy expensive gadgets and don’t take loans. Mystics understand that such things are only meant to display shallowness and never add to the real essence of life. These aren’t things that constitute life and spirituality. They only detach you from the real core of mankind.

  • You Do Not Believe You Know Everything

Mystics know that the universe is infinite and full of mysteries, and it can be too complex for one’s mind to comprehend. This is why they don’t believe they know everything.

Moreover, they enjoy learning new things, reaching out, and hearing some new perspectives. They also trust in the plan of the universe and see their journey as something worthwhile and spiritual. 


These are just some of the many signs you’re a mystic. If you think you possess any of those mentioned signs, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s okay to be different, and most often than not, mysticism can give you something you can’t find among earthly things, relationships, and situations. All you have to do is to embrace being a mystic and enjoy the essence of mysticism in your spiritual life.