Signs He Is Not Ready For Marriage

Signs He Is Not Ready For Marriage

If you here because you want to know the signs he is not ready for marriage then relax because am going to show you this signs so that you will know them. without me wasting much of your time or talking much let go to the main topic below.

He will broke up with you several times

If in your relationship breaking up to make up is the way he constantly operates, then he is certainly not ready for the lifetime commitment of marriage with you. A man who breaks up with you for any smallest thing that happen between you two, or let say he is always playing with your emotions and showing you that he won’t stick around when things get tough. Both of these traits are not the kind of things that you want in a future from the man that will be husband.

He Always Make Negative Comments about marriage

Try to pay attention to what he says. If he always makes negative comments about marriage every time the subject comes up, then he is basically telling you that he has no interest in it for now. Instead of you brushing his comments off and hoping that you can change his opinion, is better you store those comments in your mind and refer back to them the next time you think about wanting or waiting to marry him.

He will be selfish

Let me tell you something, If you are dealing with a selfish man, he won’t be putting you first before anything because he is not ready to be married. If everything is always about him in the relationship and due to that he treats you as an afterthought that is who he is and who he will continue to be don’t have the Idea that he will change. Because selfishness has no place in a marriage, so save yourself the trouble and stop fantasizing about something that won’t happen between you two.

He Never Include You When He Talks About His Future

When a man is truly invested in being with you as life partner, not only does he won’t only show his love through his actions, but he will also be thinking about a future for the two of you. Which will include career and living decisions, as well as getting married and having a family with you. Listen to him closely, if he is the type that always speak about his future in “I” terms instead of “we,”  then know that chances are he doesn’t see you as a fixture in his future and marrying you is not on his plans at all.

He doesn’t show any interest in knowing your family

A man who truly wants to marry you will try to make sure that he establishes some sort of relationship with your family. If your man is not showing any interest in forming a relationship with your family, that is definitely a sign that he is not thinking about forever or about the future with you. If he is avoiding accompanying you to your family gatherings or going on any of your family vacations with you then know that both are signs, but if he has interest around your family that is a good sign.


He changes the topic of marriage any time the topic comes up

This is also a very good sign. Because if your man quickly changes the topic every time you or anybody brings up the topic about marriage, then know that you have your answer already because by doing so it means he is not ready yet.

He don’t talk about your relationship to his family & friends

Whenever you are truly in love with someone you don’t hesitate to tell anyone who will listen about the person and how you feel about him. So that same way a man who is just using you to pass the time will consistently avoid talking much about your relationship and your role in his life. You have to ask yourself why you even want to be with someone who doesn’t proudly tell everyone how much you mean to him and how much he loves you.

He Will Be Emotionally Shuts Down Each Time He is Stressed Or Upset

Everyone passes through a rough patch, so and it is really important for our partners to be there for us during that time. It uis probably when the worst side of you comes out, but it is okay that they are there with us.  So that you two will work it out as a couple. But all this will be impossible if he don’t  even want to talk to you about what is troubling his mind. How can you know how to make him feel better and if he emotionally shuts down every time he is stressed or upset about any issue then know that maybe he has trust issues, or he doesn’t feel comfortable expressing his thoughts to anyone even you.  Which is not good because he should rely on you and open up to you thought for you. Because communication is very important in any relationship, and if there is no trust, then there is nothing. He will never be ready for marriage with you.

He Makes Promises That He Can Never Deliver

If he makes more promises that he can never deliver or fulfill, then this is very bad of him. Okay let say that he promises to take you out to a nice dinner, but he fails his promise. And he also promises to do the dishes, but he forget that he promise to do so, and you end up doing it yourself because it starts to smell. There is also times when he keeps his promises, but there are more times when he fails his promises. Responsibilities are very important in any marriage, and since he doesn’t seem to hold up his end of the bargain in your relationship, then there is more chances that he will not propose to you. Because he says and does whatever he wants without bothering about your opinions, and it seems like his life is all about that bachelor life. It is hard to trust a man who can’t keep his word to anybody. Maybe he breaks promises because he doesn’t take any of them seriously.

He Don’t Stays At Your Place

If he took the relationship seriously, then know that he will want to spend a lot of time with you, whether it is at his place or at yours. If he makes you feel like he is a stranger at your house rather than your boyfriend because he only sticks around for a little small time, then he is probably uncomfortable with the idea of spending the whole day with you inside. He thought the relationship was casual, and commitment probably freaks him out because he don’t have such plans in his mind.