Sex Games For Couples

Welcome to We bring to you on a topic that says sex games for couples. There are many sex games which couples who really love each other can play inorder to spicy their relationship and live happily.

Again it is very important to spicy your relationship so as not to fall out of love. Do not make your relationship so borely, instead get it lovely and worth enjoying.

A relationship that lacks adequate sex or less sexual satisfaction might not last long and even if it last, issue of cheating might be common. So it is very necessary to spicy up and build your sexaul life together with your partner.

Below are the list of lovely and most important sex games which can help to put a spark and turn on the heat in your relationship from bedroom to outdoors.


Sex Games For Couples

Sex games for couples


  • Dare game

This dare game is something that both of you can agreed on so as not to cause problem. When there is a good or friendly mood between you two, you can start up this game. It goes like this….

“Baby I dare you to put on my bra”, a kind of your husband putting on your bra and you putting on his boxer and watch out how both of you looks on it. Such game is a kind of fun and lovely.

He puts on your underwear and walk exactly like you, adding a little foam to his breast to make it looks exactly like yours and you putting on his boxer and adding something under to make it look as if you have a manhood. Such lovely game can go a long way to your relationship sexual life.


  • Guess what games 

This guess what games is another wonderful game that is capable of turning the beautiful heat in your relationship and keeping your sexaul lifestyle firm and sweet.

Sometimes you both should come up with this guess what games. It goes like this…

You may tie your husband with a silk light rope, romantically drag him to a place and tell him to guess what your are doing, if he guess right, then promise him of something that will turn him on.

Such games really sparks the love in a relationship. You can as well decide to ask your wife or your partner that they should guess what is going on through your mind. 

For instance. ” Baby, assuming you are asked to say what I will do to you on bed what exactly can you tell about it”,, something that can turn him on and make the emotions agile.

Again, you can apply oil on your palms and start massaging your partner’s back, then ask him to guess what you’re using.

Or you can use the nipple to draw a line on his back or your manhood on her back, then asked them to guess what is touching them. This game is one of the sweetest game ever which can undo any relationship that’s lacks adequate sexual life.

“Sex Games For Couples”

  • First to finish

This another nice game that can go a long way in a relationship. Spicing up your sexaul lifes in your relationship has to do with so many things including games which this, first to finish is one of them. It goes like this…

You both can buy a pomade, then after you must have finished bathing together, you can start rubbing each others pomade and anybody that gets his/her own done first and in a romantic way shall get a free kiss or hugs or any other thing both of you can choose.

Again, it can be on anything. First to finish game is a sweet and lovely game that is capable of turning the beautiful heat in a relationship.


  • Body reaction game on bed

This game is very sweet and lovely, mostly it usually ends in love making which can be the sweetest love making, you will always have with your partner.

It goes like this…

You both will put a rule that, anybody that reacts so fast who doesn’t control his it her feelings, shall cook tonight or for the whole day. It will start by setting up something like a bet and who ever fails shall start with the game first.

Then if the wife is to start the game, she will tie the husband with a slight rope to cover his eyes, then start romancing and licking your lips and mouth, romance you so much that if you respond to it. Then start romancing back and cuddling her for love making.

That means, you have lost and you have to bear the consequences by cooking for the day, but if you win she will buy you something. The same thing will also be applicable to the man and this game is one of the sweetest game ever.

Sex Games For Couples

  • Strip poker 

This strip poker is another wonderful sex game which is also capable of spicing your relationship sex life. It goes like this..

Both partners will dress up fully and set a rule that there will not be cheating. You will then set a question that whosoever that fails the answer to that question will remove one thing on his or her body excluding the hairs on the body. Then you will start. 

At the end of the game, you will see that one person shall end up pulling off all that they are putting on and will completely be naked, then the other will win. Such game is also a perfect sex game to practice in your relationship, so as to build up your sex life. 


  • Shower game

This game is usually done in the bathroom, where both partners will bath themselves and watch who bath better that the other. After which both of you will sit down and detect errors found from each other’s method of bathing then go again to correct that.

“Sex Games For Couples”


Sex games is one of the entertaining and most spicy games that is necessary in a relationship, especially those relationship that lacks sexual satisfaction and happiness. Once this sex game therapy is applied, you will find out that it will be very easy to tackle that problem. 

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