Reasons Why She’s Too Busy For You

Reason Why She’s Too Busy For You

Some men do complain that their spouses pay little or no attention to them. As they say, their spouses keep telling them that they’re busy or tired. It’s not encouraging to hear these words often. But before jumping to conclusions, check out yourself. Because you might be the cause of her reaction towards you.

Reasons Why She’s Too Busy For You

Here are some reasons why she’s always too busy or tired for you.

Lack Of Attention

Sometimes you might not give her attention. Maybe you are always busy with work, not even caring about her at all. Then at night, you come to her. It won’t work. You’re only treating her like you are using her. Adjust on that aspect.


Laziness? You might be asking how does laziness relate to this problem? If you are a lazy man, forget it. You must be a responsible man. Work and provide for your family. If not all but the 3 basic needs which are food, shelter and clothing.

Poor Conversation Skill

Some men are not just good at this. Learn how to discuss with your woman, please. It seriously builds the love bond between the two of you. If you don’t know how to kindly learn. After doing this you’ll see changes.


If you fall into this category you’ll suffer big time in your relationship. Give and give. It does not have to be expensive things that you’ll give, just give the little you can that you know she loves. It’ll help a lot.

Happy mended relationship!!!!