Quotes About Writing

Over the years, the value of writing can never be neglected or ignored. Symbols, letters, languages, documents, articles and books are all written works. 

  A writer is a sower because he plants knowledge which later germinates to an unexplainable wealth. Show me a passionate writer and I will show you one who is going to be great in life. 

 These are some of the wonderful quotes about writing:

  • If you want to be loved, love others, if you want to receive, give, but if you want to make generational impact, be a writer. Sylvia C. M
  • Information in the mind can be forgotten,the ones in the computer can be lost and the ones on the walls can be erased, but the ones written, lasts forever. Sylvia C. M
  • There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes, it’s like drilling and then blasting it with charges. Ernest Hemingway
  • Some people speak, some dramatize, while some write. Among these people, those who writes can never be forgotten. Sylvia C. M
  • Writing is a disease you can’t stop. William Carlos . W

Quotes About Writing

  • Histories or past remarkable events are not known or read by idea, thought nor talent, but by the books written by people. Sylvia C. M
  • There is a mystery in writing. When ideas are written, they give birth to more ideas and information. Sylvia C.M
  • A professional writer is an amateur, who didn’t quit. Richard Bach
  • Just as a man can’t live without food , so can no one read without writing. Sylvia C. M
  • A mecenary writer is one who is paid for every piece of his word. Robert Benchley
  • A reader is a leader because a writer wrote. C. M Sylvia
  • You can’t edit a blank page but you can edit a bad page. Jodi Picoult
  • I write to remember, I read to learn. M. C. Sylvia
  • One of the thing that has existed from generation to generation are written works. Sylvia C. M
  • Talent is cheaper than a table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work. Steven King.
  • Writing is a building block to comprehension. Sylvia C. M
  • When a writer stares out of the window, he’s also writing. Burton Rascoe
  • A good writer must read as much as his brain can carry and write as much as his hands tells him to. Sylvia C. M
  • Reading teaches one to write and those written words are future income. Sylvia C. M
  • A good writer sees five or six of a thousand story ideas that a lot of people walk pass every day. Orson Scott
  • Be alone, focus your heart on what your mind is telling you, write it down, because it might be what someone is looking for out there. Sylvia C. M
  • If a book is true, there are some set of people out there, who are meant to read it. Willy Lamb
  • Don’t teach me how to make money, just teach me how to read and write, and I will make my money. Sylvia C. M
  • A true alchemist do not change lead into gold; he changes the world into words. William. H. G
  • Writing sometimes takes the nature of a being. You can feel it, you can imagine it and it’s real. Sylvia C. M
  • It’s not what you write but the way you write it. Jack Kerouac WD
  • Read as if you will never read again, write as if you will breathe your last the next minute. Sylvia C. M
  • I always have two books in my pocket; one to read and one to write. Robert Louis Stevenson
  • If you want to be an effective writer, be yourself. Sylvia C. M