Are you the type that doesn’t know what to tell a girl who you just meet? Are you looking for the right things to ask a girl you just meet? Well, relax for I will tell you something you need to say and questions to ask her if you just met with her. “Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met”


Questions to ask a girl you just met.


First, before anything, I want you to relax, remove that fear and shy spirit. Just know that she won’t beat or bite you; the highest thing she can do is to neglect you. But if she is a mature girl, she must stop and listen to you. So please don’t fear, be bold and funny when talking with her.

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Here are questions to ask a girl you just met.


  1. How are you doing dear?

This is to help you first calm her down and start the conversation.


  1. Am………. By name. What about you?

For you to be able to know her name and for her to also get to know your name too.


  1. Can you give me a few minutes of your time?

This will draw her attention and relax her mind to talk to you. So that you will also feel free and relax. “Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met”


  1. Are you living around?

For you to know where she resides so that you will see if she is your next neighbour or just came to visit a friend.


  1. You look beautiful

This is to tease her small and make her feel special and a bit happy with you.


  1. Are you living with your parents?

For you to understand well about where she lives and if someone you can easily visit.


  1. How old are you?

Help you learn about her age, so that you can know if it is someone you can be with. “Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met”


  1. What is your birthday?

It will help you know about her birthday for you to keep that date for her because doing so will make her happy on that day.


  1. What do you love doing the most?

This will help you to know the things that matter most to her. It will also help you to be doing those things with her.

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  1. Are you in school? Or are you a student?

For you to understand if she is still schooling or working, and also for you to know the way to communicate with her.


  1. Where are you from?

This will also help you to know her more and where she originates from. “Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met”


  1. What do you do for a living?

This will help you know if she is a worker and the type of work she is doing.


  1. What do you love about your job?

With this, you will know if she is part of people who hates their job because many people hate their job.


  1. What is your dream?

Asking her this question is what will make you understand the kind of person she is and her aim.


  1. Do you have any siblings?

This question will give you more insight into her family and to enable you to know more about her.


  1. What’s your favourite food?

Asking will make you understand the kind of girl she is if she is the type that has high test and is also picky. Or the kind that just cares about anything food.


  1. Where do you wish to go?

With this, you will know the place she cares about and will love to go no matter what.


  1. What was on your mind about me when I first stopped you?

It will make you understand what she thinks about you or what she feels about you.

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