Preggophilia | The Pregnancy Fetish Most Moms To Be Have No Idea About

Preggophilia, while many may find it creepy, is quite common. You don’t need to search through fetish forums for answers. Here’s what you should know.

People touch their baby bump when they are pregnant. They want to feel their baby’s movements. Some people take this to another level of attraction and fascination. Preggophilia is a form of paedophilia.

You’re likely to get a lot of likes if you post your baby bump on Facebook. But there are many reasons people might be interested in your photo. People’s limits seem to be lowered when it comes to pregnant women.

What is preggophilia?

A sexual fetish can be defined as the association of an object, body part or another item with something sexual.

There are so many fetishes people love. Some people love to fetish on their feet while others enjoy peeing on other people.

People with Maieusiophilia (or maiesiophilia), also known as pregnancy fetishism or preggophilia, are sexually attracted to the pregnant woman’s body and the idea of pregnancy.

This isn’t about the baby bump. Lactation and certain stages of pregnancy can also cause people to become energized.

When it comes to what makes someone happy, it depends on who they are. Many role-players love male pregnancies and gang-bang immunization. This is just role-playing.

What are the most common pregnancy fetishes you have seen?

It might surprise you to learn that pregnancy fantasies are quite common according to Dr Justin Lehmiller’s Tell me What You Want. Here are his findings after he surveyed 4,175 Americans on their sexual fantasies.

According to him, 30% of those he interviewed reported some form of a pregnancy dream. 7.5% of participants reported fantasizing about it frequently.

He asked him a more specific question about fantasizing about sex with pregnant women. 26% of participants answered this question, while 4% had it frequently.

As you can see from the above, thoughts about pregnancy and sexuality are not uncommon.

Preggophilia | The Pregnancy Fetish Most Moms To Be Have No Idea About

Why do people develop a pregnancy fetish?

Many theories exist about why certain people feel sexually stimulated by pregnancy.

According to the most scientific explanations, female fertility was a very important aspect of human life, especially for our ancestors. The ability to have children was the most important criterion in choosing a partner.

Pregnancy is the best advertisement for fertility. This means that a woman can get pregnant easily and is therefore desirable and fertile.

People who are attracted to pregnant women reveal the following reasons. It is wrong. First, it is illegal. In many cultures, sex during pregnancy can be considered taboo. This makes the idea sexy and dirty.

Second, pregnancy is a sign of commitment. This is often interpreted as a sign that you are committed to starting a family together with your partner.

Fetishists dream of the possibility of stealing a woman’s commitment and seducing her while she is pregnant.

The third is the extreme changes that a woman experiences during pregnancy. You can also add the sexual arousal women may experience during pregnancy to make it a very erotic environment. If the woman is pregnant, it could be a powerful expression of love, commitment and desire to appreciate her changing body.

Perhaps they tried sex with a woman who was pregnant and loved it. They may have tried sex with a pregnant woman, but it is impossible to have sex with a pregnant woman all the time, so they use this fetish to replace the experience.

Is it safe to have sex while pregnant?

This is likely the question that your inner preggophile wants to know. Although it would be against the grain of common wisdom, it is fine to have sex while pregnant, provided you take special precautions.

Doctors recommend abstinence in the first trimester, and for the final four weeks of pregnancy. This is because these are critical periods.

The second trimester arrives and the expectant mother experiences extreme sexual arousal. You’re ready to go.

Is preggophilia sexist?

We all know that childbirth for women is natural. She has dedicated her life to having a child since she became pregnant. Some may believe she can’t be considered sexual during this time.

Because women are the only ones capable of having children, it is considered sexist to sexualize them during pregnancy.

Are preggophiles something to be ashamed of?

You might be afraid that people will think you are strange if you’re attracted to a pregnant woman.

Preggophilia, or any other sexual activity, is only allowed when consent is not given. It’s okay for a pregnant woman to have sexual intercourse by her own choice.

If someone hacks into the computers of pregnant women and steals images or videos, then that is wrong. It depends on whether you are doing something to hurt others or indulge in your fantasies.

Ask yourself: “Why does it make you turn on?”

It’s helpful to understand why pregnant women are so enticing to you if you have a pregnancy fetish.

It could also be related to early childhood learning. Having more exposure to motherhood in childhood might increase the likelihood of attracting pregnant or lactating women.

If you feel this way, you likely have one or more younger siblings.

Psychological factors could also be a reason pregnant women feel attracted to you. You might have high levels of attachment anxiety. You might be afraid of abandonment and require a lot from your romantic partners.

You might feel worried about your partner abandoning you. If this is the case, you can find comfort in fantasizing about having sex with a pregnant woman.

These fantasies could help you reduce your anxiety and emotional stress.

No matter what reason you are enthralled by pregnancy, your fantasies have complex roots. People may have different fantasies about the same thing.

Preggophilia | The Pregnancy Fetish Most Moms To Be Have No Idea About

Preggophilia: Reasons

You might be wondering what paedophilia is. These are just a few.

1. Pregnancy can be a hormonal rollercoaster

Preggophilia can be explained by pregnancy’s hormonal whirlwind. Pregnant women experience constant hormonal changes.

Women who are pregnant can be extremely horny and not be able to control their behaviour. This is what attracts people to this woman’s ferociousness.

2. Pregnancy is a sign that she’s taken

It visually shows that a woman is taking, regardless of whether she’s single or married. It is a sign of her commitment to the relationship if she has a man’s child.

Why? Because you won’t be able to have her. Some people are attracted to the idea of pregnant women being taken. It’s the belief that you don’t get what you want.

3. Fetishes are different reasons why people have them.

You might be asking yourself why someone would choose to have this fetish. Fetishes can occur for many reasons. They could have had a life-changing experience that opened their eyes to preggophilia. It could also be that they have experienced trauma and are now using their fetish to cope.

Some interesting facts about preggophilia

We often become overprotective of pregnant women when we see them. We give our seats on buses, let them cut lines and rush to their aid as if we’re fragile crystals.

As you know, however, not everyone feels the warmth and protection of a mother-to-be.

Some people see the upturned belly button and bulging womb as attractive, while others consider the larger milk-carrying breasts and plump child-carrying frames to be something to fall in love with.

Does this sound strange? This is how people who have a pregnancy fetish view pregnant women.

These are just a few more things that you should know.

1. Pregnancy fetish does not only involve sex with pregnant women

Pregnancy fetishism doesn’t just involve lusting after a baby bump or wanting to be loved by it. It also involves the idea of having a pregnancy.

They also get triggered by things like maternity clothes, positive pregnancy tests and breast pumps.

2. Some people are shocked by the reality of pregnancy porn.

People can fantasize about pregnancies, and there will be porno content on both paid and non-paid porn sites such as Even though it looks like a lot of fakery and prosthetics it is a group of female performers who are pregnant.

Some adult performers specialize in this niche and get paid more due to their physical condition.

Special precautions are taken to ensure safety during pregnancy.

3. Role-play fantasies for pregnant women

Sometimes, porn is not enough. Sometimes, they need to be creative in fulfilling their fantasies. Pregno role-play can be as simple as it sounds.

Fake bellies, fake maternity clothes, and pretending to be pregnant all contribute to the fantasy.

4. Pregnophilia is not paedophilia

Many believe that preggophilia is a form of attraction between men and pregnant women. This is false.

The following components of pregnancy can make a woman savage: taboos and lactation. It doesn’t depend on the baby growing within her.

5. You can control the process if you don’t wish to be made to.

There’s nothing wrong with posting pictures or videos about your pregnancy on Instagram or Facebook. But make sure your profiles are secure.

Your profiles should be made public if you don’t mind who sees them. If you don’t want your photos used for preggophilia then you can make your profiles private.

6. Respectful Preggophilia

Preggophilia is not based on the notion that pregnant women are evil or dirty. It’s the exact opposite. Preggophilia is a way of showing respect for pregnant women.

They are fascinated by the idea of pregnancy, the strength and beauty of a woman’s body, as well as the idea of the human body changing. Preggophilia is something that pregnant women can accept. Preggophilia doesn’t have to be negative.

7. It’s not just for men

Preggophilia may seem like something that is only for men, but it’s not. Preggophilia can be enjoyed by women as well.

Remember that stimulation and sexual attraction are very individual and can be different for each person. It’s not just for men. Although the preggophilia community for females isn’t as big, it still exists.

Some women feel sexy about their pregnancy. Women experience constant bodily changes throughout pregnancy. One of these is extreme sexual arousal.

Some women have the most intense orgasms when they are pregnant. This can make pregnancy very attractive to them.

Preggophilia | The Pregnancy Fetish Most Moms To Be Have No Idea About

What can I do?

It doesn’t matter if your partner has a pregnancy obsession, or you have one yourself. You can still incorporate it into your sex life. These are some of the things you can do.

1. Talk to your partner about it

This is the first step. Talk to your partner about preggophilia and have an honest, open conversation. Both of you will be fine with it. Talk about it and you can work together to create a bedroom you both love.

2. Role play/dirty talking

There are many ways to make the pregnancy fetish part of your sex life. You can each pretend to be pregnant. You can also indulge in an impending pregnancy fantasy together.

Discuss your ideas with your partner and create scenes that work for you both.

Possibilities of having a pregnancy obsession fetish

There are always problems with having a pregnancy obsession. These are some things you should consider.

1. Unwanted pregnancy

Be aware that getting pregnant can be dangerous if you are tempted by impotence. The decision to have a child will impact your life for the rest. You need to keep your fetish in check and be responsible for birth control.

2. It’s not enough to have hundreds of children.

It is biologically possible to have many children. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to. Fathers must be there for their children as role models, leaders, and loving parents. Each child deserves it.

If you are married, you cannot get your wife pregnant for your pleasure. Your body is not responsible for carrying the child.

3. you may be misunderstood

Unfortunately, sexual fetishes are still stigmatized. While some are more common than others, someone might find out about your magazine clippings featuring pregnant celebrities. You might misunderstand.

What does this fetish look like?

This fetish is a subversion of public perceptions about pregnancy. It falls under the category of “uncomfortably strange to share with a colleague but still forgivable in the end.”

Pregnancy fetishism, when compared to other human fetishes (some of which can cause bodily harm or land you on an FBI watch list), is relatively benign.

You now have all the information you need about preggophilia. While pregnancy is an amazing part of life, some people find it to be a very sexual experience.