Mistakes wives make

In marriage, there are so many mistakes wives make in marriage which can lead to separation and other misconduct in marriage. Those mistakes are what we are about to write on, so read carefully and understand.


Most mistakes wives make in marriage.


Too much of assuming-.

They assume too without thinking the possibility of the incidence.

For instance. Your husband may forget his phone on a place or maybe too Occupied to noticed your calls, but due to the assume stuff in women, you may think that your husband is enjoying himself somewhere else without caring about you. Immediately you will start acting without trying to consider any circumstances that may caused that.

Again, your husband may come back from work and refuse to eat your food, you will immediately assumed that he has eaten outside or there is a side chick without trying to find out what the problem may be. Do not be the type that assumes things easily without reasoning very well.


Ends Communication easily.

Most wives show their anger by stopping communication with their husbands, not minding that communication brings two hearts together.

For instance, your husband may do something wrong to you, yes it’s is good to get angry and do some shakara for him, but for you to end every communication you have with him is very bad. That character pushes them outside in the name of seeking for advices they may end up being mislead by their friends. You as a wife, you shouldn’t end your communication with your husband for any reason. Instead, find another alternative of showing your anger.


Depriving him of physical intimacy.

Some women think that the best way to punish their husbands is by denying them their right of making love with you. No” you shouldn’t deprive him of having sex with you, physical intimacy in marriage is a bound that bonds you both together both spiritually and mentally and physically. Physical intimacy is very important in marriage and you should not ever try to deprive your husband that right at all.


As a wife you are expected to respect your husband’s judgment. Don’t constantly question his decisions. Respect his abilities. Give him a chance to fix the sink before calling a plumber. Let him know that you are under him not otherwise. Be a woman that you are so that he shall be a man that he is. Never you expect him to be under your control, instead, if you want to initiate your order, try to do it appropriately and with his concept. Always be submissive.

Unable to put your husband first.

You should know that your husband should be your number one priority; you should put him first before anything. Let him understand that he is your world and you both can make impossibility to be possible in your marriage with Love and one heart. No matter what you may see outside, you shouldn’t forget that your husband is your number one fan and greatest fan too.

Not trusting their hubby.

A family that lives In trust live to eternity. As a wife, you should trust your husband For Without it, you will never feel secure in your marriage.  And, your husband will never feel like he is worthy of your trust. If your trust has been broken by your husband, he will need to earn it back. Allow him to take the necessary steps to restore it. A marriage without trust is built not on a rock but on the sand.

These are the mistakes wives make in their various homes, so we believed that you can be able to tell what you have just learnt now. Drop your comments in the comments box if you have any.