Love Your Spouse Now or Never

Love Your Spouse Now or Never

I have always wanted to tell all couples this, for them all to read and understand that in life every day you find yourself in the world is an opportunity given to you by God or Nature, why not make use of this opportunity with much happiness and joy, because no one knows tomorrow, so I advice to leave in peace and happiness with your spouse and family, because the only time we all have is that space or little opportunity we are given every day to live, so why then will you try to use that opportunity as time of hate, why did you only want to keep bad memories, why not try to keep a good memories your spouse and family will always remember.

I beg you today to try to understand that nothing worth more or there is nothing more than a minute of joy and happiness, no matter what your spouse do to you always try to forgive and forget, always remember that if there is no sin there won’t be forgiveness, don’t try to fill your heart with wickedness and hate but try to feel your heart with love and happiness, remember that we all are human and due to that you and your partner must have issues, you must quarrel, and you must not agree at all time.

But never you allow that to last long, never you hate your spouse and love, that you promise to live with, for better, for worst, never you change who you are due to that, never allow that to make you to stop loving your partner, remember that every family on this earth have one or two issues always with their own partner but what makes husband and wife one is the ability to still stand and love each other no matter what happen, try to allow love, forgiveness, endurance and patience reign in you and in your marriage never allow that heart of your partner who care and love you to always live in tears and pains.

Remember that marriage is an agreement and union that I between a man and woman, this agreement is the reason why husband and wife left their both families just to be with each other, and now that you are living together why not love your partner and family as the only people you have in your life, why not show them all the love, care, concern and protections that you have, remember if you die today without keeping a good memory now in your partner and family, you will forever be remember as a horrible dad or mum, look at the face or your spouse and understand that no matter what happen you must have a true love and care to your spouse, you must never allow your spouse to be insulted.

Remember time is the only thing we all don’t have and can never go back to time, once the time is spent you can never get it back again, so don’t wait till you have all the time in this world before you consider spending time with your partner, don’t be deceive by those women or men out there, always look at your partner as the best and most beautiful or handsome among all the people you meet out there, remember that it is said that love is blind, so why then will you bother to see, look or to compare them with the angel, beauty or damsel that was given to you as a gift.

What crime or no matter the level of crime your partner committed, don’t use that to insult him or her in public, for is never  mistake that your spouse do, try to always forgive and correct your spouse, never allow your quarrel or any issues you both have is to be carry along the next day but rather try to settle or issue, even if you now hate your partner or never love him again, try to overcome it for there must be a reason why you both are join together, try to understand that and go back to your love and fix all issues you have with your partner for time is what we don’t have now, and for you to make the little time you have meaningful is to value it and keep more good memories in your life, your spouse life and your children life too, so go now and keep that good memories for time is what we all don’t have.

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