List Of 50+ Motivating Words Of Encouragement For A Man You Love During Hard Times

Like relationships, life is a mix of highs and lowers. Even the most difficult times can be made easier when you have a strong support system. The essence of any relationship is to stay together no matter what. Encouragement for a man that you love will be his guide through the darkest days.

Here is a list of words of encouragement to encourage your boyfriend in difficult times. Imagine whispering some words of encouragement and love as you hug your boyfriend. This kind of care can go a long way. These supportive quotes can be sent via text, spoken in person or written in a note.

Why Men Need to be Encouraged

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Men have feelings, just like us. It’s normal for men to feel down and demotivated at times.

  • Men are conditioned to not express their emotions because of the social stigma associated with it. The social pressure to ‘ man up’ makes their situation worse.
  • You can encourage him by sending a simple text.
  • There could be many factors that are affecting his mental health. Obstacles, difficulties in relationships, obstacles in his career and insurmountable insecurities can all contribute to his low self-esteem.
  • Even though he may appear confident, he is still vulnerable to difficult situations and emotions.
  • When you encourage your partner, he will feel loved, trusted and respected.
  • Your words of encouragement can encourage your boyfriend to overcome his anxiety during difficult times at work.

In times of hardship, you can encourage your man with these 55 motivating words.

It is not necessary to wage war on the world to boost your man’s morale. Your words of encouragement, love and affection are enough to boost his spirit and calm his heartache. Use them wisely to encourage your man.

We understand. You may find yourself speechless when you are overwhelmed by emotions in difficult times. You may be left wondering how you can encourage a man through words. Here are some suggestions:

List Of 50+ Motivating Words Of Encouragement For A Man You Love During Hard Times

Positive Texts for Boyfriend

Sending him a small text throughout the day can make him smile. Send him these small texts to make him smile instantly and remind him of you.

1. Through my highs and lows, you’ve always been by my side. I hope you’ll let me be there also for you. I am always there for you. You can count on me.

You don’t need to be overly wordy to make a good impression. It is more comforting and impactful to send a message that you have written from the heart.

2. Whatever you’re facing today isn’t as difficult as you think.

Sending motivational messages to your man can help him be more determined to face the challenges of life.

3. Your comebacks will be more powerful than any setbacks. Honey, I believe in you!

You can leave a small message of encouragement for him in his voicemail or send it to him via text on a busy day.

4. This is something you can do, my boy. You can do it! We want you to succeed!

Text your boyfriend these words of encouragement during difficult times. He will be more motivated and focused on his work, knowing that others believe in him and want his success.

5. Please remember that these times are only temporary. I love you

Text him this message. You can also write this on a note and put it in his journal or book to remind him that it will pass.

6. I may not understand your pain, but I know it won’t last tomorrow

Send him a message that will make him look forward to the future.

7. You are the best. You are the best. I am blessed to be in your life.

You can make your partner fall in love again and again with a random text message.

8. You’ll always find a glimmer through the dark days.

Encourage your boyfriend, even when he is facing negative situations, to find the positive.

9. You are a source of happiness to many people, so keep up your dedication and hard work!

A compliment that can make someone feel appreciated is to tell them they are the reason you’re happy. Check out our list to see how you can make your man feel loved and appreciated.

10. Let go of the past, Babe. Tomorrow will bring new opportunities.

He may have been through a lot, but he will soon be rewarded with better things.

11. You are more capable than you realize.

In the face of challenges, it is normal to doubt yourself and engage in self-sabotaging behaviours. It is your responsibility as his partner to encourage him to explore uncharted territory.

12. The tough times won’t last forever. You are a tough person.

Encourage him to overcome his insecurities and anxieties by reminding him of their strengths. Encourage him to overcome insecurities.

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Comforting texts for him after losing his job

The sudden and unexpected loss of a job is a major setback. The feelings of self-doubt, helplessness, self-deprecation, and desperation can be overwhelming. You can reassure your boyfriend by using the right words.

13. Babe, I understand that you will be facing a tough time. Trust me, I do believe in you. Keep going and don’t give up.

Are you wondering how to encourage your man if he is having a difficult time at work? You need to comfort your boyfriend after he loses his job. Remind him that it will pass.

14. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. You have proven your mettle and fought against all odds. You’ve got what it takes for a champion

A job loss can be an emotionally draining experience that leaves you at a crossroads. Encourage your boyfriend to stay positive whenever he is feeling down.

15. The challenges in your life are only stepping stones. You are on the path to abundance

Daisy, a librarian of 35 years from Chicago, says, “When Rob lost his job suddenly, he was completely broken. A sudden bolt of lightning hit him. I used to make notes and bookmarks out of inspirational quotes for my partner and leave them in random locations for him to find.”

16. Don’t fear obstacles, hun. You gain strength with each obstacle that comes your way. Strength to push yourself further and achieve new goals

These words can help him to see the world from a new perspective.

17. You are incredible at all that you do, my love. Your achievements make me proud and I couldn’t ask for more.

Encourage your boyfriend to feel loved and confident during difficult times at work by using words of encouragement.

18. My love, the fighter that you are will win. I believe in your hard work and you.

These words can help him to believe in themselves and work harder.

19. Do you believe you can navigate this situation?

You may know that your partner is capable but does he also know this about himself?

20. I love you for who you are, not what you do for us. I will be there for you no matter what you do.

These words can assure your man that you love him and are always there for him. They will also reassure him of your loyalty and comforting presence.

21. You already have everything you need to reach your goals. Keep going and you will see everything fall into place.

All of us go through times in life when our patience and courage are tested. A gentle push can help keep the boat of faith afloat.

22. Remember what you’ve been through every time you find yourself stuck. Your grit, determination and hard work have brought you so far. I’m sure that you will achieve even more. You can do it

Positive words can help a man to reflect and redefine his strengths. Your boyfriend will gain perspective by looking back on past accomplishments.

23. I’m grateful for all your hard work and know just how much you have been working.

Showing your appreciation for the efforts of your boyfriend is the least you can do. Let him know you appreciate and acknowledge all that he has done.

24. Never give up your dreams or aspirations. You are who you’re made of by your dreams and aspirations.

Encourage your boyfriend to get up when he is feeling down and discouraged. A gentle push will do.

25. You can achieve anything if you put your mind to something. You will succeed. I am confident.

This encouragement to a man that you love shows your unwavering faith in his abilities.

26. They are the ones who underestimate your strength. They don’t know how strong you can be when you bounce back.

There are people in our lives who try to bring us down. Inspirational messages can help him maintain a positive attitude despite the criticism.

27. It’s okay for you to be sad about losing your job. You don’t need to be strong at all times

Everyone goes through tough times, but not everyone is equipped with the courage and strength to endure the pain.

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Comforting texts for boyfriends at the loss of a parent

Losing a parent is a painful experience. You can offer your boyfriend a shoulder for him to cry on. Listen to his problems and comfort him by being there.

28. I wish I could take away your pain. You can always count on me to be there for you.

You might not be sure what to say when your man is grieving the loss of someone close. You can be there to support him when he needs it.

29. I know how difficult it can be to deal with such a difficult time in your life. Do you want me to help you find a grief counsellor?

Even the smallest help can be a big deal for someone who struggles to cope with overwhelming emotions.

30. We’re all in this together. We are in this together.

Together you can overcome any obstacle.

31. You ‘will get up’ and start moving. Please take as much time as you need

Frank, a New Orleans reader, says, “Drake had been depressed and unmotivated ever since he’d lost his mother.” I would send him uplifting messages every day. It brought us closer together.”

32. Please do this one day at a time. I’ll take care of you.

Your lover will appreciate your encouragement, as well as any acts of kindness you do for him, such as checking that he is eating and hydrating properly, or that his fridge is stocked.

33. Hun, you can say whatever you like.

In a relationship, communication is key. Listening to someone who is grieving can provide a lot of comfort.

34. You mean everything to me, Babe. I am so saddened to see your pain. I know how difficult it is for you to live every day. I’m here

After a while, grief is often not acknowledged. Give your boyfriend space to be himself so he won’t feel like he has to act strong all the time.

35. Honey, I’m not going to lie to you. It will hurt. You will feel the pain and grief for a while, but it will eventually ease.

One of the best messages to encourage your boyfriend after he has suffered a loss.

36. I love you, and I am right there with you. What can I do to help you?

It is often the simple act of sincerely wanting to help that relieves mental and emotional stress. This is particularly useful if the person needs assistance with funeral planning.

37. It’s okay for you to cry, Babe. Do not hold back your emotions

When both partners communicate their emotions and feelings to each other, a relationship blossoms. Tell him that it’s okay to be sad and that you can confide in him.

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If your boyfriend is unmotivated and depressed, you can send him uplifting texts.

You can motivate him by using these words of encouragement.

38. You are enough, honey. I love you just the way you are. You are a blessing in my life. I cannot imagine living without you.

Love is the most powerful weapon against all odds.

39. Please, Hun, could you help me out with your idea on this? Your fresh perspectives always get me thinking. You do a great job of processing everything.

Sometimes, a casual discussion is all it takes to restore your faith in yourself. This will also make him feel valued and heard.

40. You make life a lot more enjoyable. How I would love to have you with me for the rest of my life!

Encourage your boyfriend in difficult times by reminding him of his importance in your life.

41. You are braver, stronger, and more intelligent than you realize.

Quotes from well-known personalities like A.A. Milne can help him reaffirm their belief in themselves.

42. Your willpower is amazing. I am so proud of the way you handled this situation despite your mental health. You are a wonderful partner.

Perfect words to encourage your boyfriend in hard times. Give him a feeling of self-sufficiency.

43. It’s difficult when things don’t turn out as expected. Isn’t this what life is about? Take it as it comes and do our best to get through everything that life throws at us. Don’t forget to enjoy your sexy and stunning partner at every turn!

It is not necessary to be serious when sending him supportive texts. Add a little humour to make your man smile.

44. Sorry you are going through this. Can I help you?

Remind him that you are there for him if he is suffering from depression. A simple question like this one can encourage him to open up and talk.

45. You are one of the most strong people I know. You will overcome this situation

These words of encouragement can help him to remember his strengths.

46. Never give up on your dreams. You are good at many things, but not all.

These words of encouragement can help you and your man build a productive future.

47. You’re safe with me, my love. I won’t ever let you fall. I will hold your hand throughout the whole process.

Your boyfriend can overcome all difficulties with your constant support and unwavering faith.

48. I trust that you will be strong, and brave enough to handle everything by yourself. You know I’m here if you ever need me.

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. You can help him by reminding him that you’re there to handle things.

49. You are prepared and ready. You can do it!

A powerful affirmation to inspire your boyfriend and boost his confidence.

50. No one is perfect, Babe. All of us have flaws and make mistakes. The same mistakes shape and mould us. Your past was a great experience for you to learn from and I’m proud of the person you are today.

Do not let his past bring your boyfriend down. Use these words to encourage the man you care about and boost his morale.

51. You have my full support, even though I don’t know everything that you do professionally. My darling, you are deeply loved and cared about. I want to see you succeed in all that you do.

This small note will make your man feel appreciated for his hard work and efforts.

52. It’s okay to be overwhelmed. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Hang on to the hope that better times are coming.

Men also have feelings. All they require is acknowledgement, respect and support.

53. You are amazing! I wanted to say thank you. You are the most amazing person I know.

When it comes to encouraging your boyfriend, a simple “thank you” message can do wonders.

54. Do not listen to irrelevant remarks from others. Keep your focus until the very end, and you’ll achieve your goals.

Encourage him to focus on positive aspects rather than negative criticism.

55. Sit with him and hold his hand

It’s okay to not have much to say to motivate your boyfriend. Your support and presence will be enough to motivate your boyfriend.

We are confident that you will have many ideas on how to help your boyfriend. We would like to say that ‘you,’ is the most important thing. You are the only thing your man will need in difficult times. Your unwavering support, whether you say it or not will be a great asset to him.

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