List Of 40 Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text

Truth or Dare is one of the most naughty games you can play.

It is best to have a group of people, but you can play it with two. It’s a great game to play with your man because of its seductive nature.

It doesn’t matter if you are there in person. It’s more fun to play over text and know that someone out there is thinking of you and longing for your company.

You don’t know what to do to make him want to be your friend? We’ve got you covered.

This list contains over 40 things that a man can do to him over text. However, we did include questions for him to ask.


List Of 40 Dirty Things to Dare A Guy Over Text

Here are some ground rules for texting

You should plan when you will send these dares to him.

Many people fantasize about working dirty, but this is often illogical.

You can make it easier for both of you by planning a time when you have your privacy. You’ll be able to play for hours without interruption.

We recommend that you do this at night before going to bed. We think it may be difficult for you both to fall asleep after completing some of our dares.

Think about the type of relationship that you have.

Do not forget to look at the context.

It might seem too soon to move from 0 to 100 in a game of truth or dare if you have just met the man. If you are looking to establish a solid and serious relationship with him, this is even more true.

Because he will be convinced by your sexual conversations that you are interested in sex. While he may end up being fine with it, there is a possibility that he won’t.

This kind of dare session is best done with a partner or someone who’s just interested in casual flirting.

It is extremely important to communicate via text. You will need to go above and beyond to make him want you. Understanding what men want is key to this success.

List Of 40 Dirty Things to Dare A Guy Over Text

Dirty Things to Dare A Guy To Do With Text

Our list will be divided into two categories: dares with video or photo evidence (for your viewing pleasure), and dirty questions that you can ask him.

This will allow you to see the result of your dare or question, regardless of which one you choose.

Video or Pictures of him

Let him strip-tease you.

As often as men, women can be visual people. You can challenge him to give you a virtual strip tease to stimulate your visual senses uniquely.

Ask him to send you a photo of him wearing his favourite underclothes.

You can ask him to take a photo of himself in his underwear if he isn’t ready for something more intense like a striptease. If he is being a bit sexy, compliment his body or take a look at this photo.

You can help him build confidence and guide him in the right direction to have more fun. It’s still early in the night.

Ask him to send you a short video in which he describes out loud what he would like to do for you.

It’s one thing for you to send a detailed and lengthy sext. But it’s quite another to say what you wrote out loud. It will be amazing to see his expression as he speaks out all the things he wants.

You will be able to see every blush, smile, lip bite, and nervous laugh.

Ask him for his most sexy dance moves.

It’s both entertaining and enticing. You can watch him dance if he is a skilled dancer.

It will be hilarious to see him trying, even if he isn’t a great dancer. If he is willing to try, it could be a great way to see his sense of humour.

Do you know how sensually you can eat foods such as a banana? You can do the same for him with something you can lick.

It all comes down to the title. Consider foods that will show him what he can do to his tongue. For example, a spoonful of peanut butter, pudding, and yoghurt.

His technique will be demonstrated to you from the front row. You can also save the video to enjoy later.

Ask him to sing you a dirty tune.

You can have him record you singing a song with great lyrics. He can also pick. You decide.

It would be fun for him to pick the sexiest song, as it will allow you to see his interests and listen to the same songs.

Are shower pictures possible? Yes, please!

We don’t recommend that you bring your phone into the shower for obvious reasons. However, it’s just sexier to see a wet man. So he could send you a photo of him after he’s finished with the shower.

He might also want to take a hot bath for obvious reasons.

Ask him to show you a glimpse of his work without showing you.

We know what we are referring to. His good photos can sometimes be boring. Men aren’t usually creative with them.

This challenge forces us to be creative. You can see his pants and snap a photo of his over-the-covers picture. Or, you can take a photo of him wearing his underwear.

He’ll need to take a step back and think about his choices.

Encourage his confidence by asking him to send you an image of his favourite physical attribute.

It is not going to be necessarily dirty, but it could be. You will discover what he enjoys most about yourself.

It deserves some praise. He will likely enjoy compliments as much as you do and it will encourage him more pride in himself.

Take a recording of how he sounds when he is in the mood.

Videos of him engaging in self-care may be more than photos of his products. Recording his face and the way he sounds is a good idea.

That’s different. A guy who doesn’t feel the need to be completely silent in the bedroom is unmistakably sexy.

Are you feeling bolder? Ask him to show it to you.

Tell him that you are looking for more than the sound of him. Ask him to take a video.

This trick is especially useful for long-distance relationships. Send him a video and return the favour.

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Send a complete-body photo of him.

There is nothing more satisfying than watching your loved one completely. If he can do it, ask him to take a full-body photo of himself in front of a mirror. He should be wearing only his birthday suit.

Ask him to send you a naked picture taken anywhere…except in his bathroom or bedroom.

It may not seem as important if he lives by himself, but it could be a big deal if there are roommates.

The stakes are even higher. He will need to rush to capture the image, and the risk of being caught in the middle of the action could make it very stressful.

Request a shirtless photo from him.

This is a relatively simple task in comparison to some of the other items on this list. This is a great start if you have a reserved man.

A shirtless man is just so attractive. It’s also something you can easily do for them.

Ask him to send you a video of him touching his nose with his tongue.

Although it may seem silly, we are not surprised. You’ll see how flexible and long his tongue is, and it’s a welcome break from your routine.

You might also get some laughs and smiles, which is always a good thing.

Ask him to show you a photo of his most “seduction” face.

This could get a bit silly depending on what kind of expression he chooses to use. Even if it only makes you laugh a little bit, there is nothing wrong with that.

It’s possible to have a lot of fun with sex if the partners don’t take themselves too seriously.

Have him record his worst pick-up lines.

Here, you’ll be able to see his face once again. He might even make you laugh.

You can make it funny! You can make it funny by adding a twist. For example, he must tell you something in an accent.

Now, just sit back and watch as he struggles.

Ask him to show you the rooms in his house where he would sleep with you.

You don’t have to be in your bedroom for naughty fun. There are many other rooms in your house.

This is both a challenge to his creativity and if he has roommates, a thrilling risk.


Ask him to take a picture of himself in bed.

It is easy to ask him to take a picture in his bed. It could be taken in many directions.

You’ll at the very minimum get a cute photo of him.

Is there a particular body part you love? Ask him to take a photo of it.

Are you sure he is a big butt? Now is the right time to tell him.

You will have the chance to compliment him on the things that you love most about him.

What is he wearing to bed?

You should now find out the type of bedclothes he uses if you haven’t yet shared one with him. It might be a simple t-shirt with holes, but it could be something more special for your eyes.

Ask him to send you an image of something he would like to do right now.

You can find inspiration anywhere you are online. If words don’t suffice, or you are a visual person and need to see the whole picture, he can help you find it.

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Asking the Unscrupulous Questions

Ask him about his wildest.

Many people harbour fantasies that they are embarrassed to share with others. Now is the time to let them out.

Ask him about his secret fantasies. Perhaps you could help him realize it one day…

Get dirty compliments.

Ask him to share his top three favourite parts of your body. You can up the ante by asking him to tell you why each part of your body is his favourite or what he would do to each one.

You can use them to your advantage in the future by figuring out how they fit into your fantasies. You’ll be astonished at how many things you can recall.

Has he ever played in public?

Although it is rude to ask about ex-exes, you can still ask him questions about his past, as long as you don’t make too much of them or get jealous.

What are you going to get from it? It could be a great story.

Who knows? Perhaps you’ll be able to share it with him in the future.

Have you ever had sexy dreams?

Ask him to tell you if he has ever had bad dreams about you, no matter how bizarre.

You might be more naughty if you had them before you began seeing each other. Keep them in your mind and make a note to be acted out later (within reason).

It is possible that he could not imagine undressing you while riding on an elephant’s back.

Which part of the female body is his favourite?

His answers to your questions about your body might be different. He might be drawn to a particular feature, but he may also find it striking.

Asking him what he loves is a way to discover what you are most attracted to and what drives him crazy with desire.

Who was his first sexy crush?

There is a big difference between a childhood crush on someone and someone who makes you feel all hot and bothered. You’ll probably be asking him about his second one.

You’ll feel the difference between a film character, a singer or an athlete.

Who do you think is the hottest celebrity right now?

This question can be followed up on the previous one. You might want to avoid jealousy and insecurity if you are prone to it. But, we think it can be fun.

It gives you an idea of his true interests.

In what do you think you look the sexiest?

Ladies, take note. This is a great time to ask him what looks best on your body.

Have you ever dreamed of him?

Then, ask him about his daydreams. Even our most vivid and darkest fantasies can differ from what we see in our daydreams.

You might also find something else to do.

He could take a picture of your doing something right now.

In a game where truth or dare is the only option, asking questions can leave you feeling like you are just watching. These questions, however, make you more involved.

If he says so, you can snap the photo and send it back to him if you are at a stage in your relationship where you feel comfortable with it.

If he could take a photo of you in any outfit right now, what would that be?

You might be asked for a nude by him. You can do it if you feel comfortable.

Send him photos of yourself in the most elegant clothing you have on, or else.

Did he have sex outside before?

Sometimes you just can’t keep your hands off of yourself. It didn’t matter if he was hiking, camping, or sleeping under the stars, this could be a great question to ask him.

What is something he finds so sexy?

Some guys don’t like to be sexy. You might be admired by someone he doesn’t know.

You’ll likely find that he is attracted to something other than what you might expect. This will be something you can show him the next time you meet.

Which pyjamas do you think are the most popular?

Another thing to keep in mind. He could tell you “nothing”, but he could also tell you that he would prefer you wear one of his t-shirts when you go to bed.

What do you think are the hottest clothes out of all non-sexy clothes?

He is forced to think outside of the box by this question. When asked about sexy clothes, most guys will answer with short skirts or tight dresses.

He’ll need to stop and think about it. You could also consider incorporating the clothes into your next date outfit.

Did he ever eat in his bedroom?

Does he have a sweet tooth? It could be fascinating to see if he has ever brought his sweet cravings into bed… and how he used them.

Are you currently sleeping with him? Find out what you are best at.

Ask him what you enjoy most about intimate time with your partner. You’re likely to already know what he’s talking about, or you have inferred from his sounds. But if you are still unsure, you can play a game of truth and dare.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened in his bedroom?

You might not ask him this question if he is reserved or insecure. If he isn’t, this is the perfect opportunity to let you know that he has a great sense of humour.

This could be an opportunity for him to demonstrate his storytelling skills.

Is he a toy lover? (Or do you think he has any toys now?) )

There are many toys that women can use to have fun. You might be able to borrow his toys or give them to you.

Why not?

Stimulate his Mind, Heart, & Body

It is no secret that men love being stimulated physically.

It’s not the only method to keep him focused on you. If it is, he will quickly tire of you.

Texts can be used to reach his mind and heart as well as his body, believe it or not.