List Of 32 Fun & Flirty Games To Play Over Text & Connect With Friends

To play with friends, you don’t even need to download apps! You don’t even have to be with your friends to have fun. These flirty and fun games can be played over text!

Are you missing your friends, but are unable to meet them due to your conflicts? You want to meet up with your friends, but they are miles apart. You don’t have to be far from each other, as you can play the best flirty and fun games over text and still connect with your friends. You can even flirt with your crush! You can also keep in touch with your friends and family!

You can still have fun with your friends by playing the right type of texting game. You can also text your friends if you miss the good times of laughing with them.

Texting games can be fun while you commute, on the train, at work, or when you just need to relax. These flirty and fun games that you can play over text are a great way to keep in touch with your friends, but also to have fun and make things more fun.

There are many ways to entertain yourself when you’re stuck in the middle, whether it is waiting for an appointment or driving on a long road trip. These are the games you can play through text if you have a smartphone and someone else who is as bored as you.

Why not use text messages to make connections with someone rather than play games?

Why not? It’s a great way to spend time with friends and also bond with them. It can be a great way to stay in touch with a friend if it is a friend. If it’s your crush or someone you want to impress, there is nothing better than having fun with a text. If it’s your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can keep in touch and learn so much more about each other. You don’t have to make them feel like you are interrogating them.

It’s easy to feel closer to someone when you play games over text. You can see the difference firsthand by giving any of these games an attempt.

You’ll be amazed at how much fun and how close you feel to the person who’s texting you.

List Of 32 Fun & Flirty Games To Play Over Text & Connect With Friends

These are the best flirty and fun games you can play with your friends over text

The good news? It’s true, just like someone once said that “only boring people are bored.” These are the best games you can play over text and still have tons of fun.

1. 20 Questions

20 Questions can be a fun game. It is especially great for boring afternoons. Send a friend a text to let them know you’re thinking about something and give them 20 questions.

Don’t tell your friend what it is. Your friend will then ask you questions. You’ll be asked to answer them with either a “yes” (or a “no”) only. They only ask questions that are yes or no. They win if they can figure out what you have thought in 20 questions.

They win a point if they win. You win a point if they don’t correctly guess the word in 20 questions. Next, you will guess their word. This could continue until the winner with the most points.

2. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare was once a popular game, best enjoyed with a small group of friends late at night. It’s now a flirty and fun game that can be played over text. Why? Texting with your partner makes you feel more confident and less anxious. In no time, texting can take away all awkwardness.

Send a text to your crush or friend and ask them the “truth” or “dare”. If they choose the truth, it will give you something to discuss and make you feel closer. If they choose a dare they will need to either videotape or take a photo to show you. Then, they will ask you to tell the truth or dare.

3. Would You Like to?

You can play “Would You Rather” with one or more of your friends or with your crush. It’s a simple texting game that is fun, flirty, and sometimes, naughty. If you are just starting to date, this is a great game to play over text. Knowing which situation they prefer can reveal a lot about someone.

You ask the other person questions like “Would it be better to go on vacation or receive a bonus at your job?” Or even ask them some dirty questions if you’re looking for someone to sext.

The more personal, disgusting, absurd, ridiculous, embarrassing or embarrassing the question, the better! You can ask each other questions. This is a fun way to meet up and share some laughs while having a good time.

4. Emoji Phrase Out

There are so many emojis available, why not just use them? Emojis can be used to make communicating with friends more difficult and enjoyable.

Use emojis or symbols to spell out a sentence in this texting game. It’s easier said than done. Sometimes, a couple of emojis can make sense but could mean something completely different to someone else. You’ll have a lot of fun trying to figure out each other’s emojis, and it will be hilarious!

5. In Character

Do you love a certain show on streaming? Do you have favourites from years or months ago? You can bring them back by pretending to be them through text. You can choose two characters from the show you know well and then role-play them in text conversations.

Text one another, saying the things these characters would say. This is one of those games that you can play over text and it doesn’t need to end right away. You can keep the same characters for the entire day, before switching to new characters the next day. This will give you both something to look forward to, as well as give you plenty of laughs and time to text each other.

6. Movie Lines

This texting game will be a lot of fun if you and your friend enjoy movies. One or more of your friends can challenge you to a conversation using only movie lines.

To make the game more fun, you can choose a category or theme. For example, you can text only movie lines from all Leonardo DiCaprio films or even only lines from musicals. This game can be played with one friend or in a group chat to have more fun.

7. Kiss, Marry, Kill

This classic game can be easily transformed into a texting game. Your friend will choose three people to kiss, marry or kill. These can be celebrities, friends, followers, real friends, or others.

It’s all about choosing the most bizarre combinations of options. You can make it even more fun by selecting friends or colleagues in your office.

7. The Name Game

Name games are great for group chats because they’re more enjoyable when you have more friends. Your friends and you decide on a category such as celebrities, countries, cities, foods, or animals.

One of you will then text a word from your chosen category. The friend who is not in your chosen category must text something that begins with the letter at the end of the word. The loser is the person who cannot send something in 30 seconds. The loser will either take you out to dinner or have a drink with you, or you can choose another category to keep the game moving.

8. How well do you know me?

Play this texting game with your best friend of 20 years, or someone you’re just starting to date. Ask them questions and vice versa. To find out how much you know each other.

9. Never Have I Ever

Although this is a fun drinking game, you could also make it a text-based game. You each take turns saying “never have …” followed by something that you’ve never done in your life. If your group chat friend has done this activity, they must respond with a naughty emoticon like the eggplant or peach bum emoticon.

To keep the texting game interesting, ask your friend about any naughty actions, especially if you suspect they have been done by a friend.

10. Build-A-Story

This is a great game for children. This can be taken up a level by texting with your mature, naughty flair for innuendo. You will each start by sending a phrase to your friend. Then you and your friends will work together on the phrase until you create an amazing story that will make everyone laugh in their little bubbles. You don’t have to be bothered by the curious stares of others around you.

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11. Abbreviations

It can be a lot of fun if you get to know your friend well.

You can ask your friend/s to shorten the things they are doing and then you can attempt to guess them. You can, for example, text “MDWWF” if you are cooking dinner while watching Friends. Then, your friends can try to guess the exact thing you’re doing. It’s a lot of fun when your friends try to guess outrageous (and sometimes even naughty) things.

12. What if?

This is a great game you can play on your commute to work or in the shower. It’s easy to get your friends involved by texting each other ” What if”scenarios and then waiting for their responses.

It’s more fun to have fun with unusual or absurd situations. This is a great way to get to know your friends and pick their brains.

13. What would you do?

This is a great way to get to know your friends and develop your imagination. This is a great way for friends to get to know one another or to just have fun texting.

Ask your friend what they would do in certain situations. You can also create your scenarios. Let your imagination run wild. You might be surprised at the answers of your friends if you ask them.

14. Do or Die

Do or die is a great game to play when you’re texting with friends. Each person takes turns naming someone they know or someone you don’t. Then, you can decide if you would do it or die. It would surprise you at the differences in your tastes. This forces you to think about what your thoughts would be if you were given a gun.

15. Check out My Lips

Take a picture or video of a phrase that you use often and turn off your phone. Ask a friend to help you figure out what it was that you said. You can either mouth something and send it as a video, or muffle it. The point is to try to understand what you are saying. If they succeed, they win.

16. Trivia

You don’t need cards to play trivia. Playing trivia with friends is great because you can ask them questions that are either facts about your life or about your personal life. Ask each other questions and see who is the wisest.

17. Complete the Blank

Fill-in-the-blank is a great way to pass the time. Send a text message containing a missing word or phrase. You can use MadLibs to fill in the sentence.

This game has two options: you can either play it sexually or funny, depending on your partner.

18. Vacation Spy

This text version of the “I spy” game is called “text variation”. You will need to choose an exotic location and give a hint about the tourist attraction. Based on the clue, your friend must guess which tourist attraction you are referring to. This is a fun game you can play over text, especially if your friend is a #travelohlicor and #igtraveller.

19. Rap or Rhyme

Although this is a basic texting game, it allows for creativity at a whole new level. Send a message to a friend. You must then send them a text with another line that rhymes. Then you must send them another line. Although it sounds easy, this requires a lot of creativity and talent.

20. Text Strip Poker

This is a fun game of texting, which you can play with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or crush. While the rules are the same, you will have to ask your crush questions about themselves. No, you don’t know my birth date. You can throw away a piece of clothing. As proof that you are fair playing, you can snap every piece of clothing you have discarded.

Remember to keep your face safe when sending any proof!

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21. Are We Really That Similar?

Choose a topic you would like to start with. You could choose to list your favourite foods. You each have 30 seconds to name your favourite foods. After that, you can send your messages to each other. You will be surprised at how many similar answers you get. You can quickly find out how similar your opinions are if you build a relationship.

22. Fake Definitions

Text your friend three words. Ask them to define the words in a matter of minutes and then send it back. You can then let them know whether you agree with their interpretations by texting back. Ask them to create three words and then send them back to you.

Although it may not be funny at the moment, you can play this game over text and give it 10 minutes. You will both be laughing so loud that you’ll laugh out loud. You’ll have your jokes, personal meanings, and gibberish that no one else understands. This is the best way to be closer to someone.

23. Unpopular Opinions

This is a topic that people don’t often talk about. That’s why it’s so great to play over text and get to know each other. You can pick any topic and have an unpopular opinion. “Mainstream travel destinations can be a waste of time, money and effort” “People who claim to be influencers aren’t very influential at all” or “I love pineapple on pizza!”

It doesn’t matter what your start with. Just text something that interests you and let your friend know. You can also share your unpopular opinion!

24. The Humming Game

This game can be very funny or quite amusing. The humming game is a great way to have fun and pass the time. You can hum a song (no words allowed) and then share it with a friend. They must guess the song’s name. Your friend might think you can hum very well but it could be that your friend is convinced it’s complete nonsense. If you want to have a lot of fun and break any awkwardness, this is the way to go.

25. Word Scramble

Do you remember the cube game you played as a child? You put all the lettered dice into a cup and stirred it. You then created your list from the letters. You can do the same with a texting game.

Give someone a word and they will have a set amount of time to combine all letters to make more words. It’s a great way to waste time. Use your “notes” app and make all the words, then share them. The winner is the one who has the most words.

26. Complete the Sentence

You can also encourage your friends and family to text you funny or naughty answers. Take turns sending incomplete sentences to your friends and then wait for their answers. Example: “If I was on a date with Tom Holland, I would skip dessert so that we could …” Finish the sentence for us.” It’ll be an amazing texting game that you all will enjoy!

27. I Have a Question

This is a fun texting game that requires some brains. You can only answer questions from each other once you start playing this game. You can’t ask the same question twice. Either you can continue with the incorrect answers or answer each other correctly using only questions.

28. Think Fast

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a word? Imagine if you only had five seconds to write your answer and hit send. What if you had just five seconds to type your answer and hit send? This texting game will allow you to communicate your most important answers in just a few words. You can take turns sending each other random words. The other person must quickly reply with the first thing they think of when they see it.

29. Fan Quiz

Do you share a love for a certain movie, a team of football players, or a beloved series like LOTR, Harry Potter, or any other popular film? This game can be used to strengthen your bond and to show who is more knowledgeable about a topic. Ask each other questions about something you’re passionate about and see who answers more!

30. Confessions Game

This game is very straightforward. You each have to confess something to one another in this game. The first one of you will start, while the other will share their confession immediately. Your secret confessions will be wilder and more exciting if you share them quickly.

31. The Compliments game

This is a great game to text friends and play if you are feeling down. Everyone must take turns complimenting one person per group. What is the best thing about your friend? You can share that compliment with your friend and then take turns. This could be broken down into sections such as appearance, personality, ability, and so forth. You can make the game last longer and give each other an honest boost of confidence!

32. The Help Each Other game

This is not a game that you can play just once to pass the time. It is best to keep this texting game going for at most 30 days. You can choose an area that you want to improve on, such as work, study, food habits, goals for the future, or household chores. You must share a photo every day with an update about something you’ve done about the mutual goals that you both have.

Although it may seem insignificant, you’ll be hooked up within a week and will help each other achieve their next goals. Is there a better way for you to bond with your partner and achieve success? We don’t believe so!

These are just a few of the many flirty, fun and creative games you can play with your friends over text to pass the time. These games can be as innocent or as sinister as you wish, but the real fun comes when everyone participates. Get out your phone and get ready to play these texting games.