List Of 20 Cute Ways To Ask A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend

You might be thinking of cute ways to ask your man to be your boyfriend.

There are many ways to ask him. You could write him a letter, ask him out on his birthday, or get your friend to do it.

It’s not common to ask a man out. In general, men are hunters. They enjoy following a woman they like until they become their girlfriend.

While they take great pride in the pursuit, some men lack the courage to pursue the women they desire.

You might be dating a guy you know for a while, or have a male friend who is interested in you, and he loves you but isn’t confident enough to ask you to become his girlfriend.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if you’re in a relationship or if he’s your boyfriend. It’s never too early to ask him to be your boyfriend. Here are twenty ways to ask him to be your boyfriend.

List Of 20 Cute Ways To Ask A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend

How to ask someone to be in a relationship

You’ve been in a relationship for some time and you believe he’s a good guy, but he hasn’t asked you out yet.

You are tired of waiting and have decided to ask him directly. Here are five methods to get it done:

  1. You must first make sure that he likes and respects you.
  2. Don’t ask during sex.
  3. Do not confess your unrequited love.
  4. Do not ask when you have been drinking.
  5. Don’t be too casual.

1. Be sure he likes you first

This doesn’t apply if you are dating the guy. He likes you, but he hasn’t asked for you to be his girlfriend.

If he is a male friend, it’s important to ensure he likes and respects you before you make a fool of yourselves.

It’s not a good idea to ask, but his body language will give you all the information you need. Pay attention to the following: Does he dilate his pupils or lick his lips when he talks to you?

This means that he thinks you are hot. Do you notice him standing with his legs spread out and his hands on his hips?

This is what body language experts refer to as the superman pose. It means that he wants you to be near his groin area. To see if he responds, you can flirt with him. Ask him if he likes your partner once you feel confident.

2. Do not ask during sex

When they are having sex, men don’t think straight. They’re in the moment and having fun. The last thing they want is to have a conversation.

Do you want to know if you should call him first, or if you should wait for him to call? Both can be discussed in our article.

He might also be so enthralled by your request that he will say yes even though he may not mean it.

Afterwards, he regrets the decision and thinks about it. You should wear your clothes if you want to have a conversation about the next step with the man you love.

3. Do not confess your undying love

Tell your guy you love them, but don’t be embarrassed. He’ll go a mile for it! Instead, be honest with your feelings and let them know that you are open to their opinions.

You have to ask. This could be one of the following. Either he’s trying to find out if you like him. He might not be interested in you.

If he doesn’t like you, don’t make a big deal about it. If he’s not showing any obvious signs, he will want you to tell him I love you first.

4. Do not ask when you’ve been drinking

Although it might seem like a smart idea, asking your lover out while you are drunk is not. People can do and say things that they would not normally do.

You want to ask a man to be your boyfriend. He may say yes but then regret it the next morning.

He could also say no and then regret it the next day. He’s either saying something he didn’t mean or it could lead to a short-lived romance or none at all.

5. Don’t be casual about it

Men do not like being pressured into a relationship. They prefer it to unfold naturally.

If he feels you, he will wait until the right time to let you know. He won’t ask you to marry him in most cases. Instead, he will try to keep it professional and not make you feel needy.

You can follow the same approach and still be casual. Do not say “I need to talk to you about something very important”. It will only worry him.

Then, when you start talking, I guarantee that he will say something like “Oh, is this it?” It was important to me.”

He’s not trying to take you seriously. It’s because the beginning of a relationship with a woman isn’t a big deal for him.

List Of 20 Cute Ways To Ask A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend

20 Creative Ways to Ask Your Boyfriend IRL To Be Your Boyfriend

It can be nerve-wracking and intimidating to ask someone to be your boyfriend. You may not feel the connection if you are just friends; if you are dating, you don’t know if he is interested in continuing. How can you tell a guy that you like them

These are twenty different ways to ask your boyfriend to be your friend:

1. Send Him A Handwritten Letter

Handwritten letters are a thoughtful way to express your love and support. People don’t usually write handwritten letters anymore.

Everything can be done online these days. Handwritten letters show that you care enough to express your feelings.

Looking for responses? When someone starts a conversation with You or What’s up, we create 34 responses that you can use.

2. Ask him out on your birthday

Depending on your proximity, he may take you out to celebrate your birthday or call you to wish you a happy one.

You can either say, “Does anyone know the best gift for a birthday?”

If he asks, “to have someone like you as a boyfriend”, he will either reply with “I can be your guy” or, if he doesn’t want to go further in your friendship, he will make an excuse and say “Oh no, you wouldn’t, I make a horrible boyfriend.”

3. Ask him out during a game of Truth or Dare

You should be alone during this conversation so that he doesn’t say something like “Can we discuss this later?”

The true question is “Will you be my boyfriend?”. If he refuses to answer, it will indicate that he doesn’t want the question answered. If he answers yes, then you are good to go.

4. Ask a friend to do it

Ask a friend to do it for you if you don’t feel like doing it.

Tell her to call him or to meet you and tell him that you like him and would love to ask him out on a date, but she’s too shy.

5. Just do it

Do not waste your time on unnecessary details. Just tell him the truth. You have two options: meet him in person or wait for your next date.

Wait until the right moment and then tell him. You’ll either hear him say yes or no.

List Of 20 Cute Ways To Ask A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend

6. Write Him A Poem

If you have poetry skills, writing a poem can be a cute way to tell your guy friend that you want him to become your boyfriend.

You can write about the reasons you like him from his looks and personality. He will be so happy at the end that he can’t help but say yes.

7. Send Him A Text Message

Text messages can be a great way to ask someone out. It takes out the awkwardness from the situation. You also have a clause to get out of the situation if he refuses.

It is possible to say “Oh, I thought you were talking to someone else.”

Begin a conversation and then casually ask the question to see what he has to say.

8. You Can Play A Song Over The Phone

You can find a song about women asking guys out on dates, or a girl asking for a man to be her boyfriend.

Tell him to call you and to listen to the song. He’ll probably ask why you asked him.

Then you can say, “Because I was too shy for you to ask me, so I thought that I’d ask (name of the singer) instead.”

9. Ask him to help you with something

Men love to help women. It makes them feel more manly. Ask him to do something strenuous around your house, such as mowing the lawn.

You can offer him a cold beverage and let him know how much you appreciate his help.

Pay attention to his energy. If it’s right ask him to be your boyfriend.

10. Ask him to ask you out

If he takes the hint, this one will work. Keep dropping subtle hints during a conversation that you want him to ask questions.

You can say things like “It would be cool if someone asked” or “I would love to be a girlfriend of a certain person.”

Be flirtatious, but not too much, to let him know you are talking about his.

11. Create a Treasure Hunt Game

Set up a treasure-hunting game during Easter and Halloween. Wrap the presents and ask him to be your boyfriend.

12. Give him a piece of gum

You can buy gum wrapped in wrappers. Once the wrappers are opened, remove the gum stick.

In each wrapper, write the question “Will you be my boyfriend?” and give him a piece of gum. The question will be revealed to him when he opens the wrapper.

13. Give him a journal

This one might take a while, but it is worth it. Take pictures of your date every time. Print them and keep them in a notebook.

Write about your date. Tell us how it went, what you thought, and how it made you feel. Write the question “Will you be my boyfriend?” after the tenth date.

List Of 20 Cute Ways To Ask A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend

14. Keep the pressure on

Do not do it unless you are certain he loves you. Otherwise, you will embarrass yourself before a lot of people. You should wait until an event, such as a friend’s birthday, is happening.

 Ask D.J. to take the mic at the party and be your boyfriend.

15. You can change your name on his phone

You can borrow his phone and send a message to your mom. You can send a message to your mom.

Change his name to “my girlfriend” and go to the bathroom. When he rings, say “Who is this?”

He asks you why your name is “my girlfriend” and you reply, “I don’t know, do I want to be?” You would have already guessed by now that you had changed your name while sending the text.

16. Make him a video

You can ask him in a video if you are too nervous to meet him face-to-face.

Many apps can make your video look adorable. You can send it to him and wait to see his response.

17. It’s okay to let it slip

You can call him your boyfriend during the conversation and watch how he reacts. You could say, “I was talking to my friend and she asked me who went to the cinema with. I replied that I went with my boyfriend.”

He’ll recognize you talking about him because he was the one you took to the cinema with.

18. Compliment Him First

Everybody loves to be praised, so compliment your guy friend before asking for your boyfriend. It will help him feel better about himself.

Do not compliment his looks, he has probably heard it many times before. Instead, speak about his personality.

Men are naturally protective of the women they love, so it’s a good idea to say, “I feel safe around your,” to boost his self-esteem and make him want you to be his boyfriend.

19. Invite Him To A Wedding

It’s a significant deal to invite someone to a wedding, as it is usually a couple of events.

You ask someone to go with you to a wedding. This is saying “I can picture myself being in a relationship”

If he’s willing to agree, you’re on your way. And if things are going well at the wedding, then ask him to be your boy.

20. Buy Him A Gift

You don’t need to buy him something out of the blue. Wait for his birthday or celebrate with him by buying him something like his passing his exams.

Wrap the gift in a box, and add a note to the top asking for your boyfriend.

He will first see the note when he opens the present. You should pay attention to what he does when he reads the note. It will reveal everything you need to know.

He’ll then either answer, “yes”, “no,” or “I’ll think about it.”

You can get out of embarrassment if he says “no”.

It was in the wrong place; it is embarrassing.” Continue as normal.

List Of 9 Flirty Texts To Get Him Chasing You

How to ask someone to be your boyfriend over text

It’s risky to ask someone to be your boyfriend via text because you don’t know his reaction.

It is possible to ask your friend to be your boyfriend by texting. Here are three options: Use humour, use appropriate language and wait for a congratulatory moment.

1. Try the Waters way

Ask him about his relationships when you speak to the guy you like via text. Do not make it appear that you are interrogating the guy.

Drop a comment now and again about your feelings about relationships to see how he responds.

You can go one step further if he replies positively to any of the comments. Ask him questions like “If you could take your girlfriend to see a movie, what film would you choose and why?”

Asking him a question like this will allow you to discuss how he treats his girlfriends. Ask him out if you feel it is the right time.

2. Humor is a great way to use humour

Use humour only if you are sure he finds it funny. Otherwise, it could backfire. Humour is always a good choice when discussing serious subjects.

If he refuses to talk to you, it could endanger your reputation. If he says no, you need to be able to look him in the eyes again.

It’s a great way to make a joke about it. If you don’t get the response that you want, you can just brush it off as a joke.

It could be something like “Are you hungry?” I just ordered take-out food for my boyfriend.

Would you be willing to help me prepare it?

3. Use Proper Language

In the digital age we live in, people no longer have normal conversations. Text messages are written in code and you will not understand the meaning of the conversation if you don’t know the lingo.

Even if you’re talking like that with your guy friend you need to make sure that you don’t take what you have said out of context. Use proper language to make sure you are on the same page.

4. Wait For A Congratulatory Moment

Because it is normal to compliment someone after they have achieved something notable, congratulatory moments can be a great way of asking someone out via text.

You can now say something casual, instead of being intimidated. “I am super proud of your accomplishments. You would like to be my boyfriend and add another achievement to your resume?

There are many reasons men don’t call women. Did you know that they don’t always have to be negative? Sometimes, a man DOES like you, even if they aren’t calling.

Last Thoughts

You now have twenty different ways to ask your man to be your boyfriend. It’s time for you to try some of these options.

You should look amazing so that he is captivated by your beauty and will say yes.

Remember to keep it cool. The desperate look is not cute. He needs to believe he is the luckiest man in the world to have you as his partner.

Be confident, but don’t be arrogant. You choose him, but you must be confident. Be prepared for rejection, because he might say no.

Sometimes it could be that he doesn’t like you, but that he isn’t ready to have a relationship.

Don’t let it get you down. Just move on. I wish you the best when you ask a man to be your boyfriend.