List Of 100 Popular French Boy Names With Meanings

France has been portrayed for a long time as a country that is renowned for its delicious food, delicious wine and love. Therefore, French boy names convey the feeling of elegance and romance as well as a certain Je is what you want to pass on to your little one.

To help you choose the most fitting French names for males, we’ve put together an alphabetical list of our top 100 French masculine names. We’ve also included some interesting nuggets of information to help to decide whether or not to exclude any from your short list of potential names.

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100 French Boy Names and Meanings for Boys

Here are some of our top French male names that can assist you in reducing the research you do for the name of your baby’s birth.

1. Achille

The origin of The Greek term Achilles The significance of Achille is unclear, however, it could mean pain.

At the turn of the twenty-first century, Achille had a cult following in France However, it was taken out of use by the 1960s. The name was rediscovered in the 1990s. Achille was given to newborns 510 in 2019.

2. Adelard

Adelard refers to brave and noble.

Adelard Took appears as a person within The Tolkien universe. Took is a character from The Lord of the Rings, Took is a librarian with an affinity for umbrellas.

3. Aime

The Old French name Aime is a reference to love.

Lifestyle and fashion label Aime Leon Dore is based in Queens, New York. Famous for its collaborations with companies such as Puma, Ne Balance, and Porsche The flagship store, located on New York’s Mulberry Street, has a Parisian living room-style interior.

4. Alain

Alain refers to the French version of Alan which means small rock or beautiful.

In 1950, when it was at its height, Alain was the third most popular boy’s brand in France. The name hasn’t made it to the rankings since. It also briefly made a display on U.S. charts in 1985 when there were 83 boys named Alain.

5. Alban

Alban comes from Latin Albus meaning white.

The 4th century during the 4th century, Saint Alban provided a priest with shelter in his house. If the property was searched Alban dressed in the role of the priest, was detained and then executed without ever admitting his identity as the priest they were seeking.

6. Alcide

The French boy’s name, Alcide refers to strength.

“Alcide” is Alcide is the French name for The Greek name Alcides and is the name given to the birth of Hercules, the Greek mythological hero Hercules.

7. Alexandre

Alexandre means defending men.

19th-century French novelist Alexandre Dumas was a prolific author of romances, plays and travel-related books. But, he is most well famous for his novels of high adventure like The count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers.

8. Alphonse

In the French version of Alfonso, Alphonse means noble and well-prepared.

The French employ the expression “Alphonse and Gastoning.” It’s used to describe when two individuals are extremely polite with one another. If you and your friend are standing in a hallway and you both say “You go first,” and “No, after you,” you’re”Alphonse” and Gastoning.

9. Amable

Amable means lovable.

Amable Troude was a captain of the French Navy who was a part of the Napoleonic wars. We believe this is an excellent French boy’s name for families with a naval heritage.

10. Andre

Andre refers to the French variant of Andreas that means masculine, masculine.

A popular wrestler and occasionally actor Andre the Giant was seven feet tall. WWE fans’ favourite and the first inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame, Andre was also well-known for his part as a character in The Princess Bride.

11. Antoine

Sometimes, it is incorrectly referred to as a flower, the true meaning behind Antoine is not known.

On-TWAN is pronounced by French natives, English speakers, especially those living in the U.S., are more likely to pronounce Antoine as an-TWAWN.

12. Apollinaire

Apollinaire can be a reference to father light, father lion strength or to demolish.

in 2020 Appolinaire Djikeng received the UNESCO Center for Peace Nelson Mandela Justice Award. Djikeng’s work focuses on ways to breed resistant livestock to diseases in poorer countries.

13. Armel

Armel is a reference to the bear prince or chieftain of bears.

Prince Armel was the son of King Hoel who was a sixth-century Breton leader of Cornouaille today known as Brittany, France. Some historians and writers had speculated Armel might be the son of King Arthur.

14. Baptiste

Baptiste can be French for baptism.

The words Baptiste and baptist are derived from their roots in the Greek word bapto or laptop, meaning To dip. Baptiste isn’t often used by itself and is often used in conjunction with Jean to honour the Christian saint Saint. John the Baptist.

15. Benoit

The French variant of Benedict, Benoit means blessed.

Benoit was originally pronounced Benoist was initially spelt. However, with time, the s in several French phrases was substituted by an accent that was circumflexed over the letter i.

16. Blaise

Blaise originates from the Latin Blaesus, which translates to the act of lisping.

Near Bristol, England, Blaise Castle was constructed in 1766. But, instead of being an actual castle designed to protect itself, Blaise Castle is an amusement park, designed for entertainment and decorative purposes.

17. Boniface

Boniface means good fortune.

English people typically pronounce the name as Bonny-face, even though the correct way to pronounce the word in English is BAWN-ahhs. In French, Boniface is pronounced BAW-NEE-FAS.

18. Brice

The meaning behind Brice is a mystery, however, it is believed to refer to speckled.

The baby’s skin isn’t freckled however if you believe your child may develop a few freckles, then Brice could be a charming boy’s name.

19. Cedric

Cedric is believed to be Cedric the French variant of Cedric.

Although Cedric is regarded to be the French version of Cedric Our research suggests that the reverse is the case.

Sir Walter Scott created the name Cedric for a novel and many believe the name was the direction of Caratacos which is one of the Brythonic names. Brythonic names were popular throughout Ancient Britain and Brittany, France.

20. Claude

Claude is derived from the Latin claudus which means crippled, or disabled.

French artist Claude Monet is considered the pioneer of the French Impressionist movement. The word impressionism comes in the form of Monet’s painting Impression Sunlight Levant which means Impression, Sunrise.

List Of 100 Popular French Boy Names With Meanings

21. Come

Come means decency and order.

Come, with no circumflex, gained popularity across France in the latter half of the 1980s. But in 2011, Come, with the circumflex, surpassed Come in popularity and was the most popular version.

22. Constantin

Constantin is a synonym for constant, unchanging.

Vacheron Constantin is a prestigious watch company created in the year 1899 by Francois Constantin, and Jean-Marc Vacheron. The brand created the first Complication watch, a timepiece that has more than just minutes, hours and seconds. It also holds several World Records.

23. Corneille

Corneille can be described as an antiquated French name, which means horn.

Canadian musician and singer Corneille resides at home in Quebec as a singer-songwriter. He sings French as well as English. Born in Germany He was raised in Rwanda However, at 17 years old, the country was a refugee following the murder of his brothers, parents and sisters.

24. Damien

Damien means to tame.

British modern artist Damien Hurst hit the headlines in the 1990s when his work made of deceased animals suspended with formaldehyde was shown.

25. Dieudonne

Dieudonne refers to French and refers to the word that God has given to us. God.

The French boy named Dieudonne was commonly used in the first half of the 20th century but it never became well-known. In the 1930s it appeared sporadic on charts for names however its last was charted in 1953.

26. Dorian

Dorian is a reference to Ancient Greeks from the district of Doris.

The name Dorian was the first name used in the works of Oscar Wilde in his novel, The Picture Of Dorian Gray. It is believed that he derived this name from Dorians who were which is an Ancient Greek tribe from the north-eastern region of Greece.

27. Elie

Elie can be described as the French version of Elijah meaning my God. Yahweh.

Based on the U.S. Social Security Administration’s baby names that are popular in the database 19 boys were given the name Elie in the year 1900.

28. Elouan

Elouan is thought to refer to good light.

Elouan is an American wine producer based in Oregon. It was founded by a fifth-generation winemaker who hails from Napa Valley, Elouan produces pinot noir, chardonnay and Elouan rose.

29. Emile

Emile means rival.

Emile also known as Emile is derived from the form of Emil that came directly from the Roman surname of the family Aemilius. The identical Roman surname is also the basis of the name of the girl, Emily.

30. Emmanuel

Emmanuel is derived from the Hebrew, imanvAel, or Immanu’el. It means God is in our midst.

Emmanuel College was founded in 1584. It is an institution part of the British University of Cambridge. John Harvard, the most famous of the founders of Harvard College, was a student at Emmanuel.

31. Etienne

It is the French variant of Stephen, Etienne means crown wreath.

Etienne Fjord is located on the west of Graham Land, a portion of the Antarctic Peninsula. Graham Land is the area of Antarctica closest to South America, so it is frequently a stop for cruise ships of small sizes.

32. Fabien

The word “Fabien” comes taken from the Latin word faba which means bean.

The name was popular in France in the second quarter of the twentieth century Fabien may be a stylish French masculine name, if you’ve been calling your unborn child Bean.

33. Fabrice

Fabrice means craftsman.

The strong French boy’s name is pronounced FABREES and, unfortunately, sounds too similar to the brand of air freshener Febreze.

34. Faustin

Faustin means auspicious, lucky.

Faustin is now more well-known within the French Caribbean and in the francophone ex-French colonial colonies of Africa rather than in France.

35. Ferdinand

Ferdinand refers to a thrilling journey.

Ferdinand is an animated comedy-adventure film for children, tells about a passive, kind bull, who is raised to be used to fight bulls. The voice actors in the film include John Cena, Gina Rodriguez, David Tennant, and Gabriel Iglesias.

36. Firmin

Firmin means firm.

Within the Basque regions that are located in Southern France and Northern Spain, the name can be spelt, Fermin. Boys bearing this name and spellings are usually referred to as the names of pets Fermintxo as well as Mintxo.

37. Florent

The word comes from the Latin word Florens. Florent is a synonym for flourishing, and prosperous.

Canadian singer-songwriter Florent Fullant is considered to be among the most influential artists in First Nations history. The recording studio he uses, which is used by musicians from within and outside his community, is located in Maliotenam which is a First Nations reserve in Quebec.

38. Florian

This stunning French namesake for boys translates to flower.

Within Europe, Florian recently peaked at the 2nd spot in Austria third in Germany and number 9, in France. However, the highest ranking of Florian across the U.S. was number 529 in 1917.

39. Florimond

Florimond blends the Latin Florens which means prosper as well as its counterpart, the Germanic mund, meaning protection.

In certain adaptations of Sleeping Beauty and the 1916 Snow White movie, the name of the prince was Florimond.

40. Francis

Francis refers to Frenchman.

It is said that the Italian grandfather of Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone referred to him Francesco as “Francesco,” which in the language of medieval Italian is the word for Frenchman. The name was changed to Francis and Bernardone is the name of the man who is popularly referred to as Francis from Assisi.

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41. Francois

Francois means Frenchman.

Francois is, in essence, an essentially French variation of Francis. We have included both names since you can choose to use Francis as an obscure French boy’s name or Francois as the more traditional more overt one to allow Frenchness to be the main focus.

42. Gael

The name Gael is derived from the word Gael which means those that speak Gaelic.

The transcription of Gael is written in French, Gael is becoming more and more sought-after in U.S. Gael first appeared on the list of top names in 2002, and then it climbed to number 132 in the year 2018 with 2,928 kids given the name Gael.

43. Gaston

Gaston is derived from Ancient Germanic gast, meaning stranger or guest.

The Disney character Gaston from Beauty and the Beast could be the most well-known bearer of this name. The problem is that Gaston doesn’t exist in the story’s original. The memorable and unique character was developed to be the subject of the film by the screenwriter Linda Wolverton who based him on her former boyfriend.

44. Gerard

Gerard is a French word meaning an incredibly strong spear.

French actor Gerard Depardieu has appeared in over 260 films. Multiple award-winning for his performance in the movie Green Card, he won the Golden Globe for Best Actor.

45. Ghislain

Ghislain is a reference to an offer to take hostage or make a pledge.

The right French pronunciation of the name is difficult to explain. For starters, imagine that you’re describing what sounds like a honeybee and saying”bzzzz. The entire word is pronounced ZZZEES-LEH with nasalization in the middle.

46. Gustave

Gustave can refer to staff members or staff of the Goths or magnificent guests.

In Burundi, there’s an enormous male crocodile known as Gustave. The name given by Zoologist Patrice Faye Gustave was believed to be 18 feet long from head to tail and weigh up to 2,000 pounds.

47. Gwenhael

Gwenhael is a word that means blessed and generous.

There is a more precise explanation of Gwehael. The Breton word Gwen is a blessing, however, it can also refer to fair white, fair. This is because it’s a component hael which means generous.

48. Henri

Henri is the name of the home ruler.

Henri, le Chat Noir is a web series that focuses on Henry Longhair, the black cat in a tuxedo. The series focuses on Henri’s contemplations of her existence. Random House published Henri, le Chat Noir The Life-Saving Musings of an Anxious Cat, a novel that is based on the series.

49. Hercule

Hercule means glory.

Hercule Poirot is a fictional character created in the work of English writer Agatha Christie. Poirot appears in 33 stories and has been portrayed on the screen by actors from a variety of backgrounds, including Kenneth Branagh, Orson Wells And John Malcovich.

50. Hubert

Hubert is a French word meaning bright heart.

The popular French Hubert is a common name in France. Hubert is also used across some countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Canada, and the U.S. This makes it a fantastic French name for boys for families that have an ethnic mix.

51. Isidore

Isidore is a reference to the gift of Aset.

Aset can be the original Egyptian Name for the god goddess who is more popularly known under her Greek name Isis. One of Egypt’s gods from the beginning She was believed to defend the nation as well as rule over the world of nature and even occasionally, to determine destiny.

52. Jacques

Jacques means supplanter.

Jacques does not refer to the French name for the French word Jack as well as John. It’s closely associated with James. If you’re being pressured to name your child after a relative who was named James, Jacques is a possibility. French name that could be a good alternative.

53. Janvier

Janvier is derived via Janvier is the Latin name Janius, which means January.

Januarius Janvier and Janvier originate from Janus The Roman god of gateways and new beginnings. We believe Janvier is a great name when the birth of a baby signifies a new beginning or the birth of a baby boy in January.

54. Jean

Jean refers to the French name for John and it means God is gracious.

Jean was the most popular male name in France each year from 1900 until 1957. In the year 2019, Jean was down to number 96. This means that it’s still a very popular French name for males, but is becoming less frequent every year.

55. Jean-Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste refers to God as kind and gracious, and also to dip.

The name Jean-Baptiste came into being to emphasize the significance of the life of John who was the Baptist. A major person within Islam, Christianity, Mandaeism and Mandaeism, and the Baha’i Faith, John the Baptist is considered to be a prophet in all these faiths.

56. Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc is a reference to God being gracious and is derived from Lucania.

As played the role of Patrick Stewart, Jean-Luc Picard is a fictional character from the Star Trek universe. In most cases, he is the Captain of the ship USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D, Jean-Luc Picard is the protagonist of the spin-off series Star Trek: Picard.

57. Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul is a reference to God as kind and modest or humble.

The fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, who put on Parisian fashion shows, as well as the existentialist philosopher, activist and author Jean-Paul Sartre are just two famous French men bestowed the name, Jean-Paul Sartre.

58. Joachim

Joachim is a Hebrew word meaning that he was raised by God or one who God has created.

The name is Imran known as Imran in Islam, Joachim and his wife Anne were the parents of Mary who was the mother to Jesus. Although he’s regarded as a saint in several Christian churches, it’s generally accepted that Joachim passed away too early to be classified as to be a Christian.

59. Joffrey

Joffrey is a French version of Geoffrey which means the word “district of peace.

Joffrey is a fascinating French boy’s name. We are still concerned that it will be miss spelt as Jeffrey which is believed to be a fashionable deliberate misspelling of Jeffrey or be afflicted with adverse Game of Thrones connections.

60. Jules

Jules means downy-bearded.

French author Jules Verne is the world’s second-most translated author (1). The poor quality translations that he first made of his works to English signified that Verne was considered an author for children. In France, Verne is regarded as to be an avant-garde surrealist writer.

List Of 100 Popular French Boy Names With Meanings

61. Kylian

The French variation from Cillian, Kylian probably means church.

After being well-known in France in the early years of the century, Kylian recently in the year 2019 made its debut in the U.S. top 1,000 boys’ names charts. In the year 2019, 227 boys were given the name Kylian.

62. Laurent

Laurent is a reference to Laurentum which is an antiquated Italian city.

The year was 1950. French mathematician Laurent Schwartz was given the Fields Medal, considered the most prestigious mathematics award that is similar to the Nobel Award. However, he was determined to make mathematics as well as science accessible and applicable to all.

63. Leon

Leon means lion.

The 1994 film Leon features Jean Reno as an assassin who reluctantly guards a 12-year-old girl, defending her from drug dealers who murdered her family. This girl Mathilda was played by Natalie Portman, her first film part.

64. Loic

Loic is a French word meaning the famous battle.

Loic is a variant of Louis that is specific to those of the Breton people. Breton is the name given to the region of France which is now known as Brittany that was an independent country until 1532 when it was incorporated into France.

65. Louis

A Latinized variation from Luis, a Germanic term Ludwig, Luis means famous fight.

The ongoing debate about the name Louis is how can you spell Louis. Louis is pronounced in French saying Louis as one syllable, LWEE. Louis’ English pronunciation is LOO-is or LOO-ee.

66. Loup

Loup refers to the wolf.

The Breton version from Loup has the name Bleiz. This creates loup and Bleiz fantastic French names for twins.

67. Lucien

The word that is the root of Lucien means lux. which means light.

Lucian from Samosata was Lucian of Samosata was a Syrian satirist, who became well-known for his tongue-in-cheek style. The first of novelists from Western civilisation, his novel True Story is considered to be the first example of science fiction.

68. Marceau

Marceau originates from Ancient Roman mars, meaning male.

A fairly common boy’s name during the 20th century. France, Marceau fell out of favour by the 1960s. In the late 1990s, Marceau was rediscovered, and a rise in popularity has seen it rise to the 46th spot in the year 2019.

69. Maurice

Maurice is a form from Maurus which is a reference to darker-skinned, Moorish.

Maurice is the smooth French cousin of the less sophisticated-sounding English boys named Morris and its diminutives, Mo and Moe.

70. Maxence

Maxence is a derivative from Maxence, is a derivative of the Latin word Maximus which means the highest.

Pronounced as MAX-awns an amazing boy name that’s popular enough to not cause your child to be the object of ridicule. However, it’s distinctive enough to ensure you don’t bump across someone else with the same name.

71. Nazaire

Nazaire is a reference to Nazareth.

Its town, Saint-Nazaire located in Brittany, France, is the home of Chantiers de l’Atlantique which is one of the biggest shipyards on the planet and the home of many of the modern cruise vessels.

72. Nicephore

Nicephore is the word used to describe carrying victory.

French inventor Nicephore Niepce is credited as the creator of photography. Since 1955, the Niepce Prize, named in his honour was presented to a professional photographer in France.

73. Noam

The gender-neutral French name Noam refers to the word “pleasure” in Hebrew.

While it is a gender-neutral name, Noam started as a male name, with Naomi as the female counterpart. But, in contemporary Israel, Noam has morphed into a name that is appropriate for girls and boys.

74. Noel

Noel is French for Christmas.

Noel was first used as a name in the middle ages when it was given to infants born in the time of the Christmas celebration. The name is less frequent today, we continue to believe that Noel is a very popular French boy’s name for babies born around Christmastime.

75. Octave

Octave refers to the French version of Octavius which means eighth.

The musical associations might make it seem like an unorthodox name for English natives, but it’s an amazing French boys’ name to give your 8th child.

76. Odilon

Odilon comes from Odilon is derived from Ancient Germanic AUD, meaning prosperity, and fortune.

There’s some debate on the meaning behind Odilon. It is a very rare French masculine version of the extremely scarce Ancient Germanic girl’s name, Odilia. Many believe that the name evolved from the word modal which means fatherland.

77. Pascal

Pascal comes from Latin Paschalis which means relating to Easter or related to Passover.

It is believed that the Hebrew word pesach signifies Passover. Because Passover happens on the same date as Easter the identical Latin phrase, Pascha, was used by the Romans for both holidays. This means that Pascal is a child’s name for children born during Easter or Passover.

78. Patrice

Patrice means nobleman.

Apart from being not only the French variant of the English male namesake Patrick, but Patrice is also the English version of the feminine name Patricia.

79. Philibert

Philibert means friend or lover.

In 1915 the astronomer Philibert Jacques Melotte produced the Melotte catalogue, which was a list of star clusters that included 245. He also found the moon that was part of Jupiter named moon VII and later called Pasiphae.

80. Philippe

Philippe is the French variant of Phillip which is a reference to a horse’s friend.

After immigrating to France to The U.S., Philippe Mathieu created Philippe’s, also known as Philippe the Original Los Angeles restaurant that has been operating continuously since 1908. Philippe claims that it is the place where French Dip sandwiches are. French Dip sandwich.

List Of 100 Popular French Boy Names With Meanings

81. Pierre

Pierre means stone.

When the four works of the avant-garde French artist Pierre Brassau were exhibited in Sweden and were deemed by critics to be the most impressive of the exhibit. But Pierre, the painter Pierre was Peter the chimpanzee, who was four years old (2).

82. Placide

Placide means quiet and calm.

As you might have guessed that this French name is derived from the same root as the word placid. This is why it’s a great option for a peaceful child who is calm and peaceful.

83. Quentin

Quentin originated from Latin Quintus which means five.

Quentin is a French spelling of Quentin is KAHN-TEHN with N meaning nasalization. The name is traditionally assigned to the fifth child or baby born in the 5th month.

84. Rainier

Rainer is derived from Germanic Rayner which means Army advisor.

Mount Rainier located within the national park of the identical name is a 14,411-foot stratovolcano located on the United Nations’ Decade Volcanoes list. The volcanoes listed are considered to be the most hazardous in the world.

85. Raoul

Raoul is a French word meaning wolf’s counsel.

In the year Hunter S. Thompson wrote the fictional autobiographical work The Fear of Loathing which was published in Las Vegas, he was replaced by an individual named Raoul Duke.

86. Regis

Regis refers to a ruler in Occitan the language used in Southern France.

Regis is a forename as well as a surname. The most well-known person with Regis in the U.S. is probably the late television presenter host of talk shows and game show host also actor Regis Philbin.

87. Remy

Remy as well as its derivative Remi refers to oarsman, or rower.

Remy Cointreau is owned by a family French drink business that dates to 1724. The makers of Remy Martin cognac and Cointreau Liquor, Remy Cointreau own multiple international brands that include Westland Whiskey of Seattle.

88. Renard

Renard means fox.

Numerous stories in Medieval Europe told of the anthropomorphic fox Raynard. Written by many authors, these stories were so well-known that in France the name Raynard which was also spelt Renard was later used to refer to the fox.

89. Romain

Romain is derived from the Late Latin name Romanus, which means Roman.

Romain is a different name for The Cesar grape. The grape got its name due to its being introduced in France by the Romans.

90. Ronan

Ronan means little seal.

Ronan is a Breton name that was a hit in France in the 1970s. But, as it waned across France, Ronan found traction in the U.S., where it has been steadily increasing in popularity since 2001.

91. Seraphin

Seraphin is a synonym for fiery.

The tale of the unpleasant unkind, greedy and cruel misser Seraphin Poudrier was written and published by Claude-Henri Gagnon in the year 1933. The story is popular in francophone Canada and, in that country, naming your kid Seraphin is like calling them Ebenezer Scrooge.

92. Serge

Serge could refer to the servant, however, this isn’t proven.

English users typically use the word Serge by the word surge which is a reference to the fact that it results in it is a surge of energy. However, it is there is a French pronunciation. French spelling is SEHRZH which is similar to SIR, and also a J at the beginning of the jug or towards the close.

93. Soan

Soan is a contemporary French name with a meaning that is not clear.

Soan made its debut on the French top 1000 baby names list in 2009, at the 118th position. It’s been steadily becoming more sought-after, and in the year 2019, it was ranked at number 71.

94. Tanguy

The Breton name Tanguy refers to a dog that is fire.

Tanguy is a French film about a 28-year-old teacher who is still in his home, with his parents. His parents attempt to make the situation miserable for him so that he can go out However, he has his plans.

95. Telesphore

Telesphore is the word used to describe the fulfilment of a task or fruit.

In the latter half of the nineteenth century, Telesphore was becoming considered to be an old-fashioned title. Although it is not widely used in contemporary France you may meet an American-Canadian French Telesphore.

96. Thierry

Thierry is a French word meaning the ruler of the people.

Former professional footballer and the head coach of the MLS player CF Montreal, Thierry Henry is widely regarded as to be one of the greatest strikers ever.

97. Timeo

Timeo means to honour.

This French musical Timeo is about a boy with a disability who would like to be a part of the circus. The show’s tagline is “To be different is normal,” the show has been dubbed”circomedy” because it mixes the circus with musical numbers and comedy.

98. Toussaint

Toussaint refers to all saints.

All Saints Day is a Christian celebration that is observed by all churches on the 1st day of November. Also called All Hallows Day, Toussaint could be a fantastic French name for males born on that date.

99. Vespasian

Vespasian refers to east or wasp.

This name is unique and could go right onto the front of the list due to the incredible possibilities of nicknames like Vespers and Vesp.

100. Yves

Yves refers to yew.

A distinctive French name, the famous Yves include fashion icons Yves Saint Laurent as well as the surrealist artist Yves Tanguy, founder and CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot and founder of the cosmetics company Yves Rocher.