List Of 100+ Compliments For Your Man To Make Him Feel Special

You’re in love.

Everyone loves to hear a genuine compliment.

Imagine how you felt when you last received one.

Special. Respected. Admired. Irresistible.

You want him to feel the same way.

Check out this list of 100+ compliments to men.

Find the words and inspiration you’re looking for.

Does a man like compliments?

You may think your guy is cool, confident, and doesn’t need praise. But he still needs to feel that you like him.

You may not have to ask him, “Do these jeans make my butt appear big,” but you will be delighted to hear that you said, “You look hot in those pants.”

Your appreciation of his character, intelligence, charm, hard work and career success will go a long way in cementing your relationship.

Try saying. . .

  • I appreciate the way you addressed the waiter after he brought the wrong order out.
  • You are one of the hardest-working men I know and yet you find time to see your family.
  • You always make people comfortable when you talk to them.

If you compliment him for the qualities he values most, he will feel like you “get” him. You’ll understand him in a way that other people don’t. You should be able to tell if you are being sincere.

List Of 100+ Compliments For Your Man To Make Him Feel Special

How to compliment a guy the right way

We’d like you to consider a few ideas before we offer our list of compliments. The following are some points to consider:

  • Do not flatter yourself. You will never get anywhere by doing so. Keep to what you know is true. If you compliment him on his eyes, make sure to get the right colour.
  • Be sincere and don’t have an ulterior motive. Do not pay him a compliment just to get him to do something for you or to make him more receptive to a large request.
  • Specificity is key. It’s okay to say “You look great”, but it’s more meaningful to say “I love the colour you chose” or “You are handsome in that shirt”.
  • Know what is important to him. Your compliments won’t be effective if you don’t care about what matters to him.
  • If he has done something he is proud of, focus on that. Celebrate his progress if he has been working on a self-improvement initiative (going to the gym, volunteering, or taking risks). Celebrate his achievements.
  • Don’t forget to praise the traits that he may not be aware of. You may be able to bring out things that you admire about him.
  • Pick your timing carefully. You wouldn’t want to interrupt him when he is doing something that requires concentration, for example, to complement his golf game.
  • Do not try to get a reciprocal compliment. Do not pay him a compliment in hopes that he will compliment you back, or say something you like.
  • Tell the man how you feel about him.

How can you compliment a man on his appearance?

Men and women alike enjoy hearing compliments on their appearance. What man wouldn’t like to hear their partner say “Wow! You look great!”

In general, however, the more specific a compliment is, the greater the impact.

  • You look amazing in those jeans!
  • I love how the shirt makes your eyes pop.
  • The glasses you chose are ideal for you. “Great choice!”

How can you compliment a man sexually?

You can make your guy more happy by focusing on the following when complimenting his performance in bed:

  • You enjoyed his actions
  • You can’t stop thinking about the last time you were together
  • The best way to reinvent sex with him

Do not be too stern, but do let him know that he doesn’t need to worry.

How can you compliment a man over text?

Remember that a text is visible to others. This may not be the most appropriate way to express a sexual compliment. There’s still plenty of space for compliments that he will love. Choose one of the following to focus on:

  • His appearance
  • His work
  • He puts effort into the relationship
  • His character
  • His personality
  • The heart
  • The mind

How can you compliment a man in just one word?

The following steps will help you choose the perfect words to compliment a man.

  • List positive words to describe him.
  • Select those qualities that you admire most about him.
  • Use those that he prefers more.

Keep to what you know about him.

You now know how to give a compliment that your man will appreciate. Browse through the list below to find a great compliment to use today.

List Of 100+ Compliments For Your Man To Make Him Feel Special

Enjoy 100+ Complements for Men

The following compliments are for men and each one comes with a follow-up thought. It can be added to compliments or used as inspiration.

You’ll find that different situations require different types of compliments. These are divided into categories so you can easily choose the one which best fits your situation.

Compliments to Him for His Appearance

There’s no one I know who wouldn’t like their partner to find them attractive, or even irresistible. By complimenting his physical attractiveness, you are not being shallow.

It’s time to concentrate on why he brings you joy.

  1. You look great in any outfit. With that smile on your face, you don’t even care about what you wear.
  2. Your sense of fashion is great. Some guys are better at picking clothes that suit them.
  3. I like to watch your movements, but I would rather hold your hand.
  4. You make me smile just by looking at you. When I see you, everything is better.
  5. I can look at your eyes all day. They are beautiful. There are better things I could do while you’re around.
  6. This one doesn’t have to do with looks but does relate to physical appeal.
  7. I love seeing your smile. It makes me feel happy.
  8. Do not rush to shave for my sake. You are irresistible, whether you have facial hair or not.
  9. Keep doing what you’re currently doing to make yourself look so good.
  10. Your smirk makes me tense every time I look at it. Never lose your smirk.
  11. Every time you call me, I can see your face on my phone.
  12. I love you. You are so adorable.
  13. Your teeth are beautiful.
  14. I like your feet. It’s fine with me if most of the time you are barefoot.
  15. It doesn’t matter what your hair does, it looks great. How is this possible?
  16. Be patient. I’ll get there. I’ll make it. Eventually.
  17. You’re an incredibly attractive woman.

List Of 100+ Compliments For Your Man To Make Him Feel Special

Compliments to Men for their Work and Achievements

It is possible to praise the work and achievements of your man without demeaning your own. Compliments are more meaningful if you value and respect yourself.

  1. Show him that you are impressed by what he has learned and how far they have come.
  2. You did an amazing job at [latest well done ]. I hope it’s okay that I brag about you to anyone who will listen.
  3. It’s fun to watch you. Your work is getting better. I also love the view.
  4. You should be proud of what you have accomplished in the past year.
  5. You are the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met about this subject.
  6. You never cease to amaze me. Every time I think you’ve done your best, you surprise me with something new and make me prouder.
  7. You handled the situation with dignity and calm. You are a great example to others.
  8. I admire the way you deal with people. You are fair, patient, and respectful, no matter how they treat you.
  9. You’re amazing. You inspire me to do better by just watching and listening.
  10. What is it that you’d like me to know more about? What should I do first?
  11. Have I ever told you how much I enjoy it when you cook for me? Not just because I’m lazy.
  12. You are always learning and I admire that. You’re always learning something new. I want to learn along with you.
  13. I am jealous of those who work with you. They are lucky jerks.
  14. You are the only one who is competent and trustworthy in your position.
  15. You write so well that I feel like you wrote it just for me.
  16. You are a person who inspires others, me included.
  17. You can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it. That’s admirable.
  18. Are you able to fix it?

List Of 100+ Compliments For Your Man To Make Him Feel Special

Compliments to Him and His Personality

You don’t have to focus on his personality if you want to appreciate all his gifts.

Every man wants to hear that you appreciate his character and not just his looks.

  1. I’m the best listener that I know. You listen for understanding — not to win an argument.
  2. Your ideas fascinate me. How your mind works is fascinating.
  3. You are not afraid to try new things and take risks. Your courage and sense of adventure are admirable.
  4. You make me laugh so much. I have never met anyone else who can do that.
  5. I’m impressed by your generosity and kindness.
  6. Having a good time with you is effortless. No one is more fun than you are.
  7. Your conversation is always interesting and I enjoy listening to it.
  8. You are always up for anything you wish to do.
  9. You always say what I want to hear.
  10. You are never a grumpy loser or a smug winner.
  11. You never forget when I am good at something. You’re just as proud of me as I am of you.
  12. You are not afraid to lose, but to fail to learn. This inspires me to take on more risks.
  13. You are a very energetic person who is always trying to lift others.
  14. I don’t think anyone has a larger heart or a more beautiful mind.
  15. Even though your jokes may be corny, they make me smile.
  16. You are always trying to see the good in me and others.
  17. You are the person I want to be around when things get chaotic.
  18. You can make even the most lame jokes funny.

List Of 100+ Compliments For Your Man To Make Him Feel Special

Love Compliments For Men

These compliments show your love in many different ways, by showing how you feel about your man, his words and his behaviour. While no one wants the responsibility of making someone happy, it still matters how you feel. It matters a lot.

  1.  When I’m around you, I feel more loved. Every day I am reminded of this.
  2. When I am with you, I feel the most comfortable. It is easy for me to be myself.
  3. Your support and value make me feel worthy of standing up for you.
  4. Your smile makes me feel beautiful even when I am not feeling my best.
  5. Your belief in me has transformed my life. You make me feel more confident just by thinking about you.
  6. You’ll always be my choice.
  7. When I think of you, I feel prouder than ever. I’ve never felt so grateful to have someone in my company.
  8. When I am hurting I would rather be with you than anyone else.
  9. It’s because of you that I hope the world will be better.
  10. You will always see the best of me. I would like to be seen as you see me.
  11. You give everything you do so much thought as if you were doing it for the last time.
  12. Unstoppable! I’ve never met anyone so unstoppable.
  13. You keep telling me what a great relationship we have.
  14. We know that you are irreplaceable to our children.
  15. You are the best morning companion. I can’t imagine spending a morning without you.
  16. You have always helped me to put things into perspective. Your compassion and insight have enabled me to make better decisions.

50+ Genuine Compliments Any Guy Would Really Wish To Hear

Sexy compliments for men

Imagine compliments you have received in the past. They will erase all but one mental track.

We have kept our compliments to a minimum.

  1. I can’t stop thinking about you. Everyone keeps asking me why I smile so much.
  2. You’re making me want to talk.
  3. I want to kiss and hold you. But I don’t because. . . boundaries.
  4. The night before last was amazing.
  5. You are as hot as you think.
  6. You should use this gift more often.
  7. This is not strange or insignificant. I’m into it.
  8. You have the power to use this knowledge to your advantage.
  9. If I hear you, my mind immediately goes to dark places. We should go there now.
  10. You’re smelling good. I need to give you a longer embrace.
  11. You can wear this blanket all day if you want.
  12. My eyes are tired from staring at you.
  13. You look amazing in that suit. I thought you couldn’t get any more hotter.

50+ Genuine Compliments Any Guy Would Really Wish To Hear

Funny compliments for men

The ultimate multitasker is to compliment your guy while making him laugh. (because Oh, that laugh). You can try any of these, or let them inspire your own.

  1. When I’m with You, I feel the most comfortable.
  2. You’re a real nerd.
  3. What you’re wearing is my favourite colour.
  4. Your weirdness may not be perfect but it is the right fit for mine.
  5. I love you more than Star Wars fans who trash-talk about the prequel trilogy.
  6. It’s like learning math. Sometimes it can be difficult, but the rewards are worth it.
  7. You and I can do stupid things together.
  8. You are capable of anything you set your mind to. You might want to wait a little.
  9. You must do crosswords with ink.
  10. Do you enjoy both strong coffee and soothing herbal tea?
  11. I think we should ease them into the chemistry with some intense PDA.
  12. You would survive the zombie apocalypse.
  13. It is not right for anyone to have this kind of power.
  14. The plant I was talking to about you saved its life.
  15. You may think chocolate is delicious, but what about looking at yourself?
  16. Imagine if this was Neverland. I would only have to think of you to be able to fly. I would also be flying a great deal!
  17. Asking me how many times I think about you is embarrassing. I think I’ve set a new record.
  18. You are the only person who can make bad dancing look good.

List Of 100+ Compliments For Your Man To Make Him Feel Special

Men’s Sweet Compliments

You can use these compliments at any time, no matter what your mood or inclination. Share one with him to show him that you still love him.

  1. It’s a great morning every time I wake up with you. This day is already my favourite.
  2. You make me feel at ease with just one glance.
  3. Waiting for you has always been worth it. Waiting has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.
  4. Your life has been amazing.
  5. You can do anything.
  6. Your interests are so diverse. I enjoy hearing what you have been doing.
  7. It’s a miracle that I have never encountered someone brilliant, funny and kind.
  8. You can make me laugh even when I am in a dark mood.
  9. You work hard, but I rarely hear you complaining about anything.
  10. Since knowing you, I’ve achieved more than in the previous years.
  11. You are the only person I can trust to always be there for and protect me.
  12. You are the most intelligent man I know. Your mind is amazing.
  13. I love to rest my arms on yours, even if we are doing something else.
  14. Just by looking at you, my mind becomes flooded with unsuitable thoughts. If I seem distracted, this is why.
  15. You are the only person I would rather be lost with. Let’s take a roadtrip.
  16. You are more than just a friend.

Final Thoughts

What compliments would you like to give your man more often?

Are you willing to give him at least one compliment every day? Not so that he will return the favour, but to show him how much you value him?

We hope he returns the favour. We hope that these compliments will help you to strengthen your relationship and deepen your connection.