Libra Compatibility | Best Matches For Love

You’re infatuated with the idea that you can love someone and be loved. Your reason for being is romance! You enjoy the classics of romance, such as long-stemmed flowers, Rumi poetry, and picnics at the park. Some people consider you one of the twelve zodiac signs that are the most romantic. Discover which signs best suit Libra.

Compatibility Chart for the Libra

This chart shows how Libra relates to each of the four elements that make up a relationship.

Love Passion Friendship Trust
Aries Good Good Good Good
Taurus The Poor The Poor Good The Poor
Gemini Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Cancer The Poor The Poor The Poor The Poor
Leo Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Virgo Fair The Poor Good Fair
Libra Good Good Very Good Good
Scorpio The Poor Very Good Fair The Poor
Sagittarius Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Capricorn Fair The Poor Good Fair
Aquarius Excellent Excellent Very Good Excellent
Pisces Fair Good Fair The Poor

No Contact Rule With Libra Man

Libra Compatibility with Every Zodiac Sign

When you are in the zone, it doesn’t matter who’s sun sign someone is. If you want a relationship that goes beyond flirting and has serious potential for the future, then air signs or fire signs are best. It’s the passion, understanding and similarity of thought that creates stable and rewarding relationships.

You can never rule out earth or water signs with your grace and charm. You are the only one who can create a harmonious relationship even with someone very different from you.

Libra Compatibility | Best Matches For Love

Libra & Aries: Opposites Attract

When you pair up with Aries, the relationship can be fiery and passionate. Aries has a strong personality, but you strive for harmony and balance. Aries’ impulsive nature may initially appeal to you. It will take compromise from both parties. Aries must learn to temper their fiery side, while you will have to get used to a bit of tension.

This can be a long-lasting, passionate and fun relationship with compromise.

Libra & Taurus: Different Priorities

Libra, you’re a very social person. Taurus, while not a recluse by any means, prefers to keep home fires burning. Taurus is more introverted than you are, so your social life and Taurus could be at odds.

You may appear to share many things. For example, you both enjoy beauty and the good life. This can be a difficult relationship to maintain if you have fundamental differences in your lives.

Libra & Gemini – A meeting of the Minds

Libra, when you hook up with a Gemini, it’s a love affair based on a shared need for freedom and mental stimulation. If you come up with an idea and then change your mind (which, let’s be honest, you’re prone to), Gemini will happily go along. As a couple, you’re social, and curious, and thrive on laughter and fascinating conversations.

This is a long-term relationship that has real potential.

Libra & Cancer – Incompatible approaches to life

Cancer is an emotional sign. Cancer is a highly emotional sign. You may be attracted to Cancer because you desire harmony in all relationships. For example, you might think, “I can help bring light to their world and balance all those emotions.”

You might even be able for a time. Cancer is a person who lives life in a sea of emotions. This is their way of life, whereas you are more analytical and lighter. This can be a difficult match because of their fundamentally different ways of seeing the world.

Libra & Leo – A Romantic and Exciting Pairing

When someone is courageous and a bit dramatic, they’re likely to catch your eye, Libra. And showy Leo is going to catch your eye. Together, you’re the love and romance connoisseurs of the zodiac.

You and Leo will be at the centre of each other’s attention when you fall in love. There will be parties and fun nights in the town. There will also be elegant, intimate meals, and passionate sex.

Leo will show you his loyalty and shower you with attention. Leo will make you admire him, and that’s exactly what they want. Leo is a potential keeper.

Libra & Virgo: Different Worlds

Libra and Virgo, although you both live on the same planet, your worlds are very different. Virgo, on the other hand, is a realist. You are flirty and social while Virgo is more practical and homebody. While it is true that opposites attract, this pair often struggles to maintain a long-term relationship.

Libra & Libra Can Be The Best Or Worst

You’ll get along with each other if you choose a Libra partner. However, same-sign relationships can be boring and monotonous. The best and worst of a romantic relationship between Libras is up to you.

Libra & Scorpio: Strong Attraction

When you meet the right Libra or Scorpio, chances are there will be an attraction. You are drawn to Scorpio’s intense brooding nature, and Scorpio is attracted by your attractiveness and romantic aura.

Life is not a romance novel. While the initial attraction may be exciting, this relationship is going to be difficult. You can make the relationship last with compromise and a deep understanding of each other’s priorities and needs. It will not be easy, however, it may be worth the effort.

Libra & Sagittarius: A Perfect Pairing

Joining forces with Sagittarius and Libra could be the best combination. Sagittarius can be a happy, cheerful person who will brighten your life, add adventure, and expand it. You are optimistic and impartial. Sagittarians enjoy a life of balance, joy and happiness. You play each other off perfectly at your best.

Libra & Capricorn – Probably Better as Friends

You have a charismatic quality that will attract Capricorn to you like a moth is drawn to a fire. Capricorns’ ambition and steadiness will appeal to you. This relationship is better suited to a friendship than a long-term partnership unless both parties are willing to compromise.

Libra & Aquarius: A Non-Traditional Couple

You and Aquarius make a stunning couple. You both have a unique charisma and each of you needs a great deal of freedom. You’ll likely start as friends who share similar interests, and then evolve into friends with benefits. This can spark a romance. Even in marriage, it’s unlikely that you will be a typical couple.

Rose-coloured glasses for Pisces and Libra

You and Pisces share a common trait: you are both romantics. Both of you see the world through rose-colored glasses and imagine the perfect love. You will also be able to connect with Pisces sensitivity. In the early stages of a relationship, it’s possible to feel incredibly loved.

Over time, you may find that your differences are more pronounced, which can pose a challenge to both of you. You may discover that the real world is not as romantic as you thought. For the romance to blossom into a real, long-term relationship, compromise is required.

What Libras Need in a Relationship

Libra is the seventh zodiac sign. It’s ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and Saturn, the planet of commitment. It is ruled by Venus the planet for love and Saturn the planet for commitment. Libra is also linked to the 7th house which represents marriage and significant others. Relationships are the centre of a Libra’s world. They are romantic, believe in love and seek permanence in relationships.

It’s important to understand what a Libra wants and needs in a committed long-term relationship.

Balance and Fairness

The Libra seeks balance in every aspect of their lives, including their relationships. They value a partner that can provide a balanced solution to problems and emotional support.

Open Communication

Libras are open to honest dialogue. They enjoy discussing different viewpoints and value a partner who can express their feelings and opinions clearly.

Intellectual Stimulation

Libras are drawn to meaningful discussions that go beyond simple small talk. They enjoy a partner that can keep them challenged intellectually.

Social Harmony

Libras are social creatures and appreciate partners that can easily fit into different social settings. They are attracted to relationships where both parties can enjoy a social life.

Romance and Affection

Libras are attracted to love and beauty due to Venus being their ruling planet. They are fond of romantic gestures, and they like to receive and express affection.

Aesthetics and cultural Interests

Libras are often passionate about art, music and literature. They appreciate a partner who shares their passions. For them, sharing cultural activities is an important part of a relationship.

Support Emotional

The Libra values emotional well-being, and they appreciate a partner that can provide emotional stability and support. This is especially true when dealing with their indecisiveness and insecurities.

Respect for Independence

Libras value their independence despite their desire for companionship and social nature. They value a partner that respects their passion for space and time to pursue their interests.

Trust and Loyalty

For Libras, trust is essential. They must know that their partner is there for them in good times and bad. They need to feel a sense of loyalty and commitment in their relationship.


In a relationship, Libras seek a true partnership. They dislike power imbalances and prefer a partner that treats them equally.

Partnering with a Libra

It is vital to maintain the love you have for a Libra. Little romantic stimulation goes a long way. Keep the romance alive when you are in a relationship. You’ll find a Libra to be a loving, intelligent, equal, and charming partner.

While Libra is best suited to fire and air signs it doesn’t necessarily mean that water and earth signs won’t work out. Compatibility is more than just the sun signs. If you’re in a relationship with them and they turn out to be Libran, don’t get discouraged if the chart shows you’re not compatible. In every relationship, it’s important to see how willing each partner is to compromise and communicate to stay together.