Is Jealousy A Sign Of Love?

A lot of people have been asking this, whether jealousy is a sign of love, the question is about to be answered now, so listen and understand. “Is Jealousy A Sign Of Love?”

Is jealousy a sign of love?

Yes jealousy is a sign of love. And the reason why it will be a sign of love is that you will only feel jealous when it comes for what you care for.

Jealousy between human.

We want to bring it to down to persons. A man or a woman feels jealous towards a person he or she loves. Especially when another person comes close to that person.

For instance; a woman that loves a man but then was unable to recognize her love, you will see that whenever she sees another woman coming closer to that person that she loves, she will automatically feels jealous, she will be considering being in that position of that other woman.

Secondly, in marriage a man may love his wife dearly that he easily feels jealous when some other man comes closer to her, even when nothing is going on between them. His feeling will be unusual towards the wife. You can see that jealousy is love, that’s what pushes the man.

Note: there is jealousy that is not love, that jealousy is called, over jealousy. Too much if everything is bad. Too much jealousy is cheating. And it may lead to separation.

“Is Jealousy A Sign Of Love?”

  1. Jealousy towards something.

Jealousy is love because you can only feel jealous over something that you want, which another person had taken, and you will feel as if that thing is not good in the hands of the person that has it.

For instance. When you are dying to have a particular thing and another person rushed and have it before you, you will start to condemn that thing. You are condemning it because you are interested in that thing and you feel that you are the only person that is supposed to have it.

But too much of it can only lead to destruction, it will make you to have mad mind and it can even make you do something that may ruin that particular thing.

You can now see that jealousy is love but over jealousy is not Love. Let it be minimal as it supposed to be . Drop your comments if you have any.

“Is Jealousy A Sign Of Love?”

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