Is It Normal To Still Love My Ex

The answer to this question is YES. It is always and will forever be reasonable to love your ex still. 

Love is a natural thing that you can not force on yourself or someone; instead, it is something that comes on its own, and it only takes the heart to decide if to love or not to love. It’s an uncontrollable feeling that comes straight from the heart.

Do not be confused about it or worrying over if it’s healthy or not.

In a relationship, sometimes there are ups and downs, which may occur, so it depends on how you settle your issues in your relationship because there’s no relationship that doesn’t have a problem. The primary thing is the majority that you apply in solving your puzzle.

Some issues are uncontrollable to the extent that it may lead to breaking up. That you broke up with your partner is not the end of love. It is 100% possible that the relationship which you thought is over will still fall back again.

So never block your heart whenever it is ready to accept your ex again, especially if your ex still wants you back.

Many things can cause a breakup, and some things will convince you that you are actually in love with your ex.

But this period I want to tell you that it is much reasonable to love your ex still. So relax and welcome the feelings you are having, especially if your ex still has such compassion.

How long does it take to stop loving your ex?

How long does it take to stop loving your ex?

Let me tell you this today. There’s no specific time or period for Yi to stop loving someone. 

As for your ex, you need to understand that it only love that brought you together; it’s only a circumstance that makes you two to pathways. So for that reason, there will always be a time where you will feel that love and passion that you both shared before. Such time will always reflect in your memory, causing it no to have an end. 

So, this is to say that there’s no specific time or period to stop loving you else. Just know that love is not something you can move around as you like. It’s a pure feeling that comes on its own.

Best ways to move on after a breakup

Best ways to move on after a breakup

Breakup in a relationship can happen to anybody in a relationship, so it’s not something that you should be afraid of. Or something you should cry your eyes off. There are super ways in which you can move on after a breakup.

  • Keep yourself happy and sharp at any time. Never you lose your happiness because of some person’s breakup with you. Find something to make yourself comfortable because it is said that. If you are happy in front of those who don’t like you, it is always the fastest way of killing them inwardly. So try it, and you will see how fast you will get through it immediately. 
  • Make new friends and mingle with new and experienced people who can make a good influence on you. People who can bring the best copy of whom you are. Not people who are below your ex on thinking and anything. Live a new life and this time make it be a wonderful and positive one.
  • Remove him or her in your list of friends and do not follow them on social media. Ignore them and make sure that you are keeping to that decision. Please do not give in to any stories that concern them on social media or anything. Treat them as if they are nobody to you, especially when you know that the cause of your breakup is not coming from you. Of you are sure of that, my dear, you are good to love your life like no anybody’s business.
  • Dream higher and put more effort into achieving a great goal on your love so that he or she will be among those who will admire how big and unique you turn out to be after their behavior towards you. Do not stoop so low in front of them. Instead, make your self be original of any copy of yourself.
  • Withdraw any form of communication that you keep with that your ex. Never give in to any silly act that will make both of you start communicating again unless you are still in love, and he or she calls you back. The bit does not make a decision that you will regret the rest of your life.

How will I get my ex back?

How will I get my ex back?

To get your ex back, you have to follow those guidelines.

  • Swallow your pride and ask for forgiveness, especially when you know that he or she is still single. There’s nothing wrong with saying sorry, whether you are wrong or right. Sometimes, you may feel that you are right, but on the other hand, you will see that you are wrong. To avoid being a, he owns that push your partner away, accepts that you made a mistake and ask for forgiveness.
  • Amend all your wrong ways, especially those that brought that issue, which leads to break up. Because if you didn’t mend it, it would continue to ruin your relationship no matter how much you try to avoid it, for the fact that such behavior is still intact on you will continue to run away from you.
  • Give your relationship a second chance, and allow peace to reign, with that you are on a safer side of bringing your partner back to you.

When to let go

When to let go

After you must have done all these things that I listen to you, and still your partner doesn’t want to come back, my dear, you need to let’s go of that love and move on with your life.

No one is attached to the other it’s only the person you’re I allowed onto your heart will stay in your heart. So never you force a relationship to visit, especially when you have given all your efforts and positive tricks for it to stand firm, yet it still falls, that is when you will let’s go.

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