I Know You Are Asleep But Text Messages For Her

Love is a beautiful thing and to express is comes with lots of challenges. No matter how hard thing may be you will always think about your love and how to put a smile on her face. So now we have compile list of the sweetest message you can send to your lover just to put a smile on her face. So relax and take your time to go through the best messages and choose the best for your angel.

I’m sure you’re sleeping, but I have text messages for her.

1. Darling, you complete me. Every day, it’s me who thinks about you. I believed my life was complete and perfect until you stumbled into my world. You entered my life and profoundly transformed me. At the moment I don’t think about what I’d be able to do with you. I thought I’d discovered true happiness until you came into my life and taught me what genuine happiness was. I’m eagerly waiting for us to live the remainder of life together. Who wouldn’t love that? I’m anticipating the huge things we’ll do and the small things we’ll be doing too. I would like to get up and do every day with you by my side. I would love to snuggle with you and hold your hand and tell you what forever means to me.

Cute text message to send your partner while she’s asleep

2. Darling, I’m sure you’re asleep at this moment. You may be sleeping, but you’ve been in my thoughts lately, and I’ve been finding it difficult to think because you’ve been on my mind. We have something in common, something I will never consider a luxury. There is a chance that I’m not the ideal lover. I might not know what unconditional love is. It is possible that I am not even a good person regarding being selfless and an altruist. But know that I cherish you all the days of my life until the end of time. Sleep safe, darling.

Asleep But Text Messages For Her

I Know Your Sleeping But Paragraphs For Her As Your Lover

If your partner is asleep and you think you should have sent her a text message sooner, don’t give up. You can also send her a sweet text message that she can wake up to. Here’s the top collection of I’m sure you’re asleep. However, Text Messages for Your Lover.

1. I wanted my post as the first text you read upon waking up, and I truly hope it will be. Have you had a wonderful night?

2. You are a beautiful sleeper in the present moment because heaven and nature have stopped the noise and let your rest be peaceful. Sleep well, my dear.

3. I’m on my own in my bed, and I wish I could be with you; however, we are separated by a vast area of darkness. I’m so sad to be without you.

4. While you sleep, nothing bad can happen to you because nature will defend itself. However, even when nature fails, I’ll be there to help you.

5. You’re sleeping, but the world is alive due to your heart’s love that has brought it more faith than it can handle. You are my sweet lady.

6. I’m sleeping, dear. I’ll be like a knight in shining armor, protecting your lay down. My chivalry skill is great, so rest assured that you’re not in danger.

7. Hope that I’m the person you dream of? Do you believe your dreams are of joy, peace, and love? Sleep well, sweet one. Rest in peace.

8. As the stars sparkle upon the earth while the moon flies across the night sky, you rest perfectly, creating an ideal harmony at night.

9. You’re sleeping, and the angels are watching you and admiring your beauty, and wondering about the thoughts God had in mind when He created you. Keep in mind your beauty.

10. Beauty queens like you are people whose sleep is an escape for the world because your achievements give the world the task of recognizing your amazing beauty.

11. It’s wonderful to see your reflection when you’re asleep. It’s as if you are looking at the most beautiful item God made in the restful state. Rest in peace, beauty.

12. The moment you wake up will remind you how amazing you are. I would never give you anything in exchange.

13. Sleeping is like reading a different definition of peace and happiness. Your beauty is higher than the rest.

14. Beautiful sleepers are difficult to come across. However, I’ve found you, and I will not trade for anything. Sleep on, dear.

15. I felt guilty for not saying goodnight before you going to bed. Therefore I sent you this message even though I know you’re asleep.

16. Nothing can beat your presence in the presence of me. It’s more intense now that you’re away from me, sleeping.

17. I will never give up on anything to look at your face while sleeping. It is there that I can find real beauty.

18. Your beauty is flawless in many ways; however, imagine that your perfect beauty can be seen while you are asleep? This is just amazing.

19. Once upon a while, I was reading about Sleeping Beauty. Now, I’m going to alter the story and make it to tell about you. You’ll sleep well.

20. In peace, your breath is a steady rumble, your heart beating at a slow pace, in tranquility, while you rest. I know that you deserve more. I wish you a wonderful night’s sleep.

21. My sleep isn’t the best when you’re not at my side. Your sweet face is in a different place, asleep beautifully. I just want to say how much I miss you. Have a good night’s sleep.

22. I dream that you awake knowing I am in love with you, and I will try everything to make you feel loved after reading this article. I cherish you. Rest in peace.

23. In The daytime, you fill my thoughts, and at night, you are my dream. You are everywhere. I love you.

Asleep But Text Messages For Her

24. You’re a great improvement to me. I thought I was fine, But you came along and changed the game. I’ll never forget your kindness. Have a good night’s sleep.

25. While I sit in my bed, thinking of you, I wonder what I’d be doing if I didn’t have you part of my existence. I would never give you up on anything. Rest peacefully.

26. My night’s loneliness has gotten out of hand. I’m excited to marry and share each night. But for now, enjoy sweet sleep.

27. Little things you do push me to improve, and the more significant things help me become more of a person. You will wake up to the most beautiful morning of your life.

28. I’d like to be with you Holding and having you until the end of time. I truly need you to be here. Be well-rested, and love.

29. you likely have dreams, and I’m lying here thinking about you inside my mind. Your memories are a treasure, my baby. Enjoy a peaceful sleep.

30. What is shared for us cannot be overlooked. My dear, you have made many smiles through your personality. I’m glad you’re mine. Sleep.

31. I know I’m not perfect and you aren’t, but I want you to know I’m standing for you, which helps us improve. Let your sleep be sweet.

32. I don’t have to be physically in the same place to connect. Whatever I do, my love is there with me, and vice versa. While you rest, keep in mind the love you have for me.

33. I’m planning to be with you always, and it will remain. I won’t be leaving you because my heart is exhausted and is glued to you with a bond that doesn’t break. Sleep well.

34. I’m smiling right now because I’m thinking of you, and it’s like the evening should be a pause, so I’ll cherish this moment for the rest of my life. I’m hoping you’re sleeping well.

35. This is to inform you that I just woke from a dream you were in, and it was the most beautiful dream I’ve ever experienced. I’d like to experience such a dream once more. Rest well.

36. When you go to bed, I hope your dreams bring happiness, joy, and peace. I would like you to get up knowing that I love you.

37. I lie down and think about how beautiful and unique our relationship is, the perfect kind, even with its flaws. But I’m sure you’re asleep peacefully.

38. I would like to let you know that I am in love with you even though I might not be doing the things that people would expect to be evidence of my love. Sleep like an infant, my baby.

39. Do I need to tell you how I value you to me? What words should I use? It’s more than words describe, and I’m drowning in it. Rest well.

40. I’ll always be there for you, and I’m happy to be your friend. I’m just a phone step away should you require me. I cherish you. Rest peacefully.

41. Every time you fall asleep, it’s as if I’m all alone. But, there’s nothing to worry about. I’m sure that we’re in the same place. Sleep well.

42. Your smile is a great comfort for me. It makes me feel happy that we have met. I wish your dreams bring you many more smiles. You can rest.

43. You can count on me to always be here whenever you need me. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to love someone as much as I am in love with you. Sleep well, baby.

44. I’m here to help you with all your issues and put a smile on your face. I would like to be with you always. I love you dearly. Be well-rested, my dear.

45. When we sleep, we are at peace. I hope your dreams come true and you don’t get a bad nightmare. Have a good night’s sleep.

46. You’ll always be hidden in my heart, and I am looking, with high expectations, to the wonderfulness of the future we will share with me in my own and you in yours. Sleep, sweet one.

47. I hope you’ll be in most of my memories since you’re the one I cherish the most. I’m hoping we can have some wonderful moments together. Sleep well, love.

48. I’ve mentioned”I’m in love with you!” many times, but believe me when I tell you; I cannot say enough. I want you to be with me every time I can. Relax and rest comfortably.

49. It makes me laugh, and I love you. You are so dear to me that it’s hard to even begin describing how important it means. Rest peacefully, my sweet.

50. I am everything to you. Nobody else can understand, to me, the things that you do to me. I love you today and forever. Rest well, love.

Asleep But Text Messages For Her

I’m sure you’re asleep, But Text Messages for her in a caring way.

3. At this point, my loved one must have been in a deep sleep; however, I have to write you this note. I love you dearly.

4. If you’re sleeping or dreaming about us, please read this message when you awake. I love you.

5. I’m so excited for you to touch your forehead when you awake from the most romantic dreams ever. I love you more than ever before.

6. The center of my universe is asleep. I am yours since you are my prize. If you wake up, I’ll be the most joyful.

7. My heart is filled with love and passion waiting to be unleashed upon you. You just need to wake up and discover the beauty waiting for you.

8. My pleasure is in love Love is my favorite I love you and cherish your company. If you are awake, I want you to know I am waiting for you.

9. For the pearl which is bringing happiness to me, to my part that makes me smile most. I’m eager for you to speak.

10. However, I love you even when you’re sleeping. There is no reason for me to send you this message in the morning. I love you.

11. When you get up, you can rest at ease, knowing I will miss you. Let’s share a bath in love. I am in love with you to the core.

12. Your heart should be filled with joy forever when you sleep; I hope you will find me in that valley where love is the fountain.

13. I have realized how being in love can make an impact; it lifts the spirit of my soul and stimulates my heart. I am in love with you.

14. Who is my friend when you’re distant from me? Today, your body is near, yet your spirit is asleep. Wake up and hear my message to you.

15. Good morning, dear. I will cherish you until the end of time and will be there for you throughout the time. I am so grateful to you.

16. Dear sweet angel, I would love to be there for you, but sleep has stolen you from me. I’m so grateful to you.

17. I feel as if I’m hugging my wife. I want to play with you immediately. Please be kind to me throughout the rest that I live. I love you.

18. It was because you entered my life that I became satisfied. This is because you decided to be my wife, and I began to feel happy. I love you.

19. If you awake, I’m already off to the pastures of greenery. However, this message will be with you since I love you.

20. How are you faring in your life? Would you like to see me? Am I smiling at you? Am I hugging you? Did you embrace me?

21. It is an alarm call. This is a message that I will always be sent to you to make you smile on your face. I’m sending lots of kisses to your forehead.

22. Absolutely, falling loving you has been my joy. It’s the motivation I require to begin my day. If you get up, do not hesitate to call me so that I can tell you that I am in love with you.

23. I’m texting to say that I am in love with you. You may be sleeping right now, but that does not mean I don’t love my dear angel.

24. You’re always there for me. You’re always been an important part of my existence. I will cherish you to the end of the world.

25. In the love world, I picked you like my rose, and in the realm of passion, I picked you as I did my music. In reality, I chose you as my wife of mine.

26. Whatever the depth to which you’re in your sleep, do not forget that I will always be able to remember you as if you were awake.

27. Dear angel awakes and is joined by your beloved to join a man whose mission is to make you feel happy every day. I love you very much.

28. After years of suffering and sadness from nothing, you appeared and cleansed my past. Consider this message an opportunity to awaken.

29. Wake up and be loved and joy; awake to love and wake in the most stunning world. I love you so much, darling.

30. To the joy of life, I pray that the Lord awaken you to good health. I cherish you.

31. In love, I met you. In joy, I saw you and was in tranquility; I’d like to live the remainder of my life with you. Good morning.

32. I’m sure you’re normally asleep, and I am happy to send you a wake-up note here.

33. It’s not as simple as we imagine; after all this anxiety, the sleep has gone away. I love you dearly. I cherish you more than ever before.

34. Love, joy, happiness, and the joy of this moment will be with you in good health. I am your love to the full moon and beyond.

35. Even in 10 years, I will be with you for the rest of my existence. I will be there for you in all facets of life. I love you.

36. To the most beautiful, the love that came to me is the one of God. The second incredible is that you wake up to a beautiful love message.

37. Sometimes, I would think about why I couldn’t stop in love with you. I am so sorry for you and wish you the best things in this world.

38. Get up early and then enjoy breakfast. I am the kind of person who is a believer in making meals for my spouse. I am in love with you.

39. When I am with you, I feel much better. If you’re asleep, I would like to wake you up. However, my respect for you won’t allow me to do it.

40. To you, my heart is robbed, even if I sleep? Wake up and open the love of my life to me. I have a deep love for you.

41. As you get up, I’ve left a gift in your wardrobe to discover how much I cherish you.

42. I’ll be there for you for the rest of my existence. I love you more than ever before. Thank you for always being there for me.