How to Stop Snoring: 7 Easy Snoring Remedies

In this whole world, no one is unfamiliar with snoring. Most people are suffering from this common disorder. Due to several reasons like overweight, alcohol consumption, allergies, sinus, sleeping position, and other things, it can happen. This problem won’t solve overnight, and it takes a huge time to get rid of this issue. 

Snoring affects sleeping quality, may cause sleep deprivation or sleep apnea. You can prevent these issues by using some gadgets and natural remedies. Thus, we are here with the remedies that can help you to learn How to Stop Snoring. So, follow this useful guide to solve your snoring issue. 

How to Stop Snoring: 7 Easy Snoring Remedies

Just by making some changes in lifestyle, you can prevent snoring issues. Stay with us to know How to Stop Snoring. Here, we will show 7 easy snoring remedies that will create a positive impact on snoring.

Using SnoreStop

SnoreStop is a watch that works like an anti-snore. This device can effectively solve your snoring problems. It can detect snoring and then, using the repositioning facilities, sends electro impulses with its biosensors. 

With intelligent technology, without creating any sleeping problems, it can stop sleep apnea and other sleeping issues. This wristwatch-like device works for 8 hours and easily fits anyone’s hand. 

The using process of SnoreStop is very simple as wearing a wristwatch. Follow the below steps to use it:

  • At first, open the SnoreStop’s straps.
  • Wear SnoreStop and press the top middle button once. 
  • After that, go to sleep. It will work for 8 hours. When you start snoring, it will send very low-intensity electrical impulses to neutralize the snoring. 
  • After 8 hours, it will shut off automatically.  

This device has no side effects; moreover, it can provide huge benefits by preventing snoring. After a few days of use, it will improve your quality of sleeping by reducing snoring issues. 

Sleeping Position

One of the easiest and effective remedies to stop snoring is to sleep on the side instead of back sleeping. Back sleeping also causes sleep; your jaw recedes, neck weight compresses the upper airway, and the tongue falls back. Which causes vibration and disturbs the airflow, then results in snoring. 

Sleeping on the side reduces the chin pressure and clears the airway. That can stop causing snore. Follow these below ways to get yourself sleeping on the side.

  • You should use the pillow effectively. Some specialist pillows can help to promote side sleeping. Also, you can use normal pillows. With normal pillows, make sure to prop up yourself to prevent rolling onto the back. 
  • Make sleeping on the back difficult and uncomfortable. The best way is to place a tennis ball into the pyjama’s backside. It will make the backside sleeping literally impossible.

Losing Weight

Weight is influenced greatly to increase snoring issues because the weight of the neck directly compresses the upper airway. Also, extra fat pushes up the diaphragm, collapses the airway and the residual lung volume. If you can reduce a few pounds, you can see a positive change in snoring. Studies show that reducing 10-15% body weight can minimize the severity of your sleep apnea.

The process of losing weight should be sustainable. There is no need for any drastic change. Below techniques can help you sustainably reduce weight. 

  • You should monitor the carbs amount you take regularly. After that, make smart substitutions to reduce the number of carbohydrates.
  • Start eating often. Don’t get surprised; you are seeing the right thing. You should eat often, but the amount should be less. This thing can effectively work for losing weight.

Clean the Surroundings

Contaminants, dust, pollen, allergens, etc., are trapped everywhere in the room. These things pollute the air, which results in causing allergy, blocking the nose, and ultimately snoring. To stop them from ruining your sleep, follow the below techniques.

  • Soft materials easily trap allergens, dust, pollens, and other contaminants. In this case, hot washes can work effectively to remove these snoring triggers. 
  • Make sure to vacuum all the corners and places that don’t use too much. These are the ideal place for producing allergens and contaminants. 
  • Taking a shower before sleeping reduces the pollen and dust that stick to the skin, clothing, and hair. 

Exercise the Snoring Muscles

To reduce snoring, you should exercise the mouth, throat, and tongue muscles. Due to muscle weakness, the airway slacks and causes snoring. Do the below exercises every day for 20 minutes and see the improved result. People who perform these exercises regularly reduce their snoring intensity and frequency. 

  • Slide the tongue tip as far as it goes back to the hard palate.
  • Suck the tongue upward by pressing it against the mouth roof. 
  • Force the tongue back against the mouth floor and keep contact between the tip and the lower incisors. 
  • Pull out the cheek and pull back the cheek inward against the force of fingers using the mouth muscle.
  • Uplift the uvula by doing this sound “aahh” and hold it for a few seconds. 

Practice Sleep Hygiene

Maintaining hygiene and having good sleep can combat the snoring problem in a great way. With this indirect solution, people can actually improve their snoring and sleep health. Try out the below tips:

  • Maintain a regular bedtime and aim for 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • Keep the room dark and cool.
  • Do some gentle activity before sleeping like reading books, listening to songs, etc. 
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated at night. It will make the airway clean, open, and let you breathe comfortably. 

Kick Out the Bad Habits

To get a snore-free sleep, you must have to kick out all the bad habits. Alcohol consumption, smoking, and caffeine influence snoring. If you smoke or live in a smoky atmosphere, it can trigger you to snoring. Smoke increases the production of mucus and makes the nose or throat tissues aggravate. 

Alcohol makes the airways relax and slack while sleeping. As a result, it disrupts normal sleeping patterns. Lastly, caffeine helps to increase the activity level and disturb the sleeping pattern that causes snoring. 


Actually, snoring is a bit of a complicated issue because there is no specific reason behind it. Therefore, following only one or two remedies won’t cure this problem as you don’t know the main reason. The best method is the combination of using an anti-snoring device and making some positive lifestyle changes. 

This guide can help you to know How to Stop Snoring with some easy changes. We provide some natural lifestyle changes remedies. These things can surely make some positive impact on your snoring issue. Read the full article, and learn all the remedies or techniques and start applying them today.