How to show affection

Having feelings for someone but don’t know how to show or prove it? Is there anyone that you love but troubled on how to show the person your feelings? I understand how you feel, and how troubled you are on what you can do to make the person understand, that you truly love and care about him or her. Just relax if that is why you are here, definitely you are at the right place. I will show you, what to do and how you can express that your affections or feelings towards the person.


How to show affection


  1. Help the one you love. One of the best ways one can prove his or her love to someone is by helping out when he or she is in need of assistance. Remember it is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed.


  1. Give all your attention to the one that you love. Yes it is very important that you give all your attention to the person, it’s only by doing so you will know when he or she is happy and when there is something troubling his or her mind.


  1. Avoid doing the things that the person dislikes. It is better for you to ask the person about his or her life, so that you will understand exactly the things that make the person happy and the things he or she loves doing most and you do them. You can ask his or her close friends or family, if you are not able to get the person and still looking for a way to do that. Then it’s a good start for you.
  2. Make out time to spend with the person. You need to try make out some time, so that you can be able to spend more time with the person. It will help to make you two to be together and have more conversation about each other and the things that makes one another happy.


  1. Have effective communication with the person. Don’t just stay and be waiting when to meet each other. You can build a strong communication between you two by calling and texting the person always. When calling or texting try to ask about his or her daily activities, advice him or her on any where necessary, tell the person how much you love and care about him or her. Building a strong communication will make everything easy for you.


My final advice for you about this, first take your time to learn and understand the person well, it’s only by doing so, you will make things easier for you and it will also help you to know the best way to treat the person. Try to also tell the person about your feelings. It is very important to do so.