How To Move On

After a break up in a relationship, there’s a natural heartbreak that follows which needs to tackle. Naturally, it doesn’t feel good when you broke up with your partner especially when there’s an old memories between you two that’s worth remembering.

There are thousands of ways in which you can get over a heartbreak and move on in life. So, if you are looking for a way to move on with your life, relax and read this article as it tends to tell you all the necessary steps to follow when trying to move on.

How To Move On

  1. Accept what has happened
  2. Cry it out if necessary
  3. Set a routine that will keep you busy
  4. Mingle with other friends
  5. Get rid of things that reminds you of the past.
  6. Build up yourself and make a positive change.
  7. Set a boundary in your lifestyle
  8. Note down all the mistakes you made in the past and fixed them within you.
  9. Build up a forgiving spirit
  10. Make yourself happy.

How To Move On

• Accept what has happened.

This is very important when trying to move on. If you are not ready to accept that your previous relationship had failed, there’s no how your mind will be free and moving on will be another hard task for you. But when you are able to accept that it’s over between you and your partner, it will be much easier for you to move on with your life.

Sometimes, most people who are suffering so much about break-up may be due to they are still wondering if to accept it or not. They are confused because of the love they feel for that person. Not knowing that, one sided love can kill someone fast. So, for an easy tips, you need to accept that it’s over so that another better idea shall be welcomed into your mind, before you may know it, you have already moved on.


• Cry it out if necessary.

Feel your emotions, cry it out if it’s so painful on you. Find a comfortable place, feel your pain and cry it out if it’s necessary. Do not hold on to the pain, it will only make you weak. But when you were able to allow yourself to feel the pain and cry it out, it will be easier for you to put yourself together on your own.

One of the mistakes most people make is not freeing themselves to feel their pain, to cry the pain out, to express their feelings. Such attitude will only cause you injuries in your heart. And it may even lead to some heart problems, because whenever you remember that person or come in contact with that person, it will be as if the wound is reopened again.

But when you feel it and cry it out once and for all, the pain will be resolved and it will be easier for you to move on. After encouraging yourself that you won’t cry again for that same issue. Do take note of this.


• Set a routine that will keep you busy.

Setting a routine that will keep you busy has to do with creating out some works that will drive your mind out from your past experience. Something that you will be doing regularly so as to engage yourself from something more important instead of thinking about your heartbreak. Just as it was said, “An idol mind is a devil’s workshop”.

When your mind is dormant, not doing any calculation or any work at all, your are bound to be thinking all the unnecessary things, and sometimes it may lead to developing the feeling of commiting suicide. But when you fix yourself in some routine that will keep you busy and active, it will be much easier to move on.


• Mingle with other friends.

Mingle yourself with some other friends who will keep you company and from there, you will derive happiness through their own happiness. Staying alone and mourning your previous relationship will not help you at all, instead it will even kill you the more.

But when you start associating yourself with some other people who are more better than your ex, you will notice that you will forget about him or her in no due time. So, isolating yourself In a case like this is never a solution, instead its a punishment. Communication will go a long way way with this problem.

How To Move On

• Get rid of things that reminds you of the past.

Is either you return his or her belongings or you set them ablase so that you won’t be able to have any other connection with him or her. For a better way of moving on after a breakup, is to get rid of the things that will reminds you of him or her. Sometimes, there are power on some gifts or items that you both shared when in good terms, so this power is capable of building up as soon as you started looking into those items that belongs to them.

The good and bad memories will be as if it’s at fresh, as if it’s repeating itself, and that will not be a good thing for you. For the fact that the relationship is called off, and you have accepted that and trying to move on, you should as well get rid of anything that belongs to the past and abondon them all.


• Build up yourself and make a positive change.

Build up yourself by setting a big vision for yourself. Be someone that people will be looking up to on the future. Work more on yourself on becoming a better and most admirable person with firm and much recognition.
For instance. Plan on how to get more higher, work hard, place yourself so high and study if you are a student. Make some positive change and be the best of your kind. With that, you are good to go.

Anytime he or she sees or hears of you, he or she will be moved and will regret his or her actions for the rest of their lifes. But if you are nothing in their life, they will be happy that they left you. So take note of that. Be the one to be happy that they left you not otherwise.


• Set a boundary in your lifestyle.

Setting a boundary in your lifestyle simply means that you should be cautioned about what you do, who you mingle with. Do not because your ex left you, you will immediately get into any other relationship as you just want to show him or her that you are capable.

Set boundaries in any relationship you find yourself, do not punish yours by jumping from one woman to the other or from one man to another just to show how sharp and cute you are. Create a tangible policy that will guide you and do not be selfish in doing so too. A platonic relationship can be emulated for better understanding of your partner before jumping into any serious attachment.


• Note down all the mistakes you made in the past and fixed them within you.

Take some time and note down all the mistakes you made in your previous relationship, even the ones you ignored and the ones you noticed. Try fixing them within you so that you will know how to tackle it incase if it comes up in your new relationship.

It’s possible and normal to make mistakes but it’s abnormal to make same mistakes everytime. So take note of it.


• Build up a forgiving spirit.

Forgive your ex and also forgive yourself so that it will be easier for you to move on. Having an unforgiving spirit can cause you to be a prone of committing crime especially when you remember what caused you pain. So it’s important you forgive, forget and then move on in your life.


Make yourself happy.

Happiness is something that you owe yourself. So you shouldn’t wait for someone to make you happy when you have all it takes to be happy. Your life alone is one of the reasons you have to be happy. So work on making yourself happy.