How to make your wife happy

How to make your wife happy

To make your wife happy you need to follow these guidelines for it will lead you to the key of happiness in your home. Happiness is the number one thing that is required from a health family. “How to make your wife happy”

How to make your wife happy

To make your wife happy, you have to control your anger towards her. Even if you are hurt tempered, it shouldn’t be when it comes to your wife your anger will be less and people will always say that it’s because of his wife that he withdrew that act. This attitude always pleases a woman, it makes them realized that their husband loves them very much

To make your wife happy, you have to be protecting her in public. Be that husband that always stand by his wife no matter what, even though she is wrong outside, at least defend her from people and make peace there immediately then if you come inside, you can blame her. Than being that husband who blame their wife outside all in the name of standing by the truth. Not that you won’t say the truth but at least defend her from the people that are against her, then later make peace there and blame your wife later inside the room. And caution her not to do that again.

To make your wife happy, you have to keep records of every event that happens in your life together, so that you will be remembering it with some gifts to her. Those attitudes reconnect the souls together. Do not let her remind you of her birthday, or anniversary. Gifting her will always make her happy wherever she sees you.

To make your wife happy you should be ready to sacrifice sometimes for the happiness to last. What am I saying? You shouldn’t expect that everything should be moving your way. NO. Sometimes ignore your desires and do hers, swallow your ego and bow to hers and later correct her with a calm tone at the right moment.

To make your wife happy, you should be happy yourself. Do not be that kind of man that smiles not play. Be friendly to your wife, be an easy going fellow so that she will be free playing with you. Do not be a saddest. Cheer up and show her some welcoming spirit. Do the things that makes you happy so that your happiness will attract hers at the same time.


These are the most common ways you can make your wife happy. Drop your comments if you have any.


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