How To Make Your Wife Feel Special

How to make your wife feel special is what am going to explain to you in this article. It is very important for you as a man and husband to know ways to make your wife happy and feel special.

There are many ways for you to treat your wife and make her understand that you really love and value her. There are some things every married woman wants from her husband and wish that he will do it for her. All these is what am going to talk about in this article today. So search no more, if you are looking for how to make your wife feel special. You will surely get answers to what you are looking for. I

also added some videos for you to watch and learn more ways that you can treat your wife and make her feel special.

How To Make Your Wife Feel Special

To make your wife feel special try to always give her attention, buy her gifts, defend her, ask for her opinion first, take her on a date and many other interesting things that will make her happy.

1. Give her your attention and affection.

Every woman deserves to be given attention, care and concern. If you truly love her as your wife, you need to give her that attention she wants from you and never deprive it from her. It’s only when you give her your love and attention, you will be able to understand her and know the time that she needs you most, and try to also be there for her. She deserves it, is her right as your wife, so give it to her.

2. Ask of her opinion first.

Don’t just rush and make a decision without thinking about her opinion and how she will feel on that your decision. Take her as part of your life, your heart and brain. She is part of you, don’t deny it from her. Make her to know about that decision, and not just telling her about it, listen and consider her own opinion. She is your wife and also part of your life, because if anything happens to you, it is also happening to her. So if you want to make her feel special, ask of her own opinion.

3. Defend her in public.

Don’t be among those men that treats their wife anyhow in public. I want you to bear in mind that if you treat her as if she is nothing and disgrace her in public, you are also doing so to yourself. She is your wife and whenever any incident happens between the both of you outside, her name will not only be mentioned but your own too will be there. She will always be referred as your wife, so please try to understand it. Defending and protecting your wife, is your duty as her husband.

4. Buy her gifts.

YES buy her gifts, she really deserves it. Don’t think that it is nothing because women love gifts a lot especially from the man they love. No matter how small you think it is, buy it for her she will love it. It also a good way for you to express your love and feelings to her.

5. Go on a date with her.

Being married does not mean that you will not go on a date again with your wife. She is a woman and also your love, why not show her, how special she is to you and take her out on a date with you. Do you think that going for a date is only for young and unmarried people. Make out time and even go on family vacations, a true fact is that if you make your kids happy your wife is twice happier. Remove that thought on your mind and hangout with her. Doing so will make her happy and feel loved by you. Learn how to date your wife for better understanding.

6. Be open to her and make her understand your activities.

She is your wife and deserve to know about your whereabouts, places and your daily activities. Depriving it all from her is not good, I didn’t say as a man, you should not have your own secrets. No all I mean is to at least, try to avoid living a life that will always make her to suspect you of anything.

7. Cook for her and also join her in kitchen at times.

YES cook for your wife. Even if you don’t know how to cook. There is something that you should know how to prepare. No matter how little it is, cook it for her. Follow her to the kitchen at times and cook together with her. Doing all these are ways you can express your love and how special she is in your life.

8. Spend time to play with her.

Couples should play together, spend quality time together with her. If you are not doing this with your wife, you are making a big mistake. Add fun and play in your marriage, it is very important, for you to build your family with love and fun.

9. Avoid those things that she hates.

You can’t think of making her feel special when you always do the things she hates most. If you don’t know her well and what she loves and hates doing, then there is no way you can make her feel special easily. She is your wife ask her about things that she loves and hates for you to know her better and how to treat her.

10. Respect and listen to her.

When she talks as a woman, try to also listen to her on what she has to say. YES you are the man and head of the house, that same way she is the woman and deputy head of the house. A king can’t take all decisions without his Queen’s notice. So give her the respect that she deserves. For everyone deserves to be respected no matter how small the person may be.

11. Compliment her.

It is good to always compliment your wife and remind her of how beautiful she is. If you see her on a new attire, smile and give her a sweet compliment on the dress. She wears all these just to look good for you. So don’t deny her of the compliments that she deserves.

12. Appreciate her.

It very important for you to always show sign of appreciation for anything you do. If you always appreciate her when she does something, no matter how the thing is and how little it is, appreciate that her little effort, for she deserves all that. And the more you appreciate her, the more she will be doing greater things because she knows that you will like it.

Finally my last advice for you on this topic, is for you to make her feel special you must put her and her happiness first before anything else.