How To Make Your Butt Bigger

Butt is one of the beauties of every woman. There are different sizes of butt, and so as everyone is created differently, so is their butts too. “How To Make Your Butt Bigger”

If you have a small butt and you are interested in building your butts to become larger or more prominent to give you all the fitness that you wanted. Kindly go through this article to understand what you need to do To have a bigger butt.


How To Make Your Butt Bigger


  • Improve your walking step

Try cat walking. Do some work on your walking step, do not walk so weak and scattered. Swing your hip as you walk. Walk majestically and angelic. Raise your legs slightly while walking. Do not match your foot on the ground making some sounds while walking. Your walking step can affect the size and shape of your butt.


  • Watch your dressing

Pit on something more suitable not done loose clothes. Choose a cloth that will bring your shape out. A fabric that will tight and shape your butt curves properly. Not too tight to the extent that it will press your butt inside. At least choose something that will make your butt cone out so well.

“How To Make Your Butt Bigger”

  • Go on high heels

High heels can go a long way in increasing your butts. If you are not good at wearing heels, you have to start wearing it now because it will contribute to your desires in making your butts to be bigger, and we’ll curve. High heels can as well help you to build up your walking steps.


  • Do some bodyweight squat.

Engage your self in this exercise Called bodyweight squat. You can achieve that by –

Standing up on your feet, bend down with your knees, not crossing your toes, do not allow your butts to touch your knees or waist. Do it as if you want to go to the toilet. Do not bend too much. If you can do that exercise very well, your butts will not take time to grow in a way that you wanted because you will be in control. You can also read about body fitness plan to know more ways that can help you as a woman to keep fit.


  • Do some buttocks exercise weekly.

Do some buttocks exercise in one day. Maybe creat out one day to perform several exercises that involve the buttocks. Any of these exercises that you will do can help build your hip muscle.

“How To Make Your Butt Bigger”

  • Perform a step up with one of your knees up.

This is achieved by standing up with one foot and raising the other to the level of your knee. Do that repeatedly as you stand. You can find a chair for support Incase you want to rest your other leg. Such exercise is capable of increasing your butt.


  • Wear tight jeans with a small pocket.

Suppose you are the type that likes wearing jeans. You should try wearing a Jean that is tight, with a small pocket, not those loose jeans with a big pocket or no pocket. Wear a Jean that will cup your little butt, Making it to appear more in your eyes so that it will be gradually taking that shape.


  • Try wearing a belt on your waist.

Pit on a tight belt that will help to curve your waist in a way that it will separate the fats from your butt to give your butts Better curves. Attaching a waist belt after dress up is very lovely for butt enlargement.

“How To Make Your Butt Bigger”

  • Be consistent

Do not give up on pursuing your goal. Continue with your exercise, and don’t give up on it. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to grow, but you will be glad when you achieve that.


  • Try climbing stairs

Climb stairs often. It will help increase your butt because it involves raising of legs against your thighs. So it is also a quick way of increasing your butt.


Natural ways to increase your butt with food.

Natural ways to increase your butt with food

There is food that helps to increase butt naturally. Which are –


  • Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates intake is excellent in making your butt bigger. It will give your body enough energy both to the hip muscle to supply the hips with the fresh it needed.

“How To Make Your Butt Bigger”

  • Eggs

Adding eggs to your meal is also an excellent way of improving your diet on hip enlargement.


  • Legumes

Legumes help to maximize the synthesis of muscles and also boost the growth of the glutes. Example of legumes are – 

Beans, peas, lentil, peanut.


  • Lots of Protein

Eating a lot of protein is a suitable muscle enlargement because muscles are made of protein. Your glutes will be happy if you consume an adequate-protein, thereby increasing the muscles on your butts.


  • Lots of avocados

It’s a fruit that is high in antioxidants, which includes carotenoid. Examples; cryptoxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin. This fruit is rich in fiber and vitamins.

According to research, it is observed that avocado can help to reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and inflammation, sites to make a recovery speedy.

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“How To Make Your Butt Bigger”