How to love a man And what a man really want

Are you disturbed on how to love a man so that he will understand that you love him? Or you want to know the way to love him to make your relationship last longer with happiness. Well worry no more for I will show you today what to be doing to make him happy. So without wasting much of your time let me just go straight to the point.

How to love a man

1. Listen to him when he is taking.

Whenever he is talking to you try to first calm down and listen to him for it will make him to know that you care about him. Men don’t like it when a woman is talking back to them or when a woman doesn’t pay attention to him when he is talking. So listen to him.

2. Show him respect.

Try as much as to always as you can to respect your man because doing so will make him love you and also think well about you.

3. Give him space to go out.

Allow your man to always hangout with other men because depriving him from that will make him to be unhappy and will easily get tired of you.

4. Allow him to do some things.

I know you will try to do all the things as a woman but at times allow him to do things on his own and don’t try to do everything for him.

5. Appreciate him.

Try to always show sign of appreciation to your man especially when he does something for you. Doing so will make him happy will also love to be doing more things for you.

6. Cook his best food.

Don’t be among those ladies that starve their man of the best food they love eating. Cook for that food once in a while. In fact learn to cook that his best food well and you will see that he will love you and also be happy with you.

7. Buy him gifts.

Don’t think that is only his duty to be spending on you. Try to buy him gifts at times. The gift may not be big but it can be anything, no matter how small it is he will appreciate it as long as it is from you.

8. Understand his moods.

Know when he is in good or bad mood for you to know how to comfort him if he is in a bad mood. And it will also help you not to get him more angry.

9. Know when to bring things up.

Don’t just bring out your problems when you know he is in bad mood or not ready to listen. Remember there is time for everything, so look for the right time to bring things up.

10. Give him sex.

Try to at times dress in sexy way to attract him. Although sex is not that important but it plays a role. Because it brings the heart together. So to show more love give him sex.

11. Don’t change him.

Yes some characters or things about him will change when both of you meet. But don’t try to change those one which he can’t easily stop. Allow him to be who he is, for peace and love to reign.

Even if you want to change a bad character in him then don’t use for but follow him in slow and steady way.


Loving a man is easy but what matters most is for you to first understand your man and the kind of life he lives because with that you can be able to handle him and show him love.

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