Married woman can like you more than a friend but may not be able to express her feelings to you directly due to the fact that she’s married. But there are signs and ways to know if she truly likes you more than a friend.

We designed this article just to give you every information you need to know about this. So careful go through it and understand very well all about it. For there is some things one cannot say directly but through his or her actions you will get to know everything in her mind even without saying them.

How to know if a married woman likes you more than a friend

If you both work at the same place, or that she’s your colleague at work, these are how to know if she like you more than a friend.

  • She will like to favor you more than other co-worker.
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At your working place, you will notice that she will like to favor you more than other co-workers. Some of her doing will be in favor of you, because she doesn’t want anything to disturb your peace.

  • She will cover up for you in some cases.

During working hours, if she finds out that you didn’t meet up in some issues, she will like to cover up for you, defends you in some occasion so that you won’t get into any kind of trouble with the management.

  • She will like to be close to you.

She will always look for something that will bring her closer to you. Her closeness towards you will not be as ordinary as it is with other co-workers.

  • She likes to know more about your family and your lifestyle.

She always ask you about your family. She will like to know your lifestyle and your family background. So as to show concern and care towards you.

  • She gets jealous whenever you are with other female co-worker.

Jealousy will be written all over her whenever she sees you socializing with other workers especially the female ones.

  • She will always look for a reason to touch you.

She won’t like to miss any chance of touching you. You will notice that she enjoys touching you while she speaks.

  • She will gives you green light for you to feel her motives.

A lot of signs you will be receiving from her especially when she didn’t have the courage to approach you. She continues to send you signal which you will observe so we’ll because it will be clear.

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How To know If A Married Woman Likes You More Than A Friend

How to know a married woman who’s living in same environment with you likes you more than a friend.

When you both are living so close to each other, these are how to know if she likes you more than a friend.

  • She allows her child or children to come closer to you.

Her child will stand as a medium to reach you. She will not be against her children going to you because she will make use of that influence to approach and see you.

  • She calls you for help some times, especially when the husband isn’t around.

Among all the people living in the compound, you will notice that you are the only person she calls for help especially when the husband is not around.

  • She will look for a reason to come inside your apartment.

She will also look for a reason to enter your house. She may not be open to you, instead she will indirectly asked for something or to share some ideas with you, by doing that she’s getting more closer.

  • She won’t stop asking you about your personal life and relationship status.

She will like to know more about your relationship life. She will ask if you have a girlfriend, and she will always remind you of that as if she’s monitoring you.

You will always notice her gazing at you.

In some occasion, you will catch her gazing at you and when you ask, she diverts it or blushes over that. That’s a sign that she likes you more than a friend.

  • The way she talks to you will not be the same as others.

You will notice that there’s a change in her voice while speaking with you. She will use soft and romantic voice to speak with you.

  • She will try to impress you more than your girl.

All that errors your girl might be doing, she will be there to be making it right and pretend to be happy with you both. You will see that, she will try her best to impress you more, than your girl just to get your attention.

  • She dresses hot whenever she wants to meet you.

She will change her dressing code just for you. She will look more sexy and hot especially when she want to meet you.