How to get a Taurus woman to chase you

First, let’s go slowly. Taurus is a Zodiac sign that represents people born on April 20- May 20. The symbol of Taurus is the bull sign, which means that they are healthy, determine, focus, and stubborn sometimes.

Now, let me go straight to the question, “how to get a Taurus woman to chase you?” But don’t think that a Taurus woman will follow you around like a puppy. You will need to motivate her and make her feel lusty towards you, and you will see that she can never shy away from any challenges that come the way. After reading you can read which zodiac signs are the craziest.


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How to get a Taurus woman to chase you

  1. Be funny.
  2. Smell good.
  3. Mind your dressing
  4. Allow her to show you her creativity.
  5. Choose quality over anything.
  6. Don’t rush her.
  7. Compliment her
  8. Make her understand you are stable and independent.
  9. Buy her flowers.
  10. Make your home to be right.
  11. Don’t be clingy.
  12. Make her feel secure.
  13. Don’t split payments.


  1. Be funny.

Learn to have fun and be funny if you want to get a Taurus woman because they love to smile and always be happy. So if you are a funny type, be sure to win her heart easily.


  1. Smell good.

Look for good perform and bathing soap if you don’t have to help you smell good. If you are trying to attract Taurus women, try to make sure that you feel good because they quickly fall for fragments that they smell with their nose.

  1. Mind your dressing

I don’t mean buying expensive dresses, but I am merely trying to let you know that you need to dress smart and straightforward like a gentleman to be able to get her. If you are the type that doesn’t mind how you wear or look, it will be hard then for you to get a Taurus woman. Because they love to be good and look good, and they also want their man to be the same.


  1. Allow her to show you her creativity.

Because they love to show off at times, you should allow her to show off, her creative and also admire it when she does so. Even encourage her if you have to do so because all theses will make her easily fall for you.


  1. Choose quality over anything.

If you are dating or trying to get a Taurus woman, you must learn to choose quality over anything else. But that doesn’t mean that you should be spending anyhow, but know that a Taurus woman loves good things and not anyhow something. If you are not ready to spend some money, especially in getting quality things for yourself.


  1. Compliment her

Another most natural way to get her is to compliment her and tell her how lovely and beautiful she is. Compliments are one of the things that draw Taurus woman close to a man but don’t overdo. Too much of everything is terrible, and they believe strongly in that.

  1. Make her understand you are stable and independent.

Taurus women love to be independent, and so do they want their man to be. So if you’re going to get her, you need to make her understand that you are stable and independent, because it’s one of the things that she will want to see in you.


  1. Make your home to be right.

Making your home to right, beautiful, and attractive is one of the best ways for you to get her. So don’t plan to get her or take her home if you know that your home doesn’t look right. It would be best if you did not use expensive furniture but at least let it look good and worth living.


  1. Make her feel secure.

Taurus doesn’t like to stay in a place or with someone that they are not comfortable with. So try to make her feel convenient and secure when she is with you. Because if she feels relax with you, be sure to win her heart.


  1. Buy her flowers.

They love earthly things and their natural beauty. So they will admire flowers a lot more than anything. But that doesn’t mean you should be getting her flowers always, but giving her a flower as gifts for the first time will make her happy and feel lovely.


  1. Don’t be clingy.

Since she loves to be independent and free. If you are the emotionally dependent type, and can’t give her that freedom she wants, because she doesn’t only want to be independent but will also want her man to be so too.


  1. Don’t split payments.

If you are on a date with her, it is best not to allow her to contribute to making payments unless she is the one that insists on doing so. If not, she may not come back to you again, or you may find it hard to get her.


  1. Don’t rush her.

They don’t like to be rushed or forced to do things. So if you are trying to get a Taurus woman, you should try to learn how to be patient and understanding. If not, you will find it hard to get her to fall for you.

How to make Taurus woman miss you

  • Make sure that you are not a parasite to her. What I mean is that, when you too are together, make sure to know your limits. Do not be too depending, be a man and always be the one to give, no matter how little it may be. She will be the one to add up from her heart instead of you asking for it.
  • Communicate with her often but not too often. Let your communication be at equilibrium. Always understand that everything in this life has limit. If you always devote all your time in communicating with her, you may end up loosing your respect from her. But if you set it in a way that will be normal and fair, she will be the one showering you with lots of respect.
  • Send her some presents through someone. Don’t that you won’t give her some packages by yourself, but sometimes, do it through someone else. You can go with flowers, wrists watch, necklace or even nice cards. She will appreciate that more and will forever keep those gifts deep inside her box.

How to get a Taurus woman to open up

  • Do not nag at her or shout at her
    Pretend to be angry and give her some little space whenever she does something, you didn’t like.
    Call her later, angrily but camly ask her the reasons behind her actions.
  • Persuade her romantically to tell you what she’s passing through, or what the problem may be.
    Give her some time to explain, incase if you didn’t get the answer that you expected.
    Don’t forget to call her one on one to avoid misunderstanding.

Signs that a Taurus woman likes you

  • She will be the one to be asking of you.
  • She feels relax whenever she’s with you.
  • She observes your mood and appear to be so caring and concern in knowing what your problem may be.
  • She keeps whatever you have her so neat and protected.
  • There will be no fear or shy when she’s around you.

How to attract Taurus woman with texting

  • Avoid using naughty words on her because they hardly harbor any unusual conversation.
  • Make use correct English and spelling when typing or texting her.
  • Give her a mind testing messages that she will read repeatedly before understanding what you meant. But let is be a pure text messages.
  • Do not forget to be the first to wish her happy new month, year, birthday or even good morning text messages before anyone else.

How to make a Taurus woman jealous

  • Be happy in front of her
  • Do the things she thinks she can only do you. Do it yourself and let her see that you can do it, even more better but always watch your side so that you don’t over do.
  • Avoid her for some time and make new friends, especially her close ones, but always watch your limits.
    Work more hard and get more busy.

How to make a Taurus woman laugh

  • Be a funny type or you can be friendly
  • Set a funny bet and make sure she wins
  • Watch movies together and let each one of you explains his or her view in that movie.
  • Mimic someone that both of you knew. For instance, in your area if there’s a funny person or naughty person that makes people laugh. Both of you should mimic the person orypu can lead the discussion that will bring it up.

How to get a Taurus woman to forgive you

  • Make her stay with you one on one , or you can go to meet her yourself
  • Do not wait for her to speak or show you how much you have hurt her, because she will never do it. Instead be the one to bring the issue up.
  • Accept that you are wrong, and she is right.
  • Come with some packages or a gift that you will give her after the settlement
  • Apologize to her and romantically persuade her to forgive you.

How to text a Taurus woman

  • Start with asking her how she’s feeling. Ask her about her health.
    Do not forget to greet her even if she’s supposed to be the one to greet you. It is called respect for a woman.
  • Be natural and remove any form of pride. They hate pride
    Always end your text with “thank you”
  • Call her to ensure that she got the call, but do not prolong the call.

Taurus woman likes and dislikes

  • They hates pride, but likes honesty.
  • They hates too much proud but can be proud sometimes.
  • Hates too much shy.
  • Not being outspoken.
  • Inadequate use of English.
  • They don’t like Commands.
  • Hates friendship with benefits, but adores true friendship.
  • They dislikes rough and dirty things or environment, but like a neat environment.
  • Love neat and smart guys.
  • Love reading novels and travelling.
  • They Socialize with people.
  • Love listing to music.
  • Value their respect.

How to tell a Taurus woman, you love her

  • Go on text first
  • Put it in action
  • Go on a date with her but try to be nice
  • Tell her by yourself and do not expect an answer immediately.
  • Do not delay your feeling because you might loose her to another.

Does a Taurus woman like to be chased

No. A Taurus woman doesn’t want to be chased instead, she will like you to approach her in a responsible manner. She likes to be respected so, if you chase them they will run from you and count you as one of those guys that chase woman up and down.

How to get a Taurus woman back

  • Admit your mistakes
  • Apologize to her
  • Work more to gain her trust again.
  • Always give her hope and make her believe that she’s important to you.
  • Respect her but always guide her.


Taurus woman are fun to be with. They are lovable and naturally strong, just make sure that you are ready to accept them because they can be mean sometimes. Good luck