How to get a guy to notice you

It’s any guy seriously in your mind that you want to date him? Is there a guy you wish to have as your man? Are you looking for how to get a guy to notice you? Well relax for today I will tell you the things that you need to do for you to make him to notice you. So without wasting much time let look at the things that you need to do for you to get him notice you.


How to get a guy to notice you


  • Eyes contact

Your eyes say a lot and will easily get a guy to notice you. So making use of eyes contact is the best way to attract him. You can blink one eye when your glances meet with his or when he looks at you. In fact the easiest way for him to notice you is by using eyes contact.


  • Use of perfume or body spray.

Try to wear new perfume or body spray. So that the smell of it will always remind him about you and also make him to know that you are around there. So wearing of perfume will help to get his attention that you are around him.


  • Follow him on social media.

Follow him on social media, so that he can be able to see you when you post and some activities about you that you share on the social media.


  • Limit the way you post.

Don’t think because you are friends on social media and you want him to notice you, then you start posting everything about you and pictures anyhow. Just act maturely and post the same way you are used to posting before you guys became friends.


  • Touch his arms when talking with him.

If you get a chance to discuss with him. You can touch his arm as you discuss with him. Because doing so is a sign of attraction to the guy and that can easily get him to notice you.


  • Come out and don’t hide.

Remember you are trying to make him notice you. So stop being behind bars or where he can’t see you. Just be at places that he can easily see you and notice, but hiding from him and staying at places that he can’t see you easily won’t help.


  • Mind the way you dress.

Bear in mind that your outfits also speak a lot about you. Your attire is also another way to easily get a guy’s attention. So wearing sexy and simple outfit will easily make a guy to notice you. So if you are not the type that dress up neat and sexy then know that you need to change from such lifestyle for you to make him notice you.


  • Make out to discuss with him.

Try to always make use any opportunity to pick up a discussion with him. In fact as much as possible to create an opportunity for you and him to have a time to spend together, and also talk about anything that matters. Because doing so will make him notice you easily.


  •  Improve your walking step.

The way you walk contributes a lot when attracting guys. So if you want to get a guy to notice you then you need to improve the way you walk, stand and sit, so that you can easily attract him.


  • Give him compliment.

Complimenting him always will draw his mind closer to you. So it also a nice move for you if you can praise the guy you want to notice you. Most guys love it when the opposite sex compliment them, especially when with their fellow guys.



Doing these things said above will easily get any guy to notice you, so practice them but don’t over use them for the guy not to take you for granted.


Now over to you, if you have any idea or suggestions make use of the comment section below.