How To Finger Yourself For Sweet Satisfaction And All You Must Know

Spicing up your sex life is another thing that is capable of keeping you fit and ready at any time when it comes to satisfaction. There are many ways that you can take so that you can get sweet pleasure through fingering. Carefully read this article to understand how to finger yourself.

What is Fingering?

Fingering is the act of using fingers to stimulate the genitals. The clitoris is sensitive because it has up to three times the nerve endings of the penis. Although the vagina doesn’t have as many nerve endings as the clitoris or penis, certain areas respond to touch. The act of fingering could be described as using the fingers to stimulate the clitoris to have an orgasm. There are three types of fingering: clitoral stimulation, and vaginal stimulation.

Is Fingering Good?

  • Yes. Fingering can be a fun and rewarding skill if done correctly. Did you know that fingering can be a very enjoyable activity? Only clitoral stimulation can achieve orgasm in 75% of women. That’s quite a large number.
  • Make sure you and your partner know your sexual preferences and tastes before you have sex.
  • If they don’t, you should talk to them about it. Also, ask your partner for permission before pointing fingers at you.
  • Fingering can be used in many situations to foreplay before having sexual intercourse. Many women still struggle to orgasm

How To Finger Yourself

  1. Get a comfortable place and Time
  2. Maintain a private atmosphere
  3. Maintain a well-trimmed fingernail.
  4. Get aroused first 
  5. Start from out surface of your vagina
  6. Locate your G-spot with one of your fingers
  7. Focus more on the G-spot by pressing it.
  8. Add your second hand if the mood is set.
  9. You can go deeper if you can 
  10. You can finger yourself from behind.
  11. Concentration is needed
  12. Be creative while pleasuring yourself.



How To Finger Yourself


How To Finger Yourself

How To Finger Yourself For Sweet Satisfaction

  • Get a comfortable place and Time. This is the first step to take. Get relaxed, and find a comfortable place and Time to stay. To get better excitement for yourself, you need to relax and enjoy the moment comfortably. If you are not relaxed, you will not get what you want.
  • Maintain a private atmosphere. You should try to stay in a pleasant atmosphere so that enough air will be allowed in to cool you as you go on with the excitement. Find a private zone so there will not be any interruption during the process because disruption is the number one strategy for successful satisfaction. So that is why you should choose a private zone.
  • Maintain a well-trimmed fingernail. To avoid being hurt with rough and untidy fingernails, you have to fill and trim your nails very well so that they will be smooth and soft to avoid hurting yourself from the inside. If you want to get appropriate satisfaction, you should as well consider the shape of your fingernails.
  • Get aroused first. It would help if you teased yourself so that you would be aroused. It will not be easier for you if you are not aroused. Set up the mood, and get something that can turn you on quickly. Draw your mind to it and make your vagina slippery so it will move as you start the fingering process. You can watch some movies, you can also crack some dirty jokes, or you can as well start remembering all your romantic life or emerging yourself in the act. Such thinking will automatically draw you closer to the sensation and get you aroused and ready for fingering.
  • Start from out surface of your vagina. Before going inside your vagina with your hand, you can start from the out surface of the vagina. Romance yourself dearly and romance your out cover of the vagina with a lot of pleasure. After that, you can insert your hand inside slowly and try to feel the sensation so that the emotions will flow along with the pleasure you are getting. “How‌ ‌to‌ ‌finger‌ ‌yourself.‌ “
  • Locate your G-spot with one of your fingers. Smoothly locate your G-spot, giving you the constant pleasure you ever wanted. Your G-spot is located at the upper wall of your vagina. When you slide your finger inside your vagina, there’s a place where you feel more pleasure when you press on them. Pressing your palm on your stomach and using the other finger to go deeper inside your vagina in and up, you will feel the same feeling when you rub the back of your palate inside your mouth. The sentiment is soft with tiny ridges. 
  • Focus more on the G-spot by pressing it. Focus more on the G-spot to get the more adorable pleasure that you cannot be able to forget. Press on it, or you can also run it.
  • Add your second finger if the mood is set. You can then add your second finger if the pleasure is OK. It means doubling your pleasure. That second finger will help you to feel more pleasured and ready for an orgasm at any time.
  • You can go deeper if you can. You can also go more in-depth with either one hand or two fingers, depending on the one you can carry. It helps in spicing up the mood.
  • You can finger yourself from behind. You can also change the position. You can start from behind or in any position that you prefer. Slide your hand from behind your anus and keep it in your vagina smoothly and soft.
  • Concentration is needed. Concentration is very much needed while fingering yourself, for it will help you to reach the highest zone of sexual satisfaction. But when your mind is not there, attention will be divided, affecting the situation.
  • Be creative while pleasuring yourself. Don’t just be dormant. Be creative; find some new styles. Create new things with your hands. Take your time and find a better position for yourself.

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Is it OK for me to finger myself?

Yes, it is OK for you to finger yourself. Touching yourself is normal and an integral part of a healthy sexual life. However, if you are doing it to the point that it’s out of the way of your everyday life, then it could be a sign of addiction. Talk to a doctor when you find that masturbation consumes much of your daily Time.

How do you finger step by step?

  • First, you have to get a comfortable place and Time.
  • And make sure you maintain a private atmosphere.
  • After that, be sure to trim your fingernails well.
  • Try to get aroused first 
  • Then start from out surface of your vagina
  • And then, locate your G-spot with one of your fingers
  • because you need to focus more on the G-spot by pressing it.
  • Then add your second hand if the mood is set.
  • From there, you can go deeper if you can 
  • You can also finger yourself from behind if you want.
  • Concentration is very needed in this phase.
  • Try also to be creative while pleasuring yourself.

How to Do Fingering

Each person is unique, so examining and observing your body’s responses is important. This is how you can learn fingering if you’re new to it.

  • Begin slowly, gently, from the outer vulva. Then move inwards to the clitoris. You can use your fingers to experiment with different speeds and pressures to teasing yourself. Slower speeds increase blood flow to the genitals and increase arousal. This will increase your sensitivity to stimulation.
  • Begin by gently touching the outside, moving towards the pubic mound and labia, then the perineum, and finally, the clitoris. Your touch will be more rhythmic and consistent closer to the inside.
  • Keep going until you find your pace. Pay attention to your body, and adjust to the changes that are happening now.
  • Begin by inserting one finger into your genital area. When you feel ready, move on to the next knuckle. You can add more fingers if you feel confident. You will find the G-spot a few inches below your navel on the upper wall. You can make a “come here” motion to stimulate your G-spot.
  • Your body will get more anxious as you approach orgasm. This is an important point to keep your focus and pace. You don’t have to indulge in pleasure to be happy.

Best Fingering Positions

  • Place your finger in the vagina. Tilt your hips. The vagina will be delighted by a slight adjustment in its angle. Your fingertips should be brushed against the G-spot.
  • Most likely, the G-spot is located close to your belly button. The bumpy G-spot will be felt when you place your finger in your vagina. You can simulate it by doing a “come here” motion.
  • The 69 position is a great place to finger. This position is a great example of sexual intercourse between your partner and yourself.

How to Orgasm With Fingering

  • You can achieve orgasm by fingering your vagina in an upward motion. This will stimulate your G-spot directly.
  • For a pleasant fingering experience, a steady and slow rhythm is key. Foreplay is a way to stimulate your vagina. You should ensure that the pressure and pace of fingering meet your needs.

Pro Tips for Fingering

There are a few things that can improve your experience of fingering. These are the things that can help improve the fingering experience:

  1.  To prevent infection, wash your hands.
  2. You can set the mood to make yourself feel relaxed and safe. You can create a private area, put on sexy music, light candles and wear sexy clothing.
  3. Foreplay is a way to build mental readiness for physical pleasure. This stage should be performed even if you’re not alone. Watching porn, reading erotica or listening to sex podcasts can help you build arousal.
  4. Touching your whole body can increase your pleasure. This is your chance to learn more about how your body responds. Discover all of the erogenous areas in your body.
  5. Any type of sexual encounter requires lubricant. Use the lube at the beginning, and then reapply as needed.
  6. Start your fingering session with gentle teasing of the clitoris. Try out different speeds and pressures.
  7. Begin by inserting one of your fingers into the opening of your vaginal wall. Start slowly by stroking your vaginal opening. You can add more fingers once you feel comfortable. To stimulate the g spot, move your finger in a “come here” motion once your vagina has relaxed.
  8. You can have finger fun with sex toys. There are many options for dildos and vibrators.

Benefits of Fingering

Masturbation is more than just a pleasure. It can have many different effects on our bodies. What are the benefits of fingering, you ask?

1. Reduce Stress

Stress and anxiety can overwhelm us in our daily lives. When you feel satisfied, hormones such as endorphins and dopamine are released. These hormones act as natural stress-busters and feel-good hormones and help induce sleep.

2. Get Rid of Cramps

Judith Golden is a sex therapist who says that the intensity and strength of an orgasm can relieve cramps. This is due to the release of dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins, which act as pain relievers.

3. Safety concerns

Since you’re using your own fingers, there is no need to worry about getting pregnant.

4. Confidence

You will begin to understand your body and your likes and dislikes better if you finger your own body regularly. Your confidence can be increased by knowing what you want.

5. Stabilize the Pelvic Floor

As your body builds up to orgasm, your heart rate and breathing will increase while fingering. The pelvic floor can be lifted by fingering, strengthening the whole region.

Fingering Side Effects

  • Over- or under-responsibility in finger pressure can irritate. Make sure you apply enough lubrication when finger snapping. You could end up with tiny tears in your vaginal lining.
  • Before you finger yourself, always wash your hands. While the risk is low, if your partner fingers you, it is possible to pass on “hymen, making you lose your virgin status. It is possible to break your male hymen through strenuous exercise or other activities. Your virginity has nothing to do with the condition of your hymen.
  • Third, some people believe it is wrong for someone to finger or masturbate with them if they are in a relationship. Self-pleasuring is fine. Openly discuss your feelings with your partner.


“How‌ ‌to‌ ‌finger‌ ‌yourself.‌ “